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  • Blegh

    The next few days are rather blegh. Clouds, showers, high humidity and a damp, grey feel will last through Saturday. Rain could be briefly heavy at times, but for the most part this is just a drizzly, spotty type of rain. Will this wet weather bring enough rain to quench our rainfall deficit? No. There will be less than half an inch total. Saturday night should begin to dry out. Sunday looks gorgeous with sunny, warm weather. Monday through Thursday of next week is sunny, warm and will feel like August! Cristobal will likely form in the coming days, bringing heavy rains to Puerto Rico and DR this weekend. Serious development may not occur until Monday when she is near the Bahamas.
  • Drizzle

    After last night's downpours and storms, some light, spotty showers will be around today. LGA broke a record in rainfall for the inch that fell. Brooklyn had thunder and lightning, though slightly less rain with their midnight downpours. Tomorrow is mostly cloudy, with some breaks of sun later in the day, maybe. Sunday through Thursday is absolutely beautiful--mostly sunny and warm!

  • Best Week of Summer

    Finally! We get a Summerlike feel in August, just in time for the long holiday weekend. The first ingredient is sunshine. That will stick around everyday this week. Second, the warmth. Highs climb to near 90 by Wednesday. Next, the humidity--the muggy weather will build through Wednesday, before drying out for Thursday and Friday. We shouldn't have any weather impacts from Cristobal; likely just some rough surf. The timing of the weekend rain is still a toss up, as some wet weather is likely. For sure, clouds will be present for most of the holiday weekend.

  • Tracking Cristobal
    All eyes are on the tropics as Cristobal gains some intensity. However, strong upper level winds prevented the storm from progressing further by Monday afternoon. Things are slated to change on Tuesday when a disturbance off the US coast allows for the Cristobal to trek north. The position of the Bermuda high will aid in allowing for the storm to pull away from the eastern seaboard. Although Cristobal will likely avoid making landfall in the US, the storm may affect the Atlantic beaches causing rough seas.
    There may be come strengthening in the coming days, and Cristobal could become a hurricane as the upper level winds subside. However, cooler waters in the Atlantic will eventually weaken the storm by the end of the week.
  • Even Hotter

    Thought yesterday's weather was warm? Today will be even hotter with heat AND humidity building this afternoon. Haze will also develop quickly with light winds. Ozone and air quality alerts might even be issued later today, but more likely tomorrow, with Wednesday being the warmest day this month if we hit 91 degrees. Here are some heat facts: The warmest day this month is 90 on August 5th. 91 degrees was our hottest temperature this summer--it happened twice in early July. This summer's 4th 90+ degree day also occurred in July.

    After a late day sprinkle tomorrow evening, temperatures cool off and humidity will drop for a cool and pleasant Thursday morning. Friday is sunny and warm with a high of only 80. The weekend is rather cloudy, with limited sunshine. Sunday and Labor Day Monday feature cloudy skies with showers. Yuck.

  • One our Warmest

    It will feel hot, hazy and humid today with highs approaching 90. Humidity and haze clear tonight after the front passes through by 10pm. This gives us a quick shower threat this evening, but drop temperatures about 10 degrees for tomorrow. Thursday and Friday are dry and sunny. The holiday weekend isn't a washout, but it won't be fantastic either. Clouds every day help usher in spotty showers by Sunday and Monday.

  • Expect a nice start to the holiday weekend. However, highs will be a little cooler than normal on Saturday. You won't need the umbrella tomorrow. But if you plan on venturing out Sunday night into Monday, you may want to grab it before heading out. By next week, the warm and humid air will be back in play.
  • Not Exactly Fall

    Today could be one of our warmest days this year. The afternoon high will reach 90, and the heat index will feel like 96 due to the high humidity. There is even a chance for an afternoon storm as the front approaches with drier air. By tomorrow morning, humidity will be much lower, allowing for a cooler feel. Thursday starts pleasantly mild and dry for the first day of school, with afternoon highs warming to 84. Sunny weather lasts until Friday. Humidity builds into Saturday with a chance for another midday storm, with skies clearing by Saturday night. Sunday is dry, warm and pleasant in the upper 70s.

