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News 12 Bronx/Brooklyn Weather Extra

  • Wintry Walk

    The morning started feeling 30 degrees colder than yesterday morning. It’s also a far cry from the 65 degree high on Monday. After a blustery start in the 20s with wind chill, the cold air arriving could make for some slippery walkways this afternoon. Main roads just stay wet. Midday snow and sleet begins just before noon and lasts until about 3pm, mixing with freezing rain. Elevated subway platforms, staircases and pedestrian overpasses are especially vulnerable to ice during the early evening commute. The icy glaze won’t last long beyond that since temperatures keep warming up tonight, along with additional rainfall after 7pm. Some of the showers tonight will be moderately heavy. Tomorrow stays cloudy, but milder in the 50s. Thursday is the only day with full sunshine this week.

  • Wet weather should taper off just after midnight. Warmer air will lift across the area, allowing for temps to stay in the upper 30s through the overnight before rising into the mid-50s on Wednesday. Aside from a few sprinkles, the day will remain cloudy and cool. More unsettled weather is expected later in the week and carry over into the start of next week.

    Periods of rain, drizzle and fog. Winds will be ENE 10-15 MPH. The temperature will be 39 degrees.
    Cloudy with scattered sprinkles. Winds will be SW 10-15 MPH. The temperature will be 55 degrees.
    Partly cloudy. Winds will be WNW 10-15 MPH. The temperature will be 35 degrees.
    Sunny. Highs near 44. Lows near 33.
    Sunshine followed by increasing clouds. Highs near 45. Lows near 40.
    Mostly cloudy with a few light showers or sprinkles. Highs near 51. Lows near 39.
    Cloudy with periods of light rain. Highs near 46. Lows near 39.
    Cloudy with periods of rain. Highs near 45. Lows near 37.
  • Wet Wednesday

    The misty, foggy and chilly weather that started the morning will last through the afternoon. Highs try to reach the low 50s, but under cloudy skies, it won’t feel terrific. A cooler breeze by dusk kicks the wet weather out just in time for the tree lighting. Dry, chilly breezes last tonight and help promote more sunshine tomorrow. Thursday is the only day on the 7-day that has full sunshine. Friday starts cloudy, but quickly turns wet as clouds and showers return by the evening. Rain is in the forecast for Saturday.

  • Enjoy the Sun!

    Today is the only sunny day this week. Enjoy it before the clouds and showers return tomorrow. Temperatures today will be seasonably chilly as high, thin clouds veil the sunshine into the afternoon. Tree lightings across the borough tonight will be chilly, but dry. Tomorrow starts cloudy with light showers returning by the afternoon. Friday night plans will be wet and raw. Sunday is a washout. Sunday brings back some breaks of sun into the afternoon. Tuesday/Wednesday timeframe may have some light showers or flurries…more on that tomorrow since the forecast plots are very inconsistent; however, some snow is likely.

    Even though next week should be colder, there has been a growing consensus that the middle of December (starting next weekend, Dec 14) will begin a prolonged warm spell.

  • Wet Weekend

    Highs this afternoon will be limited to the mid-40s thanks to clouds that return midday. Rain begins around 6pm tonight and lasts all day Saturday. The heaviest of the rain will occur on Saturday night. Expect about one to two inches of rain by Sunday morning. Sunday begins bright and sunny, with sunshine and chilly air remaining through Monday afternoon. Tuesday could bring back a rain/snow mix lasting into Wednesday. It’s too early to give specifics, but Tuesday’s storm potential warrants a close eye through the weekend.


