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    Sun to Snow

    Coming off of a mild and mostly sunny weekend, the clear sky continues for today, despite the much cooler feel. Highs this afternoon will reach the mid 40s. Tomorrow starts cloudy, with rain and snow developing around 1-2pm. The brief snow and rain mix can’t accumulate since the ground is too warm, and the frozen part of tomorrow’s event is too short of a duration. All rain begins by 6pm, with wind developing through Wednesday. Sideways rain takes over on Wednesday afternoon with gusty winds to 40mph from the Southeast. The normally mild 58 degrees will feel chilly with the blowing rain. Coastal flooding will be a problem along the Brooklyn shoreline due to seawater storm surge at high tides. That high water threat diminishes a gusty Northwest winds push the water back out to the open ocean. Cold weather returns throughout the day Thursday into Friday, and the deep freeze is back for Friday and the weekend with wind chills in the 20s. Actual air temperatures may be as low as the teens on Sunday morning.

    The Great Start Will Not Last!

    We started the work and school week under a mostly sunny sky and temperatures 8 to 9 degrees above average. I hope you enjoyed it as increasing clouds are in the forecast for tonight with lows in the mid-30s. Keep and umbrella handy through Thursday morning as a storm system from the Gulf of Mexico keeps under rain and wind that may cost you additional time for commuting.
    Wind and Rain

    Today’s rain begins briefly as snow around 11am in the Northern hills and neighborhoods. Places south of the Cross Bronx stay mainly rain for much of today’s event, with only a snowflake or two mixed in. Any leftover snow changes to plain rain by 5pm at the latest since mild air moves in tonight. Winds begin gusting to 45 mph from the Southeast along the shore points tonight, with higher than average tides beginning tomorrow at 9am as a result. Coastal flooding is likely at 9:30pm tomorrow—the tidal cycle that is closest to the full moon. Most of the active weather tomorrow occurs after 3pm, when thunderstorms with downpours march through the boroughs. Thursday will be cloudy and mild until the wind shifts, providing a cold, biting wind all day Friday. The weekend is pleasantly sunny and mild, with the next rain/snow event arriving on Tuesday.

    Round Two

    We have wind and rain in the forecast through Wednesday night as a second area of low pressure moves northeast from Texas. This low will draw moisture from the Gulf of Mexico triggering periods of rain that may be heavy at times and the potential for severe weather from the gulf to the Carolinas. This rain moves across the boroughs by Wednesday afternoon bringing the heaviest of the rain and possible thunderstorms from Wednesday afternoon through Thursday evening. Rainfall estimates range from three-quarters of an inch to an inch and a half by Thursday morning. In addition to the rain, gusty winds reaching 30 mph can be expected.
    Storm Watch

    The severe weather affecting the deep south arrives here in the boroughs as a line of strong to severe storms tonight. The rain lasts all day, with winds increasing to 40mph by this evening. This morning’s 37° quickly warms to 55° today due to the strong south winds. A wind advisory and gale warning is posted as a result. Tonight, those winds could gust to 58 mph (severe criteria) with heavy downpours, thunder and lightning. Because the ground is already saturated with a half inch of water from yesterday and last night’s rainfall, tonight’s storm water could cause flash flooding. Coastal flooding is likely at tonight’s high tide in Brooklyn between 9p-9:30p. Tomorrow starts sunny, and gradually turns cooler as breezy conditions last all day. Tomorrow night will turn much colder, with wind chills in the 20s and gusty breezes all day Friday. The weekend looks beautiful and Spring like, turning much milder by Sunday/Monday.

    Near Hurricane Force Gusts

    The NYBG weather station across from the Fordham University Entrance measured a 64mph wind gust at 11:15 last night. That’s just a few blocks from the vacant building collapse in Belmont. Another gust was measured at 74mph at that location, (seems high, but not impossible), which is Category 1 Hurricane force. A lightning strike coincided at that time—the only strike detected that hits the boroughs directly. More than 156 cloud to ground strikes occurred in a 15 minute period, around 11pm. Cloud tops soared to summertime heights. Local airports recorded gusts as high as 55 mph.
    Today’s weather starts with dense fog along the coastline, with spotty showers midday. While this morning began in the mid 50s, the evening will be much cooler in the 40s as the wind switches direction during the day. Winds pick up tonight, gusting to 25 mph, clearing out the clouds, and dropping tomorrow morning’s wake up weather to 33°. Tomorrow will be windy and cold, but sunny. No clouds are forecast for tomorrow; however, the persistent wind and cold will make it feel like the 20s all day. Highs struggle to leave the 30s on Friday.
    The weekend stays sunny and turns milder by Sunday. March starts like lamb.