  • We are on track for seeing the hottest temperatures so far this year. As of 3PM this afternoon highs reached 92.This is the 3rd day so far this week that highs surpassed the 85 degree mark. More hot temps lie ahead, as highs will likely reach the mid to upper 80s through the remainder of the work week. There is still a good chance of temps hitting 90 degrees in the next few days.

    Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. Winds will be SW-NW 5-10 MPH. The temperature will be 71 degrees.
    Mostly sunny skies. Winds will be NW 5-15 MPH. The temperature will be 86 degrees.
    Clear skies. Winds will be NW-W 5-10 MPH. The temperature will be 66 degrees.
    Mostly sunny skies. Highs near 85. Lows near 69.
    Hazy sunshine. Highs near 86. Lows near 71.
    Mostly cloudy. Chance of late-day thunderstorms. Highs near 84. Lows near 68.
    Morning showers giving way to increasing sunshine. Highs near 80. Lows near 65.
  • Hot Shots

    While yesterday was hot and humid, today will still be warm. In fact, every day this week will be warm, with highs in the mid to upper 80s. The humidity leaves us today and tomorrow, but will be back on Friday and Saturday. The extra clouds and storm threat on Saturday shouldn't cancel plans, but it might mar them with a passing thunderstorm. Sunday will be cooler with sun, and drier as next week's weather is typical of September with cool starts, and dry, warm afternoons. Check back tomorrow for a foliage update, and how this recent spell of dry weather should help colors pop in 6 weeks.

  • Back to School

    The first day of school's weather classicly inspires memories of leaves blowing around, a bit of fall foliage, with dry, crisp mornings and deep blue skies. Not today! Similar to yesterday, this afternoon will warm into the mid 80s with comfortably humidity. Tomorrow, however, is hot, hazy and humid with temperatures that feel like 90 or better. Muggy weather remains through Saturday as the morning clouds lift to create some midday spotty showers. The front that will rid the air of humidity moves through late Saturday evening after a round of thunderstorms. Sunday is dry and crisp with that Autumnal feel returning, and lasting until Wednesday. Wet weather should return by the middle of next week.

    The recipe for maximum color during peak foliage begins with a very wet early summer (check) and a dry end of summer/early fall (double check). This weather combo stresses the trees and gives promotes high sugar content in the leaves. More sugar, means deeper color! If this dry weather keeps up, along with clear cool nights, and sunny warm afternoon this fall, be on the lookout for some early color in your favorite park!

  • Another warm day on tap with highs rising well into the 80s Friday and Saturday. There is a chance of showers these next couple of days, so have the umbrella handy. Some areas also may be flirting with 90 degrees. However, don't get used to these unseasonably warm conditions. By Sunday expect a big drop in temps. As we head into the work week, you'll notice seasonable temps in the upper 70s and less humid air.
  • Super Humid

    Today's weather turns hazy, hot and humid. Though air temperatures only reach 86, the steamy humidity will make it feel like the low 90s. All of that midday sunshine promotes instability, and that means passing storms later today. Once a quick hit or miss t-storm moves through by 6pm, the evening will feel even muggier, with clearing skies tonight. Tomorrow begins by feeling very damp, with breaks of sunshine throughout the morning and midday. The front that is forecast to pass through around 6pm tomorrow will enhance the threat of stronger storms with gusty winds being the primary concern. As the storms clear late tomorrow night, Sunday begins clear and stays dry with a September-like chill into Wednesday.

    I'm waiting to see whether some tropical moisure east of the Carolina's wants to develop into something significant. If so, that could bring back rain here as early as Monday night/Tuesday. TBD

  • Expect another warm and muggy night as temps bottom out in the 70s. But, you can say goodbye to warm and humid air over the weekend. A cold front is slated to sweep across our boroughs - bringing along showers and storms on Saturday. In its wake, anticipate cooler air for the start of the week.
    Partly cloudy. Winds will be SSW 5-10 MPH. The temperature will be 73 degrees.
    Mostly cloudy. Chance of late-day thunderstorms. Winds will be SW 5-15 MPH. The temperature will be 88 degrees.
    Scattered thundershowers. Winds will be W-N 5-10 MPH. The temperature will be 67 degrees.
    Morning clouds giving way to more sun. Highs near 79. Lows near 62.
    Partly sunny. Highs near 77. Lows near 61.
    Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. Highs near 76. Lows near 63.
    Mostly cloudy with a few light showers or sprinkles. Highs near 76. Lows near 66.
    Cloudy with periods of light rain. Highs near 79. Lows near 63.
  • Autumn Feeling