    Cloudy with periods of light rain. Winds will be SE 5-10 MPH. The temperature will be 45 degrees.
    Cloudy with rain late in the day. Winds will be S 5-10 MPH. The temperature will be 51 degrees.
    Cloudy with periods of rain. Winds will be NNE 15-30 MPH. The temperature will be 39 degrees.
    Sunny and windy. Highs near 45. Lows near 35.
    Partly sunny and breezy. Highs near 44. Lows near 33.
    Cloudy with periods of rain. Highs near 41. Lows near 30.
    Mostly cloudy and windy with scattered flurries. Highs near 39. Lows near 29.
    Partly sunny and breezy. Highs near 41. Lows near 31.
  • Rain gets underway later this evening and will carry over into Saturday. Expected periods of rain for the first half of the weekend with highs in 50s, and lows in the 30s. Sunday offers a much brighter, but chillier day with temps in the 40s. Even though we get a break from the wet weather, there’ll be more to come next week.
  • Stormy Tuesday

    Before we tackle the sideways, flooding rains tomorrow, you’ll need to endure the brutal cold today. Wind chills are in the teens at dawn, with temperatures feeling like the 20s this afternoon. No rain today—just clouds. Tomorrow will begin wet and quickly turn into a soaker with 2-3 inches of rain falling in about 8 hours time. This is on top of the 2 inches that fell on Friday-Saturday. Gusty winds tomorrow to 50 mph will likely topple trees and cause power outages. High wind watches, flood watches and a coastal flood advisory due to the wind direction and almost full moon have been posted. Wednesday is cloudy and cool with flurries. Thursday is the next time we’ll enjoy a sunny day. The rest of the weekend is calm, clear and cool.

  • It looks like this Nor’easter will last through Wednesday. To reiterate, rain is set to begin after midnight. Expect heavy rain throughout the day, particularly between 6am and 3pm. With a coastal flood warning and wind advisory in place, expect treacherous traveling conditions. In addition to pooling on roads, anticipate wind gusts to clock in between 40 and 50moh. There could be down trees, power lines, and outages as well.

    By Tuesday night this system will stall, allowing pockets of showers to move across the area through Wednesday. Some areas may even see some wet flakes. Expect 2-3 inches of rain when this is all over.

    Cloudy with periods of rain. Winds will be ENE 15-30 MPH. The temperature will be 37 degrees.
    Windy with periods of rain. Winds will be NNE 20-40 MPH G50. The temperature will be 46 degrees.
    Mostly cloudy with very light showers or sprinkles. Winds will be NNW 10-20 MPH. The temperature will be 39 degrees.
    Mostly cloudy with scattered rain or snow showers. Highs near 43. Lows near 35.
    Mostly cloudy with scattered rain or snow showers. Highs near 41. Lows near 35.
    Partly sunny and breezy. Highs near 44. Lows near 32.
    Mostly sunny skies. Highs near 47. Lows near 33.
    Mostly sunny skies. Highs near 49. Lows near 34.
  • Flooding Rain

    Worst of storm is over by noon. More than two inches of rain will have fallen by then, gusts peaking by 11am to near 40mph, gusting to near 50 this afternoon as storm intensifies off shore. Coastal flooding of 2-3 feet above high tide will be at 1pm in the Bronx—hence the warning. Brooklyn coastal flooding is minimal—merely an advisory. Light rain continues into the afternoon, with rain tapering to a drizzle by 5pm. Tomorrow brings clouds and spotty showers, with flurries mixed in for Thursday. Friday through the weekend remain clear.
    Mostly cloudy with very light showers or sprinkles. Winds will be NNW 10-20 MPH. The temperature will be 39 degrees.
    Mostly cloudy with scattered rain or snow showers. Winds will be NNW 10-15 MPH. The temperature will be 43 degrees.
    Mostly cloudy with scattered rain or snow showers. Highs near 41. Lows near 35.
    Mostly cloudy and windy. Highs near 44. Lows near 32.
    Mostly sunny skies. Highs near 47. Lows near 33.
    Mostly sunny skies. Highs near 49. Lows near 34.
    Mostly sunny skies. Highs near 52. Lows near 35.
  • Drizzle with Snow Squalls

    This morning starts damp with a fine mist and drizzle lasting most of the early morning. Temperatures warm to 41 before steady rain begins again around noon. The back-end of yesterday’s nor’easter swings around, and gets us with light rain that changes to bursts of snow beginning mid-afternoon. Nothing sticks to the ground, but there could be a crusty coating on car tops, elevated subway platforms and staircases by this evening. Winds will be gusting today to 25 mph, keeping the wind chill in the 30s throughout the afternoon. Shortly after sunset at 4:29p, temperatures quickly fall below freezing. Tomorrow is still cloudy with another shot of afternoon flurries. Friday begins our sunnier and warmer stretch that sees highs near 60 by the middle of next week.

  • Still Cloudy

    Think we’re the only ones putting up with cold and snow? It’s Warmer in Alberta, Canada this morning than West Palm Beach, FL. As temperatures stay chilly today due to a light snow cover from last night, and clouds hanging low all afternoon; however, this will be our last grey day. Sunshine is back tomorrow with highs reaching 40. Mostly sunny skies and warmer weather persists through the weekend. Tuesday brings back some clouds. The next weather event won’t be for at least the next 5-7 days.

  • Calm and Clear

    Planning to take in the decorated windows on 5th, push through huddled masses of people by the tree in Midtown, or find a rink to skate on this weekend? The weather will be excellent for all of the above. Sunshine returns today (finally!) with highs holding in the 30s. Tomorrow’s milder breeze nudges highs into the 40s. Temps jump to 50 with sunshine on Sunday and Monday. Tuesday brings spotty showers and clouds. The cool down that occurs about one week from now, lasts through the end of December.

  • Sunny and Cooler

    Seasonably cool weather arrives for today with plenty of sun. Highs reach the mid-40s. Tomorrow sees extra clouds throughout the day, with rain arriving tomorrow evening. Rain clears by Wednesday morning. Thursday and Friday are dry. The big question remains for Sunday: will it snow? One solution is very bullish on a winter wallop, while the contrary says, meh. There’s 6 days to watch this one. Unless something changes dramatically tonight, check back Wednesday for some clarity.
  • Very Mild

    Today’s highs will run about 10 degrees above average. In fact, thanks to some clouds at dawn, the morning low held around 39 in spots (that’s about the typical average high). Clouds thicken up through the afternoon, and rain arrives just before sunset at 4:29pm. The first night of Hanukkah will be wet, with steady showers lasting through midnight. Rain clears by early Wednesday morning, and sunshine is back through Saturday. The second half of the weekend is wet, with chances of snow (or any big storm) greatly reduced. Look for a return to the more active, colder pattern next week.

  • Windy Thursday

    Today’s weather is somewhat windy. Cool air and sunshine remains, just like yesterday. Highs climb into the mid 40s. Tonight is clear with less wind. Tomorrow is pretty much the same, minus the wind. The weekend starts clear, before extra clouds take over by Sunday. Fall ends at 6:03pm Sunday evening with some spotty, light showers. After a somewhat cloudy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be wet and windy. Colder winds arrive on Christmas Day.

  • Welcome to Winter?

    Winter began last evening, but the weather never got the memo. As today slowly warms to 44, a cool, damp easterly breeze will inspire some light, spotty showers to develop. When those intermittent afternoon showers end overnight, more line up for an even wetter tomorrow. Steady light rain all day and milder air arrives for Tuesday, with highs reaching the mid-50s. Christmas Eve will feel muggy and mild with east winds, and some moderate rain. Rain totals now through Thursday will be roughly an inch. Winds will be unpleasant, but not terrible. The downright warm Christmas Eve weather is most impressive with highs around 60. Christmas Day starts soggy, but clears quickly, as breaks of sun make Thursday afternoon feel more pleasant as highs fall through the 50s. Friday and Saturday are sunny and mild—likely our last mild days for a while. Beginning one week from today, Monday the 29th, a more active and colder weather pattern begins.