    Clouds, light showers and gusty winds take us into Thursday evening after a day with temperatures 16 degrees above average. Temperatures cool through the overnight under a gradually clearing sky and gusty winds to a low around the point of freezing. We get the sunshine back Friday through the weekend. Highs will only reach the 30s and 40s Friday and Saturday, low to mid 50s for Sunday and Monday.
    February Returns

    Today’s wind chill was in the upper teens before dawn. Wind gusts at daybreak neared 40mph. The winds from the Northwest remain all day, as high temperatures struggle to leave the 30s under mostly sunny skies. Winds relax tonight under clear skies. As a result, temperatures cool off even further to the low 20s for Saturday morning. Both days this weekend will feature clear sky, as highs warm into the lower 50s on Sunday, mid 50s by Monday. Cold weather returns midweek, following rain on Wednesday.
    Get Ready for a Nice Weekend

    A mostly clear sky with winds beginning to tapper-off late as overnight lows fall to the mid-20s, which is well below average as we approach the end of February. High pressure will be south of the tri-state area Saturday which will allow for a fair sky and a southwesterly wind profile. Low pressure will move east from the upper Midwest over the weekend and early next week bringing the potential for our next chance of storms by the middle of next week.
    Sun Showers

    The warmth from yesterday’s very mild day lingered into the overnight, helping this morning start about 10 degrees above average. High temperatures today will once again try to reach the upper 50s, but midday showers prevent the 60° that we enjoyed yesterday. After the sunny start today, clouds return with light, spotty rain from 10am to 2pm. The sun should be back by 2:30pm today with a gusty breeze that lasts into tonight. Tomorrow is dry, clear and cool. Wednesday brings back rain before dawn, that likely changes to wet snow by midday. The snow ends so quickly that there’s no accumulation. Thursday is sunny and cold, but Friday will be our next chance for light snow. Most of Friday’s storm stay to our South, but enough snow should fall to wet the roads—too early to tell if it will accumulate by Friday afternoon. Saturday and Sunday look clear and seasonable cool.

    The Last Day of November

    Temperatures were 14 to 16 above average with rainfall from 0.05 to 0.07 of an inch as we close out the month of February. We remain dry with seasonal temperatures until the Overnight Tuesday into Wednesday when a storm system brings another round of wind and rain to the borough that should end before noon Wednesday.

    Watching Closely

    Friday’s snow comes too close for comfort to completely write off the chance of accumulation. It’s one to watch in the coming days. As far as today’s weather: clear skies and cooler breezes will make today feel about 10-15 degrees cooler than yesterday. Afternoon clouds lead to an overcast evening that brings rain after midnight tonight. That rain lasts through tomorrow morning’s commute only, with sunshine quickly returning after 9am Wednesday. A dry, chilly breezes starts blowing tomorrow afternoon to clear out the skies into tomorrow night, and keep the sun shining all day on Thursday. The wind chill on Thursday morning will be back in the upper teens, with afternoon highs on Thursday only staying the 30s. That cold air interacts with moisture to the South on Thursday night, likely letting it snow for Friday morning. How rapidly that storm intensifies to our South, and its proximity, will determine how much snow falls. Today’s forecast for Friday looks like minimal snowfall accumulations, with just light snow or even just flurries throughout the day on Friday; however, since this is March, we can’t underestimate its potential for last minute change.