    Fall begins two weeks from tomorrow. This morning already feels like fall thanks to a cooler, east wind. The winds pick up today, keeping the afternoon high in the mid-70s, but that will also increase the cloud cover. Mist and sprinkles might even be around tonight. Tomorrow will have some extra clouds and still gusty winds. Highs stay in the 70s with a damp breeze until midweek. Tides are higher than normal around high tide tonight (9pm Brooklyn, 11pm Bronx) due to the full moon and wind direction. This high water occurs around every high tide cycle through Wednesday. We should finally clear out Thursday and warm up to 80. Friday could be stormy, and the weekend may be unsettled. I'll have more certainty on the weekend weather by Wednesday.
  • Too Soon

    Sooner or later it was bound to happen. In fact, a morning low of 60 is quite average during the second week of September. But 50s? Come on. After a warmer day Thursday, with highs in the low 80s, we'll wake up to mid 50 degree weather this weekend. Still worse is that highs struggle to reach 70 both days this weekend thanks to mostly cloudy skies. This trend lasts for at least the next 10 days.
    Welcome Fall!
  • Weekend Answers

    The forecast looks much better today in more ways than one! Today, those stubborn clouds from yesterday begin to clear by late morning. Sunny breaks of blue by midday, leads to a brighter and warmer afternoon with continued improving skies. Tomorrow starts partly sunny and clouds hang somewhat low during the morning as rays of sunshine break through. Tomorrow morning will be muggy and warm, with highs reaching the low 80s by the end of the day. After 3pm, rain arrives, lasting into the evening commute. Skies clear with a drier, seasonal chill that brings back the sun for Friday. I finally have some answers for the weekend weather as opposed to the uncertainty I expressed yesterday and the day before: Saturday starts chilly, with clouds building into the afternoon. Rain returns for the second half of the day, even making Saturday night plans wet and chilly. Sunday looks great, but even colder. Wake up weather will be in the 50s on Sunday!

  • It looks like summer won’t go down without a fight! A strong southerly flow will drive up temps into the 80s on Thursday. But, don’t get too excited because the warmer weather will be short lived. A cold front is slated to arrive Thursday night into Friday, which will bump temps back down into the 70s during the day. Expect fall like weather as we head into next week, so have a jacket on standby.

    Mostly cloudy. Winds will be E-SE 5-10 MPH. The temperature will be 67 degrees.
    Mostly cloudy. Chance of a thunderstorm. Winds will be SSW 10-15 MPH. The temperature will be 83 degrees.
    Mostly sunny skies. Highs near 78. Lows near 60.
    Cloudy with rain late in the day. Highs near 72. Lows near 58.
    Mostly sunny skies. Highs near 76. Lows near 59.
    Mostly cloudy. Highs near 75. Lows near 64.
    Partly sunny. Highs near 73. Lows near 61.
  • Summer Throwback

    After 8am, today will turn sunny, hazy, humid and warm. Highs reach 82. Storms arrive today after 3pm, with spotty t-storms until 7pm. A drier overnight brings back the fall chill. Tomorrow morning starts chilly and dry with less humidity and sunshine lasting all day. Saturday is crummy and raw, while Sunday is gorgeous. Monday into next week is seasonably cool.

