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  • High pressure losing its dominance

    Wednesday was another day under the influence of high pressure, northerly winds and highs in the 60s and 70s for the borough. We have one, maybe two more days of nice weather before much needed rainfall moves in. So far, the month of April has only brought 1.16 inches of rain which is 1.94 inches below average. We are looking at a rainfall deficit of 5.13 inches since March 1.

  • Need Some Rain!

    Today is the 9th straight dry day of this rain-free stretch. Highs climb into the low 70s again under mostly sunny skies. Clouds arrive this evening, and the weather starts overcast tomorrow, but milder, around 60. The rain likely doesn’t arrive until later tomorrow afternoon/early evening. Still, it won’t be enough rain to wet much of the ground, likely just a hit or miss shower and possible brief moderate rainfall. To date, we have a 5.13 inch rainfall deficit for Spring (since March 1st). Saturday pre-dawn likely has the potential, too, of another shower, but skies clear after 9am Saturday at the latest. The weekend is mild and dry. Rain returns beginning Monday night next week.

  • Warm Earth Day

    This morning started mostly sunny with a touch of humidity. All that heating to 78° by 2pm will destabilize the atmosphere, helping a few late-day showers to develop. Humidity will be much higher than the last few days. Today’s weather is more similar to late May, balancing out the chilly days from earlier this month. (Remember those Freeze Warnings?) Thunderstorms develop this evening and especially tonight, but they won’t be severe. Cooler winds off a chilly Atlantic pull the energy out of any thunderstorm this time of year, preventing it from becoming severe. Tomorrow starts cool with clouds clearing by the afternoon. The rest of the weekend is dry, sunny and mild.

    155 world leaders are gathering today at the UN to sign the Paris Agreement. What is it and why it is so important? It's the first time the US and China (two of the world's greatest contributors of atmospheric carbon) join the rest of the world on limiting emissions since the Kyoto Protocol failed. Read more about the Paris Agreement here:

  • Warmest Day

    At 72°, today will be our warmest day this week. Early clouds clear by 11am for a sunny and warm afternoon. Thunderstorms roll in tonight, well after midnight. They could last through dawn. Sunny breaks appear by 7am. By midday tomorrow, humidity will be higher, with mostly sunny skies. That sunshine helps to fire off another round of afternoon storms by 2pm. Both round of t-storm could be severe with small hails and gusts over 50mph. We have a marginal risk of severe weather tomorrow. All wet weather clears out by 8pm Tuesday. Wednesday is noticeably cooler with highs below average at 60°. Thursday morning offers the week’s chilliest start in the low 40s. As clouds return on Thursday afternoon, highs won’t even reach 59°. Rain is nearby Thursday and Friday, but I’m not convinced yet that it actually gets wet in the boroughs. You’ll be hearing about a large tornado outbreak in the Midwest on both Wednesday and this weekend. If you hear any other news outlet say: “The storms came without warning”, please let me know. The AMS is cracking down on irresponsible weather reporting in the media.

    The weekend is sunny, dry and warm; however, Monday’s rain likely sends some high clouds in to veil the sunshine by Sunday afternoon. Get ready for that Oak pollen explosion that the allergists have been predicting.

  • This is Severe Weather Awareness Week

    Tuesday’s Topic: Severe Thunderstorms

    The following are the criteria for a Severe Thunderstorm:
    *Wind Gust of 58 MPH or Greater
    *Hail of 1” in Diameter or More
    *Lightning...If you are close enough to hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck by lightning...Seek shelter immediately!
    *Possible Tornadoes

    All Advisories, Watches and Warnings are issued by the National Weather Service and should be adhered to,

  • Severe Weather Awareness Week Continues
    Wednesday’s Topic: Preparedness & Safety

    Before The Storm
    • Develop a plan of action
    • Identify a safe place of shelter
    • Know what to do is a warning is issued

    During A Storm
    • Seek Shelter / Go Indoors
    • Stay away from windows
    • If caught outside: Stay away from tall objects
    • If caught outside: Find a low spot

    After A Storm
    • Continue to shelter until the storm has passed
    • Be sure to wait 30 minutes after the last rumble of thunder
    • Find a central meeting place

    Wednesday’s weather started out under a mostly cloudy sky, temperatures in the middle 40s with an occasional northerly breeze. By the mid to late afternoon hours our sky began to clear, allowing the mercury to reach 62 at Central Park, 60 at LaGuardia and a cool 54 at JFK. A clear to partly cloudy sky is in the forecast for tonight with lows again falling to the mid-40s. Another round of much needed rain in the form of scattered showers are in the forecast from late Thursday through much of Friday. So far, the first half of the weekend will be the best half under a mostly sunny sky with highs reaching the mid-60s. . Clouds and showers return Sunday and Monday.

  • Bye-Bye Pollen!

    The morning’s stunning sunrise was actually a result of today wet weather that’s scheduled to arrive by this afternoon. The high, thin cirrus clouds at 50,000 feet reflected early rays of the sun that passed through more atmosphere before we could even see the sun rise. The normal gases in the atmosphere refracted and scattered the sunlight into the vibrant magenta, neon orange and soft pink hues before dawn. The remainder of this morning’s sky will be a dull grey, before light rain begins falling around noon. Rain is light throughout this evening, as high temperatures today are only 59°, about 7° below average. Tomorrow will be raw, cool and damp with intermittent mist and drizzle. No sun. Also, no pollen! Turbidity (the fancy-sounding scientific process that keeps pollen suspended in the air) is low in the next few days due to the rain, and tree pollen won’t be much of an issue tomorrow; however, it’s not completely eliminated—that comes Sunday.

    The weekend is split: Saturday is gorgeous, sunny and dry. Highs should climb back into the 60s. Late afternoon clouds on Saturday veil the sun with a milky shade of white. Sunday morning will be wet as steady rain returns early. That rain lasts all day Sunday, and even into a portion of Monday. Even though we’ll only pick up less than an inch of rain, THAT is the rain that should eliminate the tree pollen briefly. Pollen has been so high because April has been very dry: we’re in a 2.5” rainfall deficit for the month, almost 7” below average for Spring. Yet, the city reservoirs are near normal stage for this time of year at 97% capacity.

    Sunshine returns for Tuesday and Wednesday with average warmth for early May, the upper 60s.


    Number 1 weather-related killer in the US
    Approximately 200 deaths per year
    More than half of flood-related drownings are vehicle-related

    Sudden flooding due to heavy rain

    Potential flooding w/in 36 hours

    Imminent or occurring
    Immediate threat to life & property
    Turn-A-Round, Don’t Drown!
    Seek higher ground immediately!

    Clouds and showers will take us through much Friday night with the showers ending after midnight. Partial clearing will take us into Saturday morning with a mix of sun and clouds by Saturday afternoon. Low pressure will move in from the west bringing us periods of rain that may be heavy by through Sunday night. Rainfall estimates range from .25” to possibly a .50” by Monday afternoon.

    Have a safe and pleasant weekend,
  • Dreary and Damp

    While the weather is wet, rainy and chilly for the next 5 days, we only pick up about an inch of rain. Surprisingly, that would technically keep us in a drought, even after this soggy week finishes. Temperatures stay in the 50s for today and tomorrow, climbing to the low 60s Wednesday through Friday. The stagnant pattern keeps showers and clouds with limited sun in the picture until Saturday. The weekend improves. Saturday starts to clear out, with Sunday bringing back mostly sunny skies last into early next week. Temperatures rebound, too. Highs are back in the low 70s by Saturday.
    Good news: beginning next week, the rest of May is forecast to be warmer than average with below average rainfall.

  • Unsettled weather continues

    A cold front will drift east and stall along the coast through mid-week. This will keep us under a mostly cloudy sky with scattered showers as well as below average temperatures for the next 3 to 5 days. The average high and low for this time of year is 67 and 50.

  • Wetter Day

    Today’s soggy start is the theme of this week. Raw, rainy and chilly conditions continue today as highs stay in the mid 50s. The light morning showers should taper to mist and drizzle by this afternoon, but you’ll likely need the umbrella all day long. Tomorrow is exactly the same: light rain in the morning, otherwise mist and drizzle all day with a high of 56. Thursday is the only day that’s dry this workweek; however overcast skies keep the weather looking grey. Highs begin to climb into the mid 60s. Rain returns on Friday morning, with clouds lasting through Friday afternoon. Even with these 6 straight days of cloudy/wet weather, only an inch to 1.5” is expected in the rain bucket, in total. Saturday looks great! Clearing with warmer weather improves the afternoon high to 70, and Sunday stays partly to mostly sunny, with a chance of a quick sprinkle. Rain chances are very low on Sunday, helping temperatures climb into the mid 70s. Warmth builds next next week, returning to above average highs with dry conditions.

  • No change in our gloomy weather pattern

    It was another gray day for the borough with temperatures 3 to 6 degrees below average for early May. We did get a little over a half inch of rain since midnight into early Tuesday. Dress to be warm and dry as we will remain rainy and cool through Friday.

  • Day 4 of 6

    The rainy days continue through Friday, now with chilly air lasting through tomorrow. Highs on Friday should briefly climb into the low 60s, but rain remains. As a result of this rain, the mold spore count for allergy sufferers has spiked into the thousands to the moderate level. Saturday should begin to dry out. Sunday has the best chance this weekend of reaching 70 degrees. Mother’s day should be partly to mostly sunny with a low chance of a quick sprinkle. The first half of next week will be sunny, dry and warmer. The average high this week Is 69°.

  • Rinse and Repeat

    The earliest peek of sun will arrive by late Saturday afternoon or early evening. Sunset is at 7:59pm this Saturday, so we’ll enjoy those longer daylight hours with the first instance of drier weather since last Saturday. Mist and drizzle continues all day into tonight, with light showers back for the evening rush. Tomorrow will have light rain all day, amounting to about a ½ inch. Saturday will start damp, and mostly cloudy, but drier weather should arrive by Saturday afternoon, with those aforementioned sunny breaks into the evening. Beyond a pre-dawn sprinkle on Sunday, Mother’s Day should be mostly sunny, dry and breezy, high of 70. Monday is sunny, while Tuesday is warmer with clouds. There is a chance for rain to return beginning Wednesday of next week, but the afternoon will still be in the 70s. (about 20 degrees warmer than our current rainy and cool weather).

  • Double Omega Block

    What sounds like the latest defensive football play is actually the reason for the past 6 days of rain. It also explains the 9 day stretch of sunshine that ended April. This is not just any Omega block. The lack of sun all week is due to a DOUBLE Omega block. This is much less common. Does it have roots in climate change? Dr. Francis of Rutgers University thinks so. She developed a theory on this principle from more than 20 years of Arctic research. Here’s a fascinating easy read about her research: Find Dr. Francis's technical climate presentation video here:
    Today will be our wettest day of this soggy pattern with more an one inch of rain falling today. Most of that rain comes as moderate downpours later this morning. Afternoon rain is lighter, but winds will pick up to 30mph. Temperatures stay in the low 50s today. Major flooding isn’t likely, but there will be large puddles due to the slow drainage. Since the new moon occurred this morning, a coastal flood warning is effective this evening for Brooklyn’s shoreline neighborhoods. High tides will be 1-2 feet above normal after 7pm. Tomorrow starts wet with a few early morning showers, but rain is over by 1pm, with clouds beginning to break up for sunshine after 4pm. Beyond an early morning spritz on Sunday morning, sunny and warm weather returns by 10am on Sunday for mom. Next week’s weather has only one day of rain, Wednesday, and seasonable temperatures in the 70s.

  • Sunny Day!

    Today is the first completely dry and sunny day since April 30th. Every day in May thus far has had rain and/or clouds. Drought data comes directly from the USDA, (not NOAA), so we’ll know more about our current drought situation later this week. Only 1.5” of rain fell during last week’s cold and damp stretch. We’re still 5.5” of rain under the nearly 10” average rainfall by this point in Spring. While the drought technically extends into the city’s watershed, NYC Reservoirs are above normal capacity at 98.7%.

    Today’s weather is sunny, warmer and breezy. Dry air keeps tree pollen high; however, the mold spore count will fall. Tomorrow starts sunny, with clouds arriving shortly after dawn at 5:46am. Most, if not all of tomorrow is dry with partly sunny skies at best. The overcast skies stay just off to our south. Brooklyn may have a chance for a quick sprinkle later in the day, but that’s about it as far as rain. Sunny and warm in the mid-70s for Wednesday and Thursday. Thin clouds return for Thursday evening, bringing rain back for most of the day on Friday. The weekend starts sunny, but times of extra clouds with a brief passing shower Saturday afternoon and evening for the Bronx Ball—nothing major or prolonged. It will be notably cooler in the mid-60s by Sunday with partly sunny skies for the Bronx Week Parade up Mosholu Parkway. Next weeks is seasonably mild, with warmer weather on the way by next weekend, the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

  • The nice weather has returned!

    We had pleasant weather to start the work and school week with highs from the low to mid-70s at Central Park, LaGuardia and JFK, putting us 2 to 4 degrees above average for this time of year. Temperatures will be cooler for Tuesday under a mostly cloudy sky with a slight chance of spotty shower or sprinkles. A mix of sun and clouds is in the forecast for mid-week as highs climb back to the low and the middle 70s. The next best chance of steady rainfall will not be until Friday with highs in the upper 60s.

  • Warm-up Soon?
    After another chilly and cloudy day today, you might be wondering where the warm air is, or why it’s not sticking around? Showers stay south today, with mostly cloudy skies by midday. Umbrellas not required. There will be a brief spike in temperatures tomorrow and Thursday into the mid-70s, but then temperatures cool off a bit into the rest of next week. There could even be some vegetation-damaging frost by Sunday and Monday morning. What happened to the warmer than average May forecast that the Climate Prediction Center released in early April? You can blame that double-omega block which only shows up on medium-range (5-10 days) forecast charts—it kept our weather cooler and wetter, while fueling the Canadian fires with dry heat. The second half of May is still expected to be warmer, and that trend is beginning to show on the long range charts (10-16 days).  By next weekend, temperatures should begin to warm to above average, and stay that way through the rest of the month.
  • Dry and Warm
    Sunshine will dominate the sky this afternoon, allowing a dry breeze to warm us into the upper 70s. The normal high for today is 70°.  Low humidity remains tonight, keeping tomