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  • Hot and humid through Wednesday

    Friday was day two of the impending heat wave with highs of 94, 97 and 90 at Central Park, La Guardia and JFK. Heat index values: 99, 102 and 94. These conditions are expected to continue through Wednesday with only a chance of showers and possible thunderstorms on Monday. As a result, the National Weather Service has issued a HEAT ADVISORY until 7pm Saturday. We’re also under an AIR QUALITY ALERT until 11pm, tonight as concentrated ground-level ozone are elevated and may cause discomfort for anyone with per-existing respiratory issues.

    During times of oppressive heat and humidity remember to:
    *Slow down and take frequent breaks if working outside
    *Minimize time spent in direct sunlight
    *Start hydrating now!
    *Check on anyone that may not deal well with oppressive heat and humidity
    *Know where your local cooling centers are
    *Never leave children or pets alone in a closed car without air conditioning
    *Make sure that pets have access to shade and cool water

  • Feels like 104.
    The last time summer felt this hot was July 19th, 2013. That was also the day that ConEd set an all-time power consumption record at 13.32 gigawatts. While today’s actual air temperature may not reach 100, we broil starting in the late afternoon. This morning’s clouds delay the peak heating of the day, pushing the 100-104° heat index into the 3p-7p timeframe. If at any time this afternoon, the short term forecast allows the heat index the heat index to reach 105°, then today’s heat advisory immediately becomes an excessive heat warning. Weather service makes that call.  Thunderstorms cool us off a little around 8pm, but create a steamy feel for this evening. It's still stupid-hot tomorrow, too. To put this simply: today WILL FEEL 10 to 14 degrees hotter than yesterday.
    This heat wave lasts a total of 8 days (last Thursday to this Thursday), joining five other 8-day long heat waves on record in NYC. The most recent 8-day heat wave was early August 2002. Only eight heat waves in recorded history have lasted longer with the longest being 12 days in late August to early September 1953.
    Friday looks messy but cooler, with lots of clouds and showers. These MAY clear out by the weekend, sparing Saturday and Sunday’s weather. 
  • Haze and Humidity. 
    Hot weather returns today with slightly less humidity than yesterday. Sunshine lasts all day long with limited cloud cover. The highs in the mid 90s will feel like 99 or 100° by 2pm. Tomorrow and Thursday are days 7 and 8 of this heat wave. Storms arrive late Thursday to cool the weather down to average for Friday and the weekend, but the humidity goes up. Weekend weather looks to improve by Monday; however, there are still clouds and showers in the forecast for Saturday and Sunday. Both days this weekend will be in the mid 80s, due to the lack of sun. Monday and Tuesday are seasonably warm and less humid, while hot weather returns by the middle of next week.
  • Last Sunny Day. 
    Enjoy as much pool and beach time as you can today, because beginning tomorrow afternoon, a cloudy and rainy pattern begins. This wet trend could last through Sunday. Today’s less humid feel will make the 92° forecast feel tolerable, hence no heat advisory. Humidity races back in tonight; however, creating a muggy feel for tomorrow. By midday tomorrow, overcast skies return with spotty showers and possible storms. The downpours on Friday could make a serious dent in our drought: some early rainfall estimates are between 2-3 inches. We’re still in a growing drought, with voluntary water restrictions in regions surrounding the boroughs. The rest of the weekend looks rather damp, as clouds will hang low when it’s not raining. It will feel very muggy as highs climb only into the low 80s. Sunshine and dry weather return Monday. Above average weather begins again by Wednesday.
    The Climate Prediction Center (A division of NOAA) has released their 3-month outlook that, for the first time ever, has every square inch of the US with above average temperatures until Oct 30th.
  • High pressure will continue to give us a variable cloudy sky, highs in the 80s and 90s with dew points in the 60s. Overall, not a bad weather pattern as go through the last few days of July. Unfortunately, we are still under MODERATE DROUGHT CONDITIONS with a rainfall deficit of 5.42 inches on the year. We do have a chance of showers and possible thunderstorms as a Canadian cold front crosses the region this weekend. Behind the high, another area of high pressure will bring pleasant weather to the region for much of next week.