  • Today’s rain may have more bark than bite. But, there is still a chance of an afternoon shower or storm, as a cold from moves in from the west. Don’t count on a drastic cool down on Friday, Temps will likely top out in the 70s with lows in the 60s. However, expect lows to average in the upper 50s over the weekend.
    Partly cloudy. Winds will be W-NW 5-10 MPH. The temperature will be 62 degrees.
    Mostly sunny skies. Winds will be NNW 10-15 MPH. The temperature will be 77 degrees.
    Cloudy with rain late in the day. Highs near 73. Lows near 58.
    A mix of sun and clouds. Highs near 76. Lows near 59.
    Partly sunny. Highs near 75. Lows near 64.
    Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. Highs near 73. Lows near 61.
    Mostly sunny skies. Highs near 76. Lows near 60.
  • #SaturdayFail

    The weather tomorrow looks pretty awful. 60 and cloudy in the morning, then turning chilly, raw and rainy all afternoon. Enjoy the sunny, warm and dry weather today. Friday night will be dry. Regarding the Aurora: There shouldn't be a visible aurora borealis for NYC. Here's why: Remember the powerful solar flare that exploded off the sun's surface Wednesday? It arrives tonight! In the image below, the green band shows where the Aurora Borealis will be visible. The green line is the farthest South you should be able to see it (pending clear skies). Unless you're way up in the Hudson Valley, near Albany, plan on an ordinary, dark sky with a bright, waning gibbous moon (3/4 full).
  • Dry and Chilly

    Except tomorrow, everyday this week starts about 10 degrees below average. This morning begins the chilly week ahead--wake up weather was in the low 50s and highs only reach 72 today. Tomorrow begins a little wet, but turns sunny by midday. The rest of the week gets cooler and cooler. By Thursday, morning lows will dip to 50 while afternoon highs stay in the 60s. The trend for the next two weeks? Cooler than average. Brrrr.

  • Last Week of Summer

    There are 7 days until Fall and 100 days until Christmas. Many fear that the weather will begin to feel like December before it even feels like October. As the cool weather seemed to arrive early this year, following an average summer, you may wonder if this winter will be terrible. Probably not. Climatologically, a pattern of horrible winter, followed by an average summer, and then a cool fall typically means an upcoming normal or mild winter. Since we'll try to enjoy this last week of summer, forecast lows will be around 10 degrees below average. This morning features clouds and spotty showers, followed by sunshine. Does that sun warm us up? Not really. By Thursday and Friday, Highs won't pass 68 degrees. The weekend is warmer, in the 70s, with sunny skies.
    The last day of summer on Monday, could bring back some wet weather.
  • Long Term Chill

    Other than the warmup this weekend, there's a whole lot of "cool" in the forecast. Most days will be sunny and dry, but temperatures should remain slightly below average into early October. Highs climb to near 80 this weekend with very low humidity. The next chance for light rain showers is Monday. Tuesday is the first day of Fall with even cooler weather on tap for the middle of next week.

  • Seesaw Temperatures

    Today goes up, tomorrow goes down. The weekend goes way up, and next week goes way down. Without much humidity, there isn't enough moisture in the atmosphere to stabilize temperatures between day and night. In addition, the cold front arriving tonight brings back a much cooler than normal start on Friday, even for late September. With Summer's final bow this weekend, the beaches are actually a great option! Water temperatures remain in the low 70s--warmer than they were in mid-July. While Saturday will be cloud-free and 76, Sunday's highs will be in the low 80s with thin clouds arriving midday. A chilly and wet start to next week provides an appropriate arrival of Fall. The seasons change at 10:28pm Monday night. Next week turns drier with very chilly mornings.

  • Chilly Friday

    While you were sleeping, north breezes brought cool air into the borough. The chill won't be too noticeable this morning, but when the afternoon temperatures stay in the mid 60s, you'll notice it then. Although it might not feel like it thanks to the sun setting before 7pm, summer tries maintain its prominence this weekend with seasonable highs in the 70s. Tomorrow will feature more sunshine. Sunday brings back some clouds with late day showers, with clearing by the Monday morning commute. All of next week hovers just below average with an abundance of sun.

  • Yawn

    As we enter the statistical peak of the Atlantic hurricane season, there is a calm, quiet, storm-free week (and weekend!) ahead. Satellites don't even show a suspicious gathering of clouds for a hurricane hunter to investigate. Nada. The weather in the borough is quiet and cool as well with three highlights: chilly mornings followed by afternoon sun through Wednesday. Thursday brings overcast conditions with muggy and mild air, likely no rain. Warm, summerlike sunshine returns for the weekend.