  • 48 Hours of Rain

    Even though it rains through early Christmas morning, all this wet weather won’t amount to more than an inch. Light and persistent showers fall until about 6am Thursday. Air temperatures will turn quite mild, nearing 60 tomorrow. Winds won’t be too rough gusting to about 30 mph, but fog and low visibility at airports will add to the congestion. When the front passes Thursday morning, sunshine quickly returns and brightens the remainder of the week. Temperatures stay in the 50s through Saturday. Colder weather returns Sunday. Watching something brewing for Sunday night-Monday. Too early to tell.

  • Quiet Week Ahead

    What goes up, must come down. After a beautiful stretch of weather this past weekend, including NYC’s third warmest Christmas at 62, temperatures begin falling today. Once the morning clouds depart, sunshine returns and highs climb into the mid 40s. The rest of the week is quiet and sunny, but colder. Highs will hover around freezing each day. Milder weather arrives for the weekend at a price: rain brings back wet conditions on Saturday and Sunday with highs in the 50s.
  • Getting Chilly

    So long 40s! Seasonably average weather settles in with sunshine through Friday. The coldest part of the 7-day is midnight on New Year’s Eve where the wind chill feels like 22. The weekend starts sunny, but quickly turns grey and wet as light rain moves in for Saturday afternoon and evening. Milder air returns for the weekend, as highs near 50 on both Saturday and Sunday. Monday is bitterly cold with a whipping wind. Eyeing our first real possibility of light snow in 2015 as early as Tuesday/Wednesday.

  • Ringing in the Chill

    While tonight’s Ball Drop Temperature is cold at 22 with the wind chill, that’s still warmer than the coldest wind chill in Times Square in 1997 of -21. The chilly weather is a product of the clear skies that keeps our weather quiet through Saturday morning. Clouds return mid-morning Saturday with average highs, around 40. Rain arrives later Saturday night and lasts through Sunday. Brutal cold and wind starts off Monday, and the cold lasts into the end of next week. Tuesday-Wednesday could bring our first snow of 2015.

  • Damp Weekend

    Some wacky and dramatic weather swings can be found on the 7 day. The first occurs this weekend as tomorrow begins cold and cloudy. Rain arrives by noon Saturday, mixing with snow in the Bronx. No accumulation. After a chilly and raw afternoon, the rain becomes heavy for Saturday night plans and temperatures warm up significantly. Sunday will feature spotty light rain, clouds and some fog all day, but it will feel VERY mild with highs near 60. Temperatures come crashing down again for Monday morning with the wind chill at the bus stop and train platform in the 20s. Expect puddles and walkways that typically stay wet to freeze over for the AM rush. Roads will be dry. Sunshine will try to ease the chill, but highs Monday only reach their average of 38. Light snow arrives Tuesday to create a pretty sugarcoating of white on the usual surfaces. No accumulation—just snow snakes blowing around on the roads. Weak Alberta clippers never give us more an inch—I’d be surprised if we even get that. Wednesday and Thursday become insanely cold with wind chills in the single digits. After all. it’s Winter!

  • Snow and Cold

    It’s January, after all. Today’s gusty winds make highs feel like the 30s, while tonight’s actual temps dip into the 20s with gusts to 40 mph, but diminishing after the front passes. Tomorrow begins cloudy with light snow arriving by 8am. Snow begins to stick and make untreated roads slippery before noon. The light snow lasts until 4pm, totaling about an inch. Any accumulation blows away with the wind returning Wednesday. It’s like a self-cleaning snow. Even colder weather (with wind) makes morning lows feel like the single digits on Thursday. This weekend will be clear and cold. No significant weather events are on tap for the next 7 days.