  • Drought Buster?
    The steamy start to the day kept temperatures in the low 80s overnight. At dawn, it was the same humidity and temperature here in the borough as in West Palm Beach, Florida.  This everglades-like humidity lasts most of the weekend, with tropical-like downpours starting tonight.  After today’s morning sunshine, clouds return by 2pm, shrouding the boroughs in a muggy feel and overcast sky. While there could be an afternoon shower today, the best chance for the downpours happens after midnight tonight.  Some of the new information suggests the heaviest of the rain falls locally, up to 4 inches by tomorrow night. This could prompt the Flash Flood Watch to be expanded in area, northward, to include us. There is additional rainfall, still, for Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday. I wouldn’t call this weekend a total washout, because there will be breaks of sun, specifically: Friday evening and Saturday morning; however, other than those periods of partial clearing, the weather will generally be soggy with muggy and warm air all weekend. Worst impact from flooding would happen for tomorrow morning’s rush.
    We’re 5.5 inches in a rainfall deficit, with most of that leftover from the dry Spring. As a result, we remain in a moderate drought area-wide. City reservoirs are within 1% of average for this time of year. (The areas most impacted by the drought are those who use well water)
  • Cloudy, Rainy Weekend.
    More than 1” of rain fell at the station within minutes, earlier today, knocking the weather satellite connection offline for a few moments.  That almost never happens. It looked like a scene from a movie outside. Rain continues, with intermittent very heavy downpours through late morning.  Some sunshine breaks through the clouds midday, adding to the steamy feel as highs climb into the low 80s this afternoon.  Tonight is our least-damp night of the next few evenings.  Tomorrow begins mostly cloudy with rain returning by midday.  That rain lasts on and off through Monday.  Tuesday is our next sunny and dry day.  At least the rainfall breaks the heat with high temperatures no warmer than 80° this weekend; however, humidity will be very high. Hot weather in the 90s returns by late next week, lasting into early August.
  • Our weather will remain unstable for the next three days as a slow moving area of low pressure over the Ohio Valley, moves along a stationary front. Fortunately, the front is to our south. So, temperatures will remain close to average for the end of July. Periods of showers and possible can be expected from Saturday afternoon through Monday with Saturday being the best day of the weekend.