    A Pleasant Start to March

    It was beautiful day across the borough, complete with abundant sunshine and temperatures 8 degrees above average. I hope you enjoyed it because low pressure is over the Ohio Valley this evening and heading in our direction. You’ll see increasing and thickening clouds through Tuesday evening, followed by rain that may be heavy at times as well as gusty winds as well as a few rumbles of thunder after 11pm. The rain should end during the early morning commute leaving between a ¼ and ½ inch. High pressure quickly moves in bringing a clearing sky before the end of the morning commute. Gusty winds and cooling temperatures are in the forecast for Wednesday.
    Colder Trend

    The Springtime feel that we’ve enjoyed since the weekend is departing quickly. Highs today will feel cooler than yesterday: only in the mid 40s with gusty breezes. Tomorrow’s high is even cooler in the 30s. Speaking of cold, light snow returns around 1am Friday, accumulating to small amounts, less than 3 inches, by 1pm when the system wraps up and pulls away. Historically, winter storms that take a similar track, leave no more than 3-5 inches in a worst case scenario. The timing isn’t ideal, considering snow will be falling during the morning rush; however, with the rapid clearing Friday afternoon, the weather should cooperate for Friday evening plans. Most of the snow that sticks, won’t be on the roads anyway…it has been a little too warm for that. Sunshine on Saturday is followed by clouds and maybe a flurry on Sunday. The weather turns much milder by the middle of next week. Upper 60s are very likely. 70 won’t be impossible in the area.

    Not done with winter

    Thursday was a cold day with temperatures 6 to 8 degrees below average. Winter weather is still with us as a light snow is in the forecast and beginning after midnight and ending during the late morning hours of Friday. Snow accumulations are forecasted to range from a trace to an inch. Once this system moves out, high pressure will move in from the west, setting us up for a nice weekend as temperatures make a steady climb to the 60s by the middle of next week.

    Spring weather for much of this week

    Thanks to high pressure off of the southeast coast, we’ll have a southerly flow that will bring well above average temperatures to the borough for this week. Monday’s temperatures were as follows: Central Park…60/36, LaGuardia…60/37 and JFK…51/34. These temperature were 4 to 9 degrees above average.

    Tuesday...Average High: 47...Forecast High: 64...Record High: 74 - 1987

    Wednesday... Average High: 47...Forecast High: 73...Record High: 69 - 2000

    Thursday... Average High: 48...Forecast High: 72...Record High: 91 - 2006

    The warm-up continues

    It’s felt like spring for the boroughs under a mix of sun and clouds with highs and lows of 67/47 at Central Park, 64/43 at LaGuardia and 61/40 at JFK. Overall, we were 12 to 17 degrees above average for Tuesday, March 8th. Thanks to a Bermuda High pressure system (normally a summer pattern), Wednesday’s forecast high is 73 degrees. Wednesday’s record high is 69 set in 2000. Temperatures will cool to from the 70s to the 60s and 50s for the weekend with a chance of showers on Monday. That said, it looks like we’ll have pleasant weather for at least the next 5 days.

    Wednesday was a beautiful day with high thin clouds with daytime highs of 77 at Central Park, 75 at LaGuardia and 62 at JFK. For the day, temperatures were 12 to 21 degrees above average. This trend will continue through Thursday as high pressure off the mid-Atlantic and southeast coast pumps in warmer air from the south. We could have a second day of record breaking warmth.

    Record Highs for Thursday
    Central Park: 74 set in 2006
    LaGuardia: 74 set in 2006
    JFK: 71 set in 2006

    Another day of above average temperatures with a record breaking 68 degrees at JFK. The old record of 65 was set in 2014. Overall we were 20 to 22 degrees above average.

    Don’t forget to set all clocks ahead 1-hour Saturday night as we begin Daylight Saving Time. Also, take this time to change the batteries in all smoke and carbon-dioxide detectors. It could save your life!

    High pressure will bring pleasant weather through most of the weekend. Another round of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico will bring us clouds and rain early next week.

    Have a safe and pleasant weekend,

    Gray and gloomy weather for much of the week

    The week began under a cloudy sky, periods of rain and gusty winds that made it feel like it was in the 20s and the 30s during the late afternoon / early evening hours. Over all we were 4 to 7 degrees above average with highs and lows of 51 / 40 for Central Park, 52 / 41 for LaGuardia and 51 / 44 for JFK. Rainfall amounts ran from 0.17 to 0.37”. Our weather will remain unsettled for much of this week as low pressure slowly moves in from the plains.