  • Just a Sugarcoating

    Since most of the energy stays South from today’s clipper, there isn’t much to worry about regarding today’s flurries. Light snow begins falling this morning around 9am, and lasts intermittently into the afternoon. By this evening, expect a sugarcoating on cars. The atmosphere is so cold, that much of today’s snow gets gobbled up by the dry air. Tomorrow, the tease of cold air makes it feel just like this morning, 19 as the low. Winds begin to whip again by Thursday morning, dragging the wind chill into the single digits, close to zero, while the actual air temperature will be 11. Friday morning provides a brief break, with highs that reach above freezing by Sunday. Monday is a whopping whole 34 degrees—the warmest on the 7 day.

  • Feels like -12

    Wind gusts have been up to 30mph this morning. At the same time, the air temperature was between 8 and 10 degrees above zero. This creates a feels like temperature of -12. After some early snow flurries tomorrow morning that could lead to a dusting by noon, another shot of cold air arrives for Saturday. That makes it feel almost as cold as this morning. Sunday brings back temperatures closer to average. Monday sees clouds increase with a high of 34, our first time above freezing in a week. Tuesday might flurry, but I’m more interested in Thursday’s event—details to follow this weekend. While the extreme cold retreats by Monday, that makes next week’s weather less cold but more active for the boroughs.

  • Cold Rain

    Temperatures held above freezing all night long. Any icing is at least 30 miles to the city’s north and west, or closer at elevations above 600-700 feet, where the temperature is at or below freezing. The boroughs should stay a plain rain throughout today, with the rain ending by 6pm. Winter weather advisory will likely be taken down for the city shortly (at writing, it’s still effective until 10am). Freezing rain can’t form if the temperatures near the ground is above freezing. Highs today near 40. Sunny and colder (seasonably average) weather returns beginning tomorrow and lasts through Sunday. There is no storm threat for Thursday.

  • We got a break from below zero wind chills Monday, but Mother Nature isn't giving us a break from the rain. Wet weather will continue through this evening. As temps drop, expect a transition to a wintry mix in the Bronx. It looks like Brooklyn will get rain. Keep in mind that it can get pretty icy on the roads overnight, so be careful.

    Dry weather returns for Tuesday and so does the cold temps. Highs will likely struggle to get into the 30s, but it will feel more like the teens. Anticipate seasonable conditions toward the latter part of the week, with highs reaching the 40s over the weekend.

    Mostly cloudy with rain or snow showers. Winds will be NNW 5-15 MPH. The temperature will be 28 degrees.
    Mostly sunny skies. Winds will be N 10-15 MPH. The temperature will be 31 degrees.
    Partly cloudy. Winds will be NNE 5-10 MPH. The temperature will be 20 degrees.
    Partly sunny. Highs near 30. Lows near 25.
    A mix of sun and clouds. Highs near 36. Lows near 26.
    Mostly sunny skies. Highs near 37. Lows near 25.
    Mostly sunny skies. Highs near 38. Lows near 29.
    Partly sunny. Highs near 42. Lows near 26
  • A Colder Feel

    Today’s light wind makes the 16 at dawn feel like the single digits. At least we’re in positive territory! Limited sunshine prevents us from feeling those sunny rays today—anticipate a colder feel with mostly cloudy skies into the afternoon and evening. Tomorrow brings back sunshine with a chilly feel, averaging highs in the upper 30s. Same for Friday: sunny and cold. Saturday morning starts cold again, around 20, but climbs to 43 by Sunday afternoon. The warm-up causes Sunday night’s rain to stay rain in the city, even though snow may fall north and west. Windy and colder weather arrives for Monday, with our next weather system of interest by the middle of next week.

  • Seasonably Average

    While today is sunny and cold, tomorrow brings back the wind with cold. Saturday is sunny and gorgeous, but the morning begins at 20, and temperatures stay below freezing all afternoon. Sunday starts cloudy and quickly turns very wet with heavy rain Sunday evening and night. Monday should clear out quickly, with some of the rain possibly ending as flurries. Cold and windy weather lasts most of Monday. Wednesday could have another clipper, but a larger system tries to setup for the end of next week.