  • September or August?
    Today’s cloudy, cool and damp start feels more like early September than early August.  Now that the hottest part of Summer is behind us, the heat takes a break for a few days, allowing for clouds and showers to persist through tomorrow.  Expect a few sunny breaks this afternoon, but more rain arrives tonight.  High will be around 80°. So much rain fell over the weekend, that the rainfall gap from average has narrowed to within 1 or 2 inches of normal. Even most of last night’s rain fell before the stroke of midnight, therefore counting for the July monthly total. Wednesday’s mostly sunny skies allows the air to warm back into the mid 80s with humidity returning. Thursday and Friday will have perfect summer weather with sunshine and seasonable warmth. Next weekend appears much better with highs in the upper 80s and mostly sunny skies.
  • Big Improvement.
    Today’s partly sunny sky will eventually turn clear later this afternoon, similar to yesterday.  The midday is still quite heavy on the clouds, however, thanks in part to a steady northeast wind. Tomorrow will be clear and sunny all day, beginning another stretch of summer weather. Highs reach 90 by Sunday as humidity builds for the weekend. Tropical Storm Earl will likely be named today.
  • Refreshing!
    This morning’s weather hasn’t felt this cool in more than a month: July 2nd was the last time the air was 63° and dry before dawn.  The pleasantly low humidity lasts through today, with mostly sunny skies.  Afternoon sea breezes arrive around 1pm, cooling the beaches. The high rainfall amounts from this past weekend have lingering effects for today: the mold spore count is very high, water temperatures at the beaches have cooled off a few degrees to the mid 70s, and bacteria counts remain high at certain beaches, like Coney Island and down the shore. After a full day of sunny weather today, we’ll repeat the forecast for tomorrow, too. Friday becomes more humid and clouds return for Friday afternoon. Saturday starts very muggy, warm and overcast with highs climbing into the upper 80s by midday. Afternoon line of storms pushes in, clearing the air for another dry and sunny stretch beginning Saturday evening.  Sunday and Monday will again feature AC-free nights as lows cool-off into the low 60s with low humidity.  Late next week, there’s likely another round of hot weather returning.
    Tropical Storm Earl is forecast to become a low-grade Cat 1 hurricane before getting ripped apart by Belize landfall beginning tonight.
  • Repeat.
    Today’s weather will mimic yesterday’s, almost exactly.  Clouds return tomorrow afternoon with muggy weather by evening.  Overcast skies all morning Saturday will be followed by midday thunderstorms. Clear skies return by Saturday evening with lower humidity. New drought info will be available later today, letting us know if the recent heavy rain made a different in our prolonged dry weather state. Pleasant weather is back beginning Sunday, with heat and humidity returning late next week.
  • Split Weekend
    While tomorrow isn’t a total washout, Saturday morning’s weather isn’t ideal.  Clouds and humidity build later this afternoon into tonight.  This allows tomorrow morning’s weather to stay muggy and overcast with downpours and thunderstorms as early as daybreak, and lasting into the midday. The worst of the rain will occur between 12-2pm, with a clearing beginning around 3pm, allowing for cooler, and drier air to return to for Saturday evening. Sunday is very pleasant (and similar to yesterday’s weather). Another solid, dry stretch of weather begins for next week, taking highs back into mid 80s with comfortable humidity.
  • Winning Pair.
    Today’s and tomorrow’s weather will be spectacular! Highs around 90 with sunshine, and humidity in check. But does it make up for the next week of clouds and showers to follow? Maybe not.  You may have heard about the nearly 2 FEET of rain expected this week for the Gulf Coast. That same system unravels over the next 9 days, and strings out it’s moisture over us in the Northeast. Starting Wednesday, expect about a week of unsettled weather with mostly cloudy skies and showers each day. Sunshine will be a small part of each day’s forecast (and certain days may have more sun than others), so everyday won’t be a wash; however, plan on getting some wet weather each day into next week.  More importantly: the heat and humidity will be quite high.  Despite the extra clouds, a tropical feel develops as highs climb into the 90s by Friday, with very high humidity lasting through the weekend.
  • Hotter, More Sunshine.
    This afternoon’s heat will feel hotter than yesterday thanks to increased humidity. Clear skies helps the sun heat the air to a toasty 88 degrees. High humidity makes today feel like the mid 90s. Clouds build tonight and keeps tomorrow morning warm and muggy.  Downpours are likely by midday Wednesday.  We’ll repeat that muggy/warm morning with midday downpour cycle for the next week.  The remainder of the workweek is heavy on the clouds, while the weekend should have breaks of sun. The hottest period will be Friday and Saturday as highs climb into the mid 90s, with very high humidity. The heat and humidity should break by the middle of next week.
  • Heat and Humidity Makes a comeback

    The “dog days of summer” return on southerly winds for the next 5 days. As the heat and humidity rises, so does the chance of showers and possible thunderstorms. We’re still looking at a rainfall deficit of over 5 inches as moderate to extreme drought conditions continue for the tri-stat area. By early next week, a northerly wind pattern returns bringing a cooler and less humid air mass to the region.

    The National Weather Service has issued a HEAT ADVISORY from 2pm Wed - 8pm Thu. Heat Index Values are forecasted to reach the mid-90s.

    THE TROPICS – No active systems in the Atlantic basin.

  • It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity.
    No cliché will be truer over the coming days.  Today started muggy and damp, but the humidity will reach levels not seen all summer, or even in recent summers. The weather service doesn’t keep records specifically for humidity (dew point, technically), but another division of NOAA may—will need to do some digging on this.  A quick look at the 7 day shows temperatures going no higher than 92; however, the tropical humidity will make those afternoons feel like 100-103°. The humidity is the primary reason for the heat advisory beginning today, and lasting through the weekend. Clear skies will be hard to find over the next week, as stubborn clouds dominate skies prompting showers at any time.  When the sun makes a rare appearance, especially Friday and Saturday, those showers turn into tropical downpours. This hot and very humid pattern won’t break until the middle of next week.
  • Oppressively Humidity and Increasingly Hot!

    We’re currently under very humid air mass and increasing heat is on the way. Due to Heat Index Values forecasted for the mid-90s to 105 by Friday. As a result, the National Weather Service has issued a HEAT ADVISORY until 8pm Saturday. We’ll also have scattered showers and possible thunderstorms in the forecast through the weekend.

  • Hotter, More Humid. 
    Yesterday’s weather was the preamble to today’s stifling heat and humidity. It’s currently cooler and less humid in most of the US’s Deep South than in NYC. In the days to come, our weather will be hotter and more humid than the Mississippi Bayous.  (I have the maps to prove it) Mostly cloudy skies this morning and a brief sprinkle, leads to midday sunny breaks. Those peeks of sun will be immediately followed by storms into this evening. Tomorrow’s weather becomes even more humid with another round of clouds, limited sunshine, and afternoon storms.  We’ll repeat the same process both days this weekend. The heat index may reach 108°F on Saturday, easily the hotter half of the weekend due to extra breaks of sun. The ridiculous level of humidity doesn’t break until Monday/Tuesday of next week, but average summer mugginess lingers into next Friday.
    Since the climate models were correct months ago in predicting our hot summer, could they be on to something for this upcoming Winter season? It’s too early to be certain about winter; however, the warmer than normal pattern is likely to last through the end of October.
  • The “Dog-Days of summer” continue through the weekend!

    HEAT ADVISORY until 8pm Saturday.
    EXCESSIVE HEAT WATCH from 8am Saturday until 10pm Sunday.

    We are in to the second day of high humidity and now temperatures have climbed into the upper 80s and mid-90s, driving heat index values into triple digit territory. These are dangerous conditions that need to be taken seriously as high pressure currently over Virginia and North Carolina pulls tropical moisture north from the Gulf of Mexico. By Monday, a cold front will usher in a cooler and less humid air mass to the region. We should also get some much needed rainfall associated with the front. Until then, slow down, drink plenty of cool water, and spend as much time under air conditioning as possible.

  • Cooler in Miami.
    Want to cool off? Head south.  Today’s weather is cooler and less humid in Central and South Florida (and sunny there, too). Our hotter-than-Florida weather lasts through the weekend with humidity at critical levels.  When the heat index is above 105°F, it’s known as a “Danger Day”, meaning exertion in this heat is dangerous. This weather term in unfamiliar because in this area, our average “Danger Days” per year is 0.3 annually.  This year alone, we’ll have three. The heat index reached 105° yesterday, and tops 108° today. Mostly sunny skies return for most of today, leading to evening storms. Tomorrow’s heat index could reach as high as 110°, but the thermometers will read 95°.  The hottest part of the day will be between 2-6pm today and tomorrow. Why is the Summer heat coming so late this year? After all, our hottest part of the Summer is normally mid to late July. This weekend’s weather pattern has a direct connection to the part of the country (Texas-Louisiana) where their hottest part of the Summer is now.  Winds from the southwest have been pushing that muggy air our way all week long.  In true New York fashion, the peak of Summer is fashionable late to the party.
    The thermometer has been hotter in past Augusts, but never felt this hot with humidity.   In fact, the Weather Service has never issued an Excessive Heat Warning during the month of August for NYC.  The previous heat warnings occurred 3 times before, happening in June or July, only. Records aren’t kept for heat indices. This is also the hottest and possibly longest heat warning, since previous highest heat index was warned at 107° on July 18th 2013. All these temperatures and heat indices are measured and forecasted in the shade.
  • Dangerous weather through the weekend.

    High pressure has moved off the Mid-Atlantic coast and continues to bring high humidity and heat into the northeast. The oppressive conditions last through the weekend as a cold front slowly moves in from the west. Ahead of the front are scattered showers and thunderstorms that may bring brief and slight relief to the borough tonight. Behind the front is a warm, but less humid air mass that we’ll begin to feel early next week.

    EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING until 10pm Sunday
    Heat Index Values from 105 – 110 degrees Saturday
    Heat Index Values from 100 – 105 degrees Sunday

  • Still Muggy.
    Today’s humidity has come down somewhat since yesterday.  The hottest part of the weekend was Saturday afternoon when the heat index reached 111°F. The Central Park climate station’s heat index reached 109.9°, the hottest it has felt in the 30 year climate record. Today is our last day in the 90s with oppressive humidity making this afternoon feel like 95°. A heat advisory lasts through 8pm. Sunshine all day adds to the uncomfortable feel; however, today’s heat won’t be dangerous. Improvement continues tomorrow with an early morning round of showers, midday sun, then an afternoon storm to help begin the real cooldown process.  Wednesday afternoon will feel much more comfortable with sunny and dry weather returning and lasting through the end of the workweek. The weekend is still warm, with noticeable humidity. Saturday will feature more sunshine than Sunday.
    There is a Fall-like pattern setting up for next week that would bring back a crisp feel in about 10 days.
  • The Heat and Humidity slowly tappers off!

    Heat Index Values only reached the mid-90s after nearly a week of triple digit readings. Monday was a bit more comfortable day as a slow moving cold front brings a more comfortable air mass to the region by mid-week. The National Weather Service has issued a HEAT ADVISORY until 8PM tonight and from 12pm to 10pm Tuesday as it will feel like the mid to upper 90s.

  • More Humid.
    Today’s brief spike in humidity is thanks to a warm front that pushes in from the South today.  Highs will stay in the upper 80s; however, this afternoon will feel even more humid than yesterday. The heat index will be in the upper 90s under mostly sunny skies early afternoon. Storms roll in after 4pm, with thunder and lightning.  The storms could be strong to severe.  A few storm clouds clear by tomorrow morning, but mostly cloudy skies may linger into the afternoon Wednesday. The rest of the week has humidity dropping little by little each day. Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be beautiful with sunshine. Rain chances increase late Sunday, but storms on Monday clear the way for a cooler and drier (almost Fall-like) Tuesday, next week.
  • Still Very Warm and humid!

    It was another very warm and humid day with highs of 87, 91 & 87 for Central Park, La Guardia and JFK. Dew points, again reached the mid-70s generating Heat Index Values in the mid-90s. A line of showers and thunderstorms are crossing the Pennsylvania, New Jersey border with heavy rain, gusty winds and vivid lightning. As a result, we’re keeping a chance of showers and possible thunderstorms in the forecast for the late evening hours of Tuesday. A cold front will cross the region over the next 48-hours. This front will lower humidity values to the region from late Wednesday through late Friday.

    Windy and Warm.
    Despite the muggy air at dawn, this afternoon turns less humid with a dry northwest wind. Thin clouds veil the sunshine all day. There isn’t any rain in today’s forecast; however, tonight turns cloudy with showers and storms after midnight.  We’re done with 90+ degree heat for the foreseeable future, but the uncomfortable humidity comes back for the weekend. Even today, afternoon highs will feel like 88 degrees, thanks to lower humidity. Tomorrow begins cloudy and damp with sunshine returning for the afternoon. The rest of the weekend should be clear and warm with higher humidity through Sunday. Monday has rain and showers leading to a drier Tuesday that ushers in a pleasantly cool feel for Wednesday morning. The Autumn feel, about a week away, lasts for a few days before average heat returns for next weekend.
  • Back to pleasant weather as a less humid air mass builds in on active west to northwest winds that are gusting from 20 to 30 mph. Dew points are in low to mid-60s unalike the mid and upper 70 dew point readings just 24-hours ago. The very warm and humid air returns this weekend as southerly winds return increasing the chance of showers and possible thunderstorms Saturday through Monday.

    Tropical Depression Six
    As of the 11am AST
    840 miles west of the Cape Verde Islands
    Max. Winds: 35 mph
    Movement: WNW @ 15 mph
    T.D. Six is forecasted the become Tropical Storm Fiona over the next 12 hours.

  • A Break from Oppressive Heat & Humidity!

    Back to pleasant weather as a less humid air mass builds in on active west to northwest winds that are gusting from 20 to 30 mph. Dew points are in low to mid-60s unalike the mid and upper 70 dew point readings just 24-hours ago. The very warm and humid air returns this weekend as southerly winds return increasing the chance of showers and possible thunderstorms Saturday through Monday.

    Tropical Storm Fiona
    As of the 5PM AST Advisory
    920 miles west of the Cape Verde Islands
    Max. Winds: 40 mph
    Movement: NW @ 16 mph
    T.S. Fiona is forecasted to maintain a tropical storm into early next week.

  • Cloudy and Damp.
    The mild weather this morning added to the already muggy feel.  Highs this afternoon are capped at 83° due to extra clouds and intermittent rain through the afternoon.  Skies may briefly turn brighter midday, only to be followed by another shower. Today’s is basically the wettest day this week—heavy on the clouds.  Later tonight, clouds eventually clear out bringing back a humid but sunny and warm start to Friday.  Most of Friday is dry, save for afternoon chance of a quick storm.  Saturday’s weather too, will have the same effect: mostly sunny, warm and humid with an afternoon chance of a storm. Sunday starts clear, but becomes cloudy by the afternoon. The larger storm threat arrives Sunday evening/night with a front that will cool the weather down significantly through Monday, making Tuesday morning feel like Autumn.  Crisp air with low humidity lingers through the mid-week with sunny skies. Temperatures gradually warm up each afternoon to average from the chilly starts most mornings next week. Weather remains clear into next week as the fair weather system is parked on top of us throughout next week and next weekend.
    This time of year, the only event that significantly changes a 5-10 day forecast is a tropical system entering the picture.  The Atlantic’s 6th named storm this season formed yesterday.  Fiona remains a fish storm for the next 5 days with no threat to land.
  • Hot and Humid Again (but sunny!). 
    Sunshine morning and midday will look great, but aid in making this afternoon feel much hotter thanks to extra humidity. There’s an outside chance of a quick shower today, but plan on mostly sunny skies.  Muggy weather lasts through tomorrow, with Saturday’s weather resembling today: clear, hot and humid. Sunday will have more cloud cover to start, and partly sunny skies at best by Sunday afternoon. A nasty line of storms approaches Sunday evening with downpours, gusty winds Sunday night. Monday morning will feel much better with a drier breeze throughout the day and sunny skies with very low humidity, bringing back a little chill later that night.  Tuesday morning’s wake up temperature will be around 60° as dry air moves in.  Most of next week will feel like September: cool mornings and sunny, dry, warm afternoons. Next weekend turns warmer with some humidity, but still within the realm of comfort.
  • The weekend is hours away!

    Other than a slight chance of late day showers and possible thunderstorms, we’ll start the weekend under a fair sky, warm temperatures and increasing humidity levels. There is a slight chance of showers and possible thunderstorms late Saturday into Saturday night and a better chance of showers and storms late Sunday into Sunday night. High pressure over southwest Canada will build southeast, bringing a cooler and drier air mass that will give us highs from the low to mid-80s and lows in the 60s Monday through Wednesday.

    Tropical Storm Fiona
    As of the 11AM AST Advisory
    1295 miles west of the Cabo Verde Islands
    Max. Winds: 45 mph
    Movement: WNW @ 10 mph
    T.S. Fiona is forecasted to reduce to a tropical depression by Sunday morning.

  • It doesn’t get too much better than this!

    Pleasant summer weather has returned thanks to a large dome of high. The high is currently over Indiana and Ohio and will drift eastward over the next 2 to 3 days. That said, a mostly clear sky with low humidity levels can be expected through mid-week. An increase in temperatures and humidity levels will increase by weeks end.

    Enjoy the pleasant weather while we have it!

  • Touch of Fall.
    Today’s dry weather and cloud-free skies will make the 82° this afternoon feel very comfortable.  This afternoon brings back average August weather, even though this morning was about 6 degrees below normal.  No complaints for tomorrow either as highs will remain in the mid 80s. Thursday has extra clouds with late night showers.  Showers are so light into Friday morning that they may fizzle out over some neighborhoods. Friday afternoon is warm with high humidity returning and temperatures in the low 90s. There is likely a passing storm that afternoon. Saturday and Sunday returns to dry and pleasant weather with highs in the 80s. Next week’s weather is highly dependent on what becomes of Hermine. The tropical system will likely get that name today, and the evolution of the storm will determine the outcome of next week’s weather, locally. (The storm could be 1000 miles away, and still give us clouds all week. There’s no reason to think an undeveloped storm will strike anywhere along the US coast, that far along in time. It’s simply too early to tell.)
  • Touch of Humidity.
    Today’s weather will start clear and stay sunny through this evening. Mostly sunny skies this afternoon allow for a warmer feel thanks to a touch of humidity that returns. Tomorrow morning starts warmer at 70 and has thin clouds arriving by Thursday afternoon, veiling the sunshine and adding to an even muggier feel.  Humid weather with clouds begins Friday, leading to late morning sun that fires off a midday thunderstorm. Most of Friday afternoon will be sunny, hot and humid, high of 90. The weekend cools off a bit with lower, but noticeable humidity. Clear skies and temperatures in the mid 80s will make both days this weekend feel much like today’s weather.
  • High pressure will continue to increase the heat and the humidity through Friday. A cold front is currently bringing showers, thunderstorms and the threat of tornadoes to portions of Indiana and Ohio. Unfortunately, we only have a 20% chance of showers in our forecast for Thursday and Friday nights. Once the front clears its back to pleasantly warm temperatures, lower humidity and a mostly sunny sky for the start of the weekend.

    The Tropics

    Invest 99-L
    2PM EDT Advisory
    This strong tropical wave is north of the northern Leeward Islands and Puerto Rico. Maximum sustain winds are up to 45 mph with a WNW movement at 22 mph.
    There is a the threat for heavy rain, gusty winds, and possible mud slides for Puerto Rico, the island of Hispaniola, The Turks and Caicos Islands as well as the Bahamas. Currently there is a 60% chance of tropical storm development within the next 48 hours. If this tropical system could bring wind and rain the Florida by early next week.

    Tropical Storm Gaston
    5PM AST Advisory
    1100 miles west of Cabo Verde Islands
    Max Winds: 70 mph
    Movement: NW at 16 mph
    Gaston has had little change in strength and is expected to encounter strong wind shear in the next one to two days.

  • Thanks to high pressure off the mid-Atlantic coast the pleasant weather continues through the weekend. A weak cold front is approaching from the west. This is the same front that triggered a Tornado outbreak across northern Ohio Wednesday night. This front only brings a 20% chance of showers and possible thunderstorms for tonight and a 30% chance of showers and possible thunderstorms for Friday. Once the front clears we’ll return to pleasant weather as temperatures remain warm with lower humidity under a mostly sunny sky.

    The Tropics

    Invest 99-L
    2PM EDT Advisory
    Tropical wave located around the southern Bahamas with NO closed circulation with a westerly movement at 15 to 20 mph. The island of Hispaniola may experience heavy rain, Flash Flooding and possible mudslides today. The Bahamas may experience gusty winds and heavy rain over the next one to two days. As of this advisory there is a 40% chance of Tropical Storm development over the next two days and a 70% chance over the next 5 days.

    Tropical Storm Gaston
    11AM AST Advisory
    1160 miles ENE of the Leeward Islands
    Max Sustained Winds: 70 mph
    Movement: NW at 17 mph

  • Humidity tappers-off tonight

    For the 18th time this year we have reached 90 degrees or higher. Twice in May, 10 times in July and 6 times for the month of August today included. The hot and humid weather will be short lived as a cold front crosses the region tonight bringing a 10 to 15 degree drop in the dew point and a 5 degree drop in the air temperature with high pressure anchored over the New York / Canada border. As a result, we’ll have pretty nice weather for this weekend. Other than a 20% chance of an isolated shower and or thunderstorm on Monday, it looks like our dry weather pattern continues for the remainder of August.

    Have a safe and pleasant weekend,

  • Last Day of Humidity
    The remainder of Summer will have many more warm and humid stretches that return after the pleasantly dry upcoming holiday weekend. For now, enjoy the taste of Fall that takes hold this week and into the weekend. Highs today reach 90 with uncomfortable humidity early.  The muggy weather clears out by this evening, along with any clouds, to make a more pleasant feel for tonight.  Pleasantly dry weather returns for tomorrow with mostly sunny skies into Wednesday.  A reinforcing shot of dry weather is back after sprinkles end on Thursday morning. Skies on Friday and into the weekend will be cloud-free with low humidity. Our ocean beaches get pounded with rough surf through next weekend thanks to multiple tropical systems passing offshore. Large waves will keep the rip currents strong and frequent into the weekend.
  • A slow moving cold front will cross the region this evening. Unfortunately, we will not get any rain from this front. However, the front will bring a slightly cooler and less humid air mass to the region. A second cold front moves in late Wednesday bringing a 30% chance of showers and possible thunderstorms Wednesday night. High pressure moves by Thursday bringing pleasant weather as we begin the Labor Day holiday weekend.

  • Fantastic Tuesday.
    Today’s warm weather continues, minus yesterday’s humidity.  The pleasantly dry feel with full sunshine allows for beach-goers to flock to the shorelines; however, surf continues to be very rough due to Hurricane Gaston. Rip current advisories have been posted for the beaches of NJ. The angry seas continue through this week, into the holiday weekend (getting worse) due to the next tropical storm (likely Hermine) forming just off our shores by late tonight. Clouds increase tomorrow, along with the humidity (not Hermine) and bring some showers back for Thursday, the only wet day this week. Sunshine and dry weather returns for Friday and the weekend with chilly overnights, and warm afternoons.
  • The nice weather continue…exercise caution along the coast!

    After another pleasant day comes to an end, a cold front approaches from the west. This front will bring a 20 to 30% chance of much needed rain to the boroughs late Wednesday through the first half of Thursday. High pressure returns by Thursday night providing another round of pleasant weather through the Labor Day holiday weekend. Unfortunately, the coastal areas will experience dangerous ocean swells and a HIGH RISK of rip currents. Tropical Depression Eight off the North Carolina coast, and Tropical Depression Nine over the Gulf of Mexico and forecasted to move northeast making landfall Thursday as a Tropical Storm.

  • Warmer.
    Highs today will feel like 90° thanks to increased humidity.  Most of the morning is sunny with clouds building throughout the afternoon. Light sprinkles and a muggy start to tomorrow is followed by clouds for most of the morning.  Sunshine should break through tomorrow afternoon. Cooler and much drier weather arrives for the weekend with an abundance of sun—no change there. Surf will continue to be very rough along the ocean shoreline through the holiday weekend as one tropical system after the next moves by offshore. Today marks two weeks since we started observing the unnamed tropical system, starting off the coast of Senegal on Aug 17th, that is now Tropical Depression Nine in the Gulf of Mexico.  Maybe the stubborn little thing gets named today after it’s transatlantic journey, maybe not—the wind speeds are above 39mph, it just needs a closed center of surface circulation.  Regardless, after the storm’s track crosses Florida and re-enters the Atlantic off South Carolina on Saturday, the storm could re-strengthen  as it moves precariously close to our shore.  Beaches have already taken a beating this week with rapid erosion: the effects from this storm will only exacerbate that next week.  As of today, the East End of Long Island is in the cone of uncertainty on Tuesday. You’ll be the first to know if a slight track shift puts us in the cone early next week.
  • Increasing clouds with a 50% chance of showers tonight and a 40% chance of showers Thursday as a cold front crosses the region. There is also the chance of isolated thunderstorms. As the front clears, high pressure over southern Canada will usher in a cooler and drier air mass that will provide us with pleasant weather as we approach the Labor Day holiday weekend. Due to Tropical Depression Nine and Tropical Storm Hermine risk of rip currents and dangerous ocean swells remain high through the Monday.

  • Hurricane Hermine this Weekend.
    As of 5am, Hermine is still a tropical storm; however, hurricane hunter aircraft just measured 75mph winds.  By the time I hit send to this update, NHC will likely upgrade the storm. The track has been fairly consistent since midday yesterday for the storm to sit off the NJ coast by Monday morning.  This would bring rain and gusty winds to 50mph for most people starting Sunday and lasting into Monday, but the greatest impacts will be felt at the shore. The new moon occurred this morning, so flooding impacts won’t be catastrophic this weekend, but coastal flooding and storm surge will still be the greatest threat due to the East winds.
    Light rain and clouds today with warm and muggy air breaks around 5pm this evening as a storm front passes through. There may also be some thunder and lightning this evening with a briefly heavy downpour. Expect mostly sunny skies tomorrow with a cooler and drier feel. Clouds return early Saturday as the outer cloud bands of Hermine will have reached us by then—highs are only in the 70s thanks to a cooler northeast wind. Rain holds off until Sunday morning. Hermine will transition to a Nor'easter by Sunday morning. Sunday is the worst day of the storm with winds, waves, tropical rains. I wish I could give more details on the impacts, but it’s still too early. All the rain/wind/storm surge likely lingers into Monday and Monday night. What happens beyond Tuesday is still a mystery: Hermine could move offshore by then, or linger and spin 100 miles off the coast through Friday. Don’t know.
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