  • Fall arrives at 10:29PM tonight. Highs will likely top out in the upper 60s, low 70s to kick off the season with a bump up in temps later this week. You’ll need a light jacket during early morning and late night hours.
    Clear skies. Winds will be NNW 10-20 MPH. The temperature will be 53 degrees.
    Sunny. Winds will be N-W 5-10 MPH. The temperature will be 69 degrees.
    Clear skies. Winds will be SSE-NE 5-10 MPH. The temperature will be 56 degrees.
    Sunshine followed by increasing clouds. Highs near 70. Lows near 56.
    Cloudy skies. Highs near 68. Lows near 58.
    A mix of sun and clouds. Highs near 76. Lows near 61.
    Sunny. Highs near 78. Lows near 63.
    Mostly sunny skies. Highs near 80. Lows near 62.
  • A Dry Chill

    Just hours into the new season, temperatures took a tumble. Morning lows have reached the mid-40s in the Northwest hills of the Bronx, while coastal Brooklyn remains in the mid-50s. Highs won’t even reach 70 this afternoon despite mostly sunny skies. Tomorrow sees a uptick in afternoon clouds with more than a inch of rain on the way for Thursday. That will help narrow the deficit of the three inches of average rainfall by this point in September and our actual rainfall for the month, which hasn’t even hit 1 inch yet. While Thursday is a washout, sunshine quickly returns for a beautiful Friday and Summerlike weekend as highs climb into the 80s under full, sunny skies.

  • Rain is expected to get underway after midnight. The most accumulation will likely be close to the shore. Anticipate heavy rain, gusty winds, and flooding for the morning commute before tapering in the evening. A few spot showers are possible Thursday night. Cooler temps are also expected on Thursday with a warm up into the weekend.
    Increasing clouds with rain late at night. Winds will be ENE 15-30 MPH. The temperature will be 60 degrees.
    Windy with periods of rain. Winds will be E-NE 15-35 MPH. The temperature will be 63 degrees.
    Areas of fog and drizzle. Winds will be NNE 10-20 MPH. The temperature will be 56 degrees.
    Partly sunny and breezy. Highs near 74. Lows near 60.
    Mostly sunny skies. Highs near 77. Lows near 63.
    Sunny. Highs near 79. Lows near 62.
    A mix of sun and clouds. Highs near 76. Lows near 56.
    Windy with a mix of sun and clouds. Highs near 71. Lows near 54.
  • Windy Drizzle

    Today's chilly wind will be more of an annoyance than anything else. Gusts will be near 30 mph. Spotty morning showers keep the air feeling damp, and chilly weather adds to the raw feel. Dry and warmer weather returns tomorrow after some early fog. The weekend gets HOT!
  • Summerlike Weekend!

    Today's sunrise is 6:47am, and the sunset is 6:47p. A warmup this weekend almost makes you wish the sun would set later in the evening; however, until December 21st, the night hours will become longer than daylight hours. Today is a weekend preview: mostly sunny skies and a dry north wind creates a beautiful warm up to near 80. Both Saturday and Sunday soar beyond 80 degrees. A seasonal chill returns Tuesday with showers.
  • Overcast

    Today's skies turn grey after a mostly sunny morning. Some overnight clouds acted like a blanket, trapping in the heat from the weekend's warm weather. Highs today warm to the upper 70s with sensible humidity. The earliest rain should hold off until tomorrow. Even still, it won't be much rain at all--likely just sprinkles tomorrow and Wednesday. The rain threats ends by Thursday with mostly sunny skies and a cooler feel. Saturday looks wet. The really chilly stuff comes next week.

  • Muggies

    Humid and cloudy weather continues today. Spotty light showers return later this morning. It will rain on and off with intermittent drizzle throughout the afternoon; however, the air won't feel chilly. Slightly cooler weather moves in tonight, with another round of clouds and shower tomorrow. Thursday begins to clear out for good with an abundance of sunshine that afternoon. Friday is gorgeous (almost like this past weekend). Saturday bring back much need rainfall, up to an inch. Sunday is dry and cool.