    This morning’s light drizzle and low clouds aided the perception that another dreary and chilly day would be upon us. Not the case. This afternoon’s weather improves dramatically, allowing us to enjoy the later sunset, with clear sky, for the first time since Daylight Saving Time began on Sunday morning. Sunset is at 7:05pm. Tomorrow’s forecast keeps the clear sky around, with a mild afternoon in the 60s. Simply gorgeous. While St. Patrick’s day will start cloudy with sprinkles, most of that weather clears out by the beginning of the parade, allowing for partly sunny skies on 5th Ave with temperatures in the low 50s. Friday is much cooler in the 40s only. Saturday is like a throwback to Winter with chilly air, wind chills in the 20s and wake-up temperatures around freezing. At least the weekend starts sunny and dry. A storm stays offshore Sunday, but help carry-in very cold air with gusty winds. Temperatures begin to moderate next week, with another warm-up late next week.

    Winter is slowly ending

    It was another gray and chilly day for the boroughs with temperatures 7 to 10 degrees above average and only a trace of rainfall recorded at LaGuardia and JFK. We’ll continue to have a partly to mostly cloudy sky with a chance of a few light rain showers through Friday as temperatures cool to from the upper 50s and low 60s to the 40s by the weekend. Spring officially begins on Sunday March 20th at 12:30AM.

    Pick of the Week!

    Today’s weather will be exceptional for Springtime. A rapid warmup from this morning’s cool and calm start helps afternoon highs reach the mid 60s with mostly sunny skies morning and midday. Clouds begin to return late this afternoon as light spotty showers arrive for this evening. The daylight hours will be dry. Not every neighborhood sees rain tonight, and all chances of wet weather are done by midnight. Tomorrow begins clear, dry and mild with afternoon highs once again in the low and mid 60s. Despite St. Patrick’s Day weather beginning bright and mild, there will be some late afternoon “Irish Blessings” (sun showers) to accompany parade goers. Like tonight, tomorrow’s rain is similarly light, spotty and brief. Friday begins the epic cool down that helps Spring start on Sunday with very cold weather. While Saturday is sunny, it will be very cold with wake up weather in the 20s, and afternoon highs struggling to hit 40°. Sunday begins cold and dry: the rain/snow chances are little thanks to a large nor’easter staying too far enough to our east to affect us. Only freezing temps will be a threat to the NYC Half runners. Monday and Tuesday stay unseasonably cold. Late next week warms again to unseasonably mild highs.

    Overall, Wednesday was not a bad day with a fair sky early and temperatures 9 to 15 degrees above average. Ahead of our next frontal boundary are clouds, showers and thunderstorms that will cross the boroughs during the early evening hours. Partial clearing will take place overnight, setting us up for a pleasant start to Saint Patrick’s Day with only a slight chance of late day showers and highs from the upper 50s to the low 60s.

    Milder Trend

    Warmer weather is still scheduled to arrive beginning tonight, as clouds blanket the skies, preventing the air temperature from dropping back into the 30s. Tomorrow begins about 15 degrees milder than this morning with clouds clearing out by the afternoon. Highs will reach the mid 60s tomorrow. Thursday is easily the warmest day this week. Some fog and haze on Thursday morning should lift by the afternoon allowing highs to near 70 with a pleasant touch of humidity. Showers arrive early on Friday, but should clear by the late afternoon—it’s too early to give specific timing on Friday afternoon’s rainfall end time. Saturday will be sunny, dry and cool as highs remain in the mid 50s, pretty much how it will feel today. Signs are pointing to Sunday’s rain arriving later that day, meaning that Sunday morning weather will be dry, and the rain should arrive later Sunday afternoon.

    Much Warmer

    Todays highs will near 70° thanks to the combination of the warm front arriving early (during the course of this morning) and sunshine lasting all afternoon. This morning began at a starting temperature of 50° and that will help today’s highs reach the pleasantly warm mark. Tomorrow may only sit in the upper 60s thanks to extra clouds and a bit of developing fog, but the afternoon should still be dry. Friday starts with clouds, showers and fog. The showers will most likely linger into the afternoon, but become much lighter closer to Friday evening. Saturday starts dry and sunny, albeit cooler, and Sunday’s trend of drier weather is still looking good. I think Easter Sunday’s showers don’t arrive until later Sunday night.

    Arctic in April

    This morning’s wind chill feels like 15°. Winds will gust to 30mph until noon. The afternoon will be sunny, windy and cold for the Yankee home opener with a wind chill in the 30s. The weather has been worse on Opening Day: a blizzard occurred for 1982’s opening day, postponing the game. In 1996, they actually played the home opener in falling, wet snow. The coldest home opener in the last 30 years was in 2003 when the first pitch wind chill was 25°. Today’s wind chill will be 33° at 1:05pm at the stadium.

    Tomorrow’s weather remains clear, but calm. That calm, dry air will help temperatures drop into the low 20s (even colder than this morning) due to clear sky. Another Freeze Warning occurs tonight, lasting until 10am tomorrow. All-day light rain returns Thursday with highs near average in the 50s. Showers clear by the morning commute on Friday. Another round of serious cold arrives for this weekend. Record lows will be, not broken, but shattered on Sunday morning. Windy weather will once again make the morning feel like the low teens. Next week’s weather begins to moderate to a seasonably average feel.

    Rain and Wind

    While today’s weather will be pleasantly milder than yesterday, clouds veil the sunshine this afternoon and breezes begin to pick up once again. The wind will be from a Southerly direction, allowing for a rapid rise in temperatures, quickly ending today’s freeze warning. Tonight remains dry and cool; however, tomorrow morning begins wet and windy with damp conditions as light rain begins falling before dawn. The rain will become steadier throughout the day tomorrow. The worst of the wind and the warmest of the day will be early, with strong gusty breezes diminishing tomorrow afternoon as colder air arrives by 2pm Thursday. Friday is seasonably chilly and dry with partly to mostly sunny skies. The weekend is downright COLD. A few flurries are possible at some point Saturday, but not a guarantee. We’ll be in between weather systems Saturday night into Sunday. This atmospheric imbalance will create gusty North winds that help to shatter record lows Sunday morning. The wind chill at dawn Sunday will be 15° with gusts to 35mph. The record low to beat is 28°: forecast is 25° on Sunday morning.

    Horizontal Downpours

    The rain and wind this afternoon will make any trek outside a challenge. Gusts up to 50mph today will be accompanied by downpours that could drop up to one inch of rain by 10pm tonight. Wind advisories and gale warnings have been posted through 8pm. The wind will be blowing from the South and Southeast all day, keeping temperatures in the mid-50s. The worst of the wind and rain begins around 11am, and ends by 8pm. Tomorrow clears out with partial sunshine, but cools into the 40s. Saturday brings another round cold with late afternoon sprinkles and mixed with snowflakes. No accumulation. Most of the energy with Saturday afternoon’s snow and rain stays south of the boroughs. Sunday still starts with record cold with wind chills in the teens most of the morning despite plenty of sunshine all day. The rest of next week moderates to average April temperatures.

    Windy and Wet

    After today’s light morning rain, the afternoon briefly clears for some brighter skies. Afternoon highs climb into the 50s and stay in the 50s tonight. Winds pick up tonight, gusting to near 40mph late. Unlike this morning’s light and spotty rain, tomorrow morning’s rain will be steady, with less wind, but wraps up by the early afternoon Tuesday. Clear, mild air takes over by tomorrow evening. Wednesday starts a gradual warming trend that lasts through Monday of next week. Highs will be in the 70s by this weekend. Beyond tomorrow, there is no significant rain on the 7 day.

    Rain to Sun

    Today’s weather pleases both crowds. Those who like the rain enjoy steady showers this morning. Sun lovers get chance for beautiful weather after 2pm today, and for the next 6 days. Even though this morning started very mild, chilly weather returns tonight after a dry and breezy finish to the day. Calm breezes and sunny weather lasts through the weekend, allowing for highs to climb well above the average of 60°. Sunday/Monday is the warmest pair of days. Both are easily in the low 70s. After this morning, the next chance for rain is one week away.

    Warmest Day

    Of this sunny and dry stretch, today is the warmest by far: at least 17° above normal. It has been as warm as the mid-90s on this day in the past. Tonight’s clouds arrive by daybreak tomorrow, but fail to bring a drop of rain. Tuesday begins overcast, with full sunshine returning by early afternoon. The air will still be dry but much, much cooler. Some 30s are likely by Wednesday morning. The sunny, dry stretch lasts until Thursday evening with increasing clouds. Friday is a washout. All that rain plaguing the Midwest with flooding, makes its way east and gives the entire region a good soaking; however, no more than an inch is expected. Rain clears by Saturday morning, leading to a sunny and mild Saturday afternoon. Sunday remains dry and seasonably cool. Early next week should start cooler than average.