  • Where’s the Snow?

    Another miss by tomorrow’s system means that we only accumulate around an inch, maybe two inches of snow beginning Wednesday evening. Most of the energy stays South. Our quiet snowy season thus far is not uncommon: statistically, blockbuster, Top 10 snowfall years (last year was 7th snowiest), are followed by less-than-average snowy years. A similar low-snowfall scenario occurred 3 years ago after the big snowfall 2010-11 Winter season. This, however, doesn’t mean that the rest of this Winter will be quiet. For about two weeks now, all signs have been pointing to a more active pattern beginning at the end of January. That is now coming to light—every few days, a coastal storm tries to form offshore and threaten us with accumulating snow beginning Saturday. Let the fun begin!

  • Another Coating

    Today’s snow begins around 3pm as flurries in Brooklyn. Steady snow falls everywhere by 4pm. Snowfall intensifies by 7pm, amounting to about an inch. As the clipper interacts with its new developing partner-storm offshore in the Atlantic, snowfall should be steady until at least midnight. The most the boroughs should see by 2am is 2 inches. More South, Less North, all ending by 3am as flurries. Cloudy and colder weather tomorrow keeps untreated roads slick until the sun returns by 11am. The worst case scenario is still 4 inches citywide---even this small possibility would end by 3am tomorrow.

    Saturday’s snow will be our first “storm” for this winter season. Snow begins before dawn Saturday and lasts all day with wind. Snow ends late Saturday night. Amounts should exceed 6 inches. Coastal neighborhoods could see flooding and erosion at high tide. This makes Sunday a great day for sledding with sunshine!

    Tuesday, Jan 27th, offers another snowy and much colder scenario.
  • Messy Saturday

    Thin clouds arrive tomorrow afternoon as Saturday’s storm approaches. While not apocalyptic, if the system delivers more than 2 inches (which it should), then it should still be our biggest snowfall event to date. There is more confusion rather than consensus on the weather charts this morning; however, the majority of solutions point to slightly less snow than yesterday. Still, anticipate snow to arrive before dawn Saturday, changeover to a mix during Saturday morning and midday, and ending as snow. It seems as though most of the snow accumulation should happen on the back end of this system, after 4pm. Today, the storm looks like a 3-6 inch event. That amount would be nudged higher/lower depending on cold air, system speed and storm position. There should still be slick conditions as sleet and freezing rain fall during the midday. Winds will gust to 40mph during the day. Sunday is sunny and cold with another big deep freeze ahead for next week.

  • More Snow Tomorrow Night/Then Big Headache

    Sorry so late…studied a lot of data this morning. The wind chill this morning was 1. Beyond the other 17 actual degrees at dawn, temperatures warm into the 20s today under mostly sunny skies. This winter has officially received 15.5” of snow, the seasonal average is 25.1” for NYC. Tonight is clear with less wind. Thanks to an 8 inch snowpack, tonight turns even colder, with actual temperatures tomorrow morning around 12 degrees. Even worse, we won’t warm as easily with limited sun thanks to thin clouds most of the day that precede tomorrow night’s snow. Light snow begins again just after the evening rush totaling no more than an inch. 2” is worst case scenario, done by 5am Friday. Main roads just stay wet this time. You’ll see a fresh sugarcoating of white on Friday morning with sun returning early that morning.

    The weekend is quiet until the Super Bowl. Saturday: super cold. Single digit wind chills again. Sunday night into Monday’s storm is once again highly dependent on the track; however, instead of big snow or little snow, the track shift would bring either big snow or big rain. Right now, the forecast is middle ground: starts as snow at kickoff, changes to rain before dawn, with driving wind and a flooding 2” of rain Monday morning. Again, a small wobble makes Monday all snow. Too soon to tell. Either way, we get SOMETHING impactful.