  • Soggy

    Welcome to October! The morning starts all misty and drizzly with a light, Northeast breeze. Chilly weather remains all afternoon with a serious lack of sunshine. Be ready for a light shower at any time. Tomorrow begins foggy, turning sunny Thursday afternoon. The next time the weather warms into the 70s will be Friday. The mostly sunny skies and warm weather will be retribution for this past week's crummy weather, and maybe an early apology for Saturday. The weekend begins with a chilly rain and clouds early Saturday morning. The midday is looking like a wash, too. Showers should end by your Saturday evening plans, with big breezy chilly returning that night. Sunday begins chilly, but clear. The sun stays out all day Sunday. Cooler and damp pattern returns for most of next week.

  • eekend Chill

    After some morning drizzle and fog, the sunshine warms us up into the upper 60s this afternoon. Expect clouds to part for breaks of blue sky as early as 9am. Tonight is chilly, but clear. Tomorrow brings back afternoon warmth with sunshine all day. Bring an umbrella for your late night Friday plans as the rain may begin just after midnight Saturday morning. Saturday is a total wash, with rain all day, heavy at times, amounting to about an inch of water. Behind that rain, is a cold front that means serious business. Gusty winds will blow an air mass directly from the Arctic, sending temperatures down into the 40s across the borough for Sunday morning. It will be practically see-your-breath weather. Sunday's highs struggle to make it into the upper 60s, with mostly sunny skies. Monday and Tuesday also have chilly starts, with milder and sunny afternoons. The rain next week will be on Wednesday.
  • Mostly cloudy skies will eventually give way to partly cloudy conditions for the overnight. It will be very cool, so you're planning on heading out, don't forget the jacket. A nice day is in store for Friday as highs top out in the low to mid 70s under mostly sunny skies. However, the dry weather will be short lived. A cold front is slated to arrive over the weekend, which will likely usher in rain. Also, expect a cool down next week.
    Partly cloudy. Winds will be NE 5-10 MPH. The temperature will be 54 degrees.
    Mostly sunny skies. Winds will be E-SE 5-10 MPH. The temperature will be 73 degrees.
    Mostly cloudy with very light showers or sprinkles. Winds will be ESE 5-10 MPH. The temperature will be 60 degrees.
    Breezy with showers likely. Highs near 72. Lows near 55.
    Windy with a mix of sun and clouds. Highs near 69. Lows near 50.
    A mix of sun and clouds. Highs near 74. Lows near 55.
    Mostly cloudy. Highs near 72. Lows near 51.
    Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. Highs near 70. Lows near 51.
  • The Sun!

    Dust off those sunglasses! The sunshine returns today. After 3 days of persistent cloud cover, the brighter shades of blue will FINALLY be back across the sky. It doesn't last long, though. Around midnight tonight, rain returns, and the wet weather lasts through most of the day tomorrow. Even some thunderstorms might pour down on your Saturday afternoon plans. The rain ends tomorrow evening with a bitter chill for Sunday morning: it will feel like the upper 40s with the wind chill. Monday morning is also quite chilly, despite highs reaching the low 70s Monday afternoon. Rain next week is on Wednesday.

  • An Early Chill

    Dry air can do some wacky things with temperatures, creating big swings between hot and cold. Case in point: yesterday's highs only reached 60. While this morning is actually colder (at 45) than yesterday's wake up temperature, highs today climb to 70. That's a 25 degree difference between day and night, with no change in the weather pattern. Tonight sees more clouds and a possible sprinkle, but most of the light rain fall tomorrow night. Since Tuesday is in between weather systems, tomorrow is mostly cloudy and mild with a touch of humidity. Wednesday and Thursday are dry and clear. Friday brings back some light showers. The weekend is sunny and beautiful; however, some clouds return late Sunday afternoon.
  • Breezy Sunshine

    This morning started warm, but windy. Those gusts could reach 30 mph today, with mostly sunny skies. As the winds relax tonight, temps cool off to the low 50s. Tomorrow is cool and clear, warming to the upper 60s. Friday starts grey, with rain arriving before the lunch hour, and rain lasting into your Friday night plans. Saturday may start with an early shower, but anticipate clearing by the afternoon. The remainder of the weekend is sunny.
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