    High pressure losing its dominance

    Wednesday was another day under the influence of high pressure, northerly winds and highs in the 60s and 70s for the borough. We have one, maybe two more days of nice weather before much needed rainfall moves in. So far, the month of April has only brought 1.16 inches of rain which is 1.94 inches below average. We are looking at a rainfall deficit of 5.13 inches since March 1.

    Wetter Day

    Today’s soggy start is the theme of this week. Raw, rainy and chilly conditions continue today as highs stay in the mid 50s. The light morning showers should taper to mist and drizzle by this afternoon, but you’ll likely need the umbrella all day long. Tomorrow is exactly the same: light rain in the morning, otherwise mist and drizzle all day with a high of 56. Thursday is the only day that’s dry this workweek; however overcast skies keep the weather looking grey. Highs begin to climb into the mid 60s. Rain returns on Friday morning, with clouds lasting through Friday afternoon. Even with these 6 straight days of cloudy/wet weather, only an inch to 1.5” is expected in the rain bucket, in total. Saturday looks great! Clearing with warmer weather improves the afternoon high to 70, and Sunday stays partly to mostly sunny, with a chance of a quick sprinkle. Rain chances are very low on Sunday, helping temperatures climb into the mid 70s. Warmth builds next next week, returning to above average highs with dry conditions.

    Day 4 of 6

    The rainy days continue through Friday, now with chilly air lasting through tomorrow. Highs on Friday should briefly climb into the low 60s, but rain remains. As a result of this rain, the mold spore count for allergy sufferers has spiked into the thousands to the moderate level. Saturday should begin to dry out. Sunday has the best chance this weekend of reaching 70 degrees. Mother’s day should be partly to mostly sunny with a low chance of a quick sprinkle. The first half of next week will be sunny, dry and warmer. The average high this week Is 69°.

  • Double Omega Block

    What sounds like the latest defensive football play is actually the reason for the past 6 days of rain. It also explains the 9 day stretch of sunshine that ended April. This is not just any Omega block. The lack of sun all week is due to a DOUBLE Omega block. This is much less common. Does it have roots in climate change? Dr. Francis of Rutgers University thinks so. She developed a theory on this principle from more than 20 years of Arctic research. Here’s a fascinating easy read about her research: Find Dr. Francis's technical climate presentation video here:
    Today will be our wettest day of this soggy pattern with more an one inch of rain falling today. Most of that rain comes as moderate downpours later this morning. Afternoon rain is lighter, but winds will pick up to 30mph. Temperatures stay in the low 50s today. Major flooding isn’t likely, but there will be large puddles due to the slow drainage. Since the new moon occurred this morning, a coastal flood warning is effective this evening for Brooklyn’s shoreline neighborhoods. High tides will be 1-2 feet above normal after 7pm. Tomorrow starts wet with a few early morning showers, but rain is over by 1pm, with clouds beginning to break up for sunshine after 4pm. Beyond an early morning spritz on Sunday morning, sunny and warm weather returns by 10am on Sunday for mom. Next week’s weather has only one day of rain, Wednesday, and seasonable temperatures in the 70s.

  • It was a cold start to our Monday with early morning temperatures in the mid-40s. The record low for Central Park, 42 set in 1873. Daytime highs reached 63, 65 & 64 for Central Park La Guardia, and Kennedy. Overall, we were 6 to 9 degrees below average.
    Gusty winds were another problem as peak sustained winds topped out at 30 and 33 mph with gust reaching 39 and 41 mph. After a day under a mostly sunny sky, clouds will slowly take over tonight and early Tuesday. Showers return to the borough by Tuesday afternoon through the early morning hours of Wednesday. Back to sun and warmer temperatures by Thursday.