  • Get the Broom

    Tonight’s dusting is only worthy of a broom. Snow starts after 8pm, and lasts intermittently until just after midnight. Worst case is about one inch. Tomorrow starts with clouds and leftover flurries, maybe even a quick burst of snow during the am rush, with increasing sunshine throughout the day. The wind begins to howl tomorrow afternoon brining wind chills down to the single digits on Friday night. Saturday is sunny, but frigid. Sunday turns cloudy and brings snow back by the evening. The track and speed are critical in determining how much snow falls, or if it changes to rain. Still very uncertain. There is quite a bit of waffling going on, as the storm is playing chicken on the charts. Tuesday is clear but much colder.

  • More Cold then Snow

    Brutal cold arrives tonight with wind gusts in excess of 40mph. A wind advisory has been posted until 4pm tomorrow in the boroughs. Just over the city line; however, a wind chill advisory means it will feel like -15 to -20F when winds are at their peak late tonight. Despite the howl, tomorrow is sunny all day. Clouds arrive tomorrow night. Snow starts falling late Sunday afternoon, but won’t turn heavy until the second half of the game. Overnight into Monday morning, will be the heaviest of the storm, 4-8” by 7am. Snow tapers by early afternoon 5-10” by 2pm (might mix with sleet in Brooklyn). Flurries and wind Monday afternoon. Another cold shot of Arctic air freezes everything in place Monday night. There’s another system to watch for later next week.

  • Icy

    The Winter Weather Advisory for this morning doesn’t mean more wintry precip falls today: it was issued due to the icy conditions region-wide. With sunshine all day today, Slushfest 2015 kicks off around noon. The shady side of the street stays frozen with ice-locked cars dotting the curb. Even though wind chills made it feel like -3 at dawn today, tomorrow will start just about as cold, with less wind. Highs Wednesday reach average, 39 degrees. Thursday brings more light snow beginning around daybreak and wrapping up in the early afternoon. It’s yet another clipper dropping no more than 2 inches throughout the morning. The snow is followed by Arctic air. Friday could be our coldest start of the season—rather typical since late January/early February is usually the coldest part of Winter. The weekend is quiet until Sunday night when a more significant wintry system tries to develop. Don’t hold your breath for details: it’s 6 days away.

  • Cold and Snowy

    Don’t get too comfy with today’s warm up. Mostly sunny skies and a high of 40 degrees will feel like Spring…for 3 hours this afternoon. The active wintry pattern continues for at least the next two weeks. Our coldest start this season should be this Friday, beating the 8 degrees that started the morning of January 8th. Expect a morning low no higher than 5 above zero. The record for Friday is -4 set 120 years ago. Tomorrow morning’s light snow may not even stick to roads thanks to today’s warmth and sunshine. Look for a fresh coating on the 8” ice snowpack, adding no more than a fluffy inch. The harsh cold that follows eases by Saturday. Beyond that, charts are plotting Monday’s snow all over the place with little consistency. One solution had snow arriving Sunday morning, and lasting through Tuesday morning with varying intensities. There will probably be a better compromise tomorrow, since it’s still too early to give specifics.
  • Arctic Chill

    The pleasantly mild start today at 39 degrees doesn’t last long. After this morning’s flurries, leaving a fresh coating of white on the coldest surfaces, while roads & sidewalks just stay wet, temperatures drop significantly. Tomorrow morning should be the coldest start this Winter, followed by a seasonably cool Saturday. To call Saturday night-Tuesday morning a “snow storm” is really a stretch. The only part of the multi-day system that has a chance of becoming moderately impactful happens on Monday. The prolonged event is a series of light snowfalls, that has the potential to total 10 inches; however, over the course of 3.5 days, that’s not necessarily a lot, divided per day. Think of them as weak clippers that lose forward momentum, and provide light snow during their extended New York stay. While the daily manageable snow lasts into early Tuesday, the abnormally cold and snowy pattern shows no sign of easing, at least until Valentine’s Day.

  • Snow and Ice Monday

    This morning felt like -2 with the wind. Actual air temps hovered around 10. Tomorrow is our last day above freezing for a while. While flurries could fall this weekend, they won’t amount to any accumulation. That changes Sunday night. Snow and Ice falls with an eerily similar timeline and intensity to SuperBowl Sunday’s snow and ice. It’s so similar, in fact, that you can plan your day around what happened earlier this week. The snow and ice persists throughout Monday midday, ending as all snow that afternoon. Bitter cold follows, with temperatures dropping to the single digits, plus wind, by the end of next week.

  • Icy Start

    The freezing rain that began at 4am has left an icy coating on cars, handrails and untreated roads. Temperatures have remained in the mid-20s since midnight. The freezing rain changes to ice pellets as the morning commute gets underway, lasting until around 9am. This morning’s gusty winds makes it feel like 15. The sleet will sound like a gravely crunch underfoot as it accumulates—it’s also much harder to melt than snow. As the atmosphere fully cools by noon, intermittent light snow falls throughout the rest of the day. Another coating of snow falls tonight. All the wintry precip will be so light, an average ruler won’t be able to measure it—leave that to the Weather Service’s specialized instrumentation next to Belvidere Castle in Central Park.

    Tomorrow gets colder, with another Arctic front moving in later this week. This will create light snow Thursday. Single digit morning lows follow on Friday. The core of Arctic air moves in for Monday, when it will feel well below zero.

  • Chances for Snow

    Today and tomorrow are quiet. Sunshine breaks through beginning this morning, with full-on slush/melting/reflective sun glare this afternoon. Highs reach 34. Tonight re-freezes at 20 degrees. Despite sunshine all day, tomorrow begins our prolonged deep freeze, and won’t rebound into the 30s for a while. The arctic air arrives after some light snow during the day Thursday. Only expect 1-2 inches of a light fluff, that easily dusts off, beginning after the morning rush, and winding down during the evening rush. Temperatures may be too cold for road salt to be 100% effective (upper teens to low 20s during Thursday’s event). Sunshine is back Friday with wind chills below zero—actual air temps climb only to the upper teens. St. Valentine’s Day is too cold, as we wait for a storm to develop. If snow falls, it would occur on Sunday with wind lasting into President’s Day, Monday. That’s 6 days away—plenty of time to watch.

  • Arctic Assault

    Record lows are on the way, with dangerous wind chills to start next week. In the grand scheme, the cold with wind is far more impactful than the little bit of accumulating weekend snow. Tomorrow’s snow is too light to worry about. Flurries begin late morning, and last intermittently until sunset. Maybe we get an inch. Regardless, it blows away with the gusty winds for Friday as temperatures remain in the teens. Saturday afternoon brings another around of snow that is so fluffy and fine, the powder will accumulate quickly, but will be a breeze to clean. There’s the potential for a few inches, but again, the wind and cold that follows for Sunday and Monday will be brutal. Overnight lows should reach records on Sunday night/Monday morning, with wind chills about 20 below zero the morning of President’s Day (Wind Chill Advisory criteria).

  • It’s not the snow, it’s the Cold

    May have tied a morning record low at LGA today—our Weather Service office will make official this afternoon. 8 was the old record in 1979. Wind chill values will be AS WARM as zero today, rising from -15F at daybreak. Anticipate light snow tomorrow afternoon, wrapping up by midnight. 1-3” is still fair game by 1am Sunday, but it blows and drifts around. It’s too insignificant to be a concern, when compared to the cold. It won’t be fun for the kids to play in, either. With wind chill values dropping to -35F on Sunday night due to gusts at high as 55mph in NYC, this cold is beyond serious: it’s dangerous. Sustained winds all Sunday and Monday will create property damage, and allow poorly insulated structures to reach 0 degrees more quickly. The overnight low should reach 0 by dawn on Monday, breaking that 21 year streak. Even if we get down to 1F, that hasn’t happened since January 2004.

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