  • A Dry Chill
    Today’s cool start made this June morning feel more like November. The refreshing feel turns warmer and windy by this afternoon, with gusts up to 30mph, but sunny all day.  Tonight’s weather will be clear and cool. Tomorrow stays sunny with less wind. For the allergy sufferers: the mold spore count hit over 5,000 spores per cubic meter—that’s classified as high.  Both tree and grass pollens are at the moderate level.  The drier weather over the coming days should help lower the mold level. Grass pollens should increase in the next week. After another cool start on Friday in the mid-50s, highs rebound into the upper 70s. Saturday will ultimately be overcast with a brief chance of afternoon sprinkles. Sunday has clearing by the afternoon. Both days this weekend are up around 80 degrees with noticeable humidity. Dry air with sunshine returns for Monday and Tuesday.
  • Gloomy Grey
    A half inch of rain fell overnight, helping to give a much need drink to parched lawns and gardens. This morning has more light showers in the forecast, with the best chance for light rain arriving around noon. This afternoon’s high reaches 79 muggy degrees, while a break a sun tries to appear from between the clouds. Any sun, however, will only energize the next round of storms that arrives tonight. By midnight, most of the rain should be over, and fog develops for tomorrow morning’s commute.  Once the fog lifts by late tomorrow morning, highs will rebound into the mid 80s with sunshine, and lowering humidity throughout Wednesday afternoon thanks for a northwest wind. Thursday is the best day this week: low humidity and mostly sunny skies.  While there isn’t a drop of rain on the 7 day, Friday is the cloudiest day on there. At times, skies could become partly sunny at best. Saturday clears out nicely with a return to the low humidity: dry and pleasantly warm weather lasts all weekend with sunshine through the 4th. I can’t remember an Independence Day that wasn’t even a little muggy and humid: the air will feel comfortably dry for this year’s outdoor festivities on Monday.
  • A slow moving cold front is approaching a very warm and moist air mass. As a result, our weather will remain unsettled as scattered showers and possible thunderstorms are in the forecast through the tonight. Sunshine returns Wednesday, as high pressure builds in from the upper Midwest. This will begin a period of nice summer weather that will take us through the Independence Day holiday weekend.

  • Get ready for the hottest weather of the season Wednesday through Friday of this week. Daytime highs are forecasted for the low to mid-90s with heat index values from the mid to upper 90s and possibly 100 degrees. This is the time to slow down, stay hydrated and take frequent brakes if working outside. With the potential for a stagnate air mass and poor air quality, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has issued an AIR QUALITY ALERT from 11am – 11pm Wednesday.

  • The hot and humid weather continues with a twist!

    Early afternoon temperatures are in the mid-80s to the low 90s. However, our dew point temperatures are in the low 70s. As a result, we have heat index values in the mid-90s. Once again, we are under a HEAT ADVISORY until 7pm and an AIR QUALITY ALERT until 11 tonight. We’ll run the risk of scattered showers and possible thunderstorms that are capable of producing periods of heavy rain that could trigger flooding, especially in poor drainage and low lying areas. A FLASH FLOOD WATCH has been issued until 6pm this evening. The current pattern of hot and humid weather will continue until a cold front brings a cooler and less humid air mass to the region by Sunday.

  • Cooler Weekend.
    After the third day of 90+ degree heat, relief arrives this weekend. Central Park didn’t reach 90 yesterday, but other climate reporting stations did.  Sunshine lasts most of today, making another fantastic day to cool off at the beaches or pools. First, clouds arrive after 4pm followed by thunderstorms tonight, beginning the cooldown. Tomorrow begins somewhat cloudy with some showers. Sunshine eventually returns tomorrow, but especially for Sunday with a drier feel and highs only in the mid 80s.  Monday’s weather will be fantastic: low humidity and seasonably warm with sunshine. Beyond a shower midweek, the end of next week heats up again into the 90s, with hot, hazy and humid weather lasting into next weekend.
  • The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has issued an AIR QUALITY ALERT until 11pm tonight. We’ll run the risk of scattered showers and possible thunderstorms through Saturday as a slow moving cold front moves east from the Ohio Valley. Once the front clears, an area of high pressure will bring a cooler and less humid air mass to the borough for Sunday and Monday. High heat and humidity return by the middle of next week.

  • Pleasant Monday.
    Low humidity with mostly sunny skies makes today’s sunshine feel more comfortable. Afternoon sea breezes arriving around 2pm will cool the beaches back down from the 80s into the upper 70s. Tomorrow becomes somewhat humid as highs warm into the mid 80s. 90s arrive by Thursday with a muggy feel. Thursday is also our next chance for storms. We’re dry until then. Steady rain begins Friday lasting into much of Saturday with mostly cloudy skies. Another round of clouds lingers through Sunday morning, with late clearing expected. Sunday appears to be the nicer half of the weekend. Early next week may start cooler than average, keeping another round of prolonged July heat away for another week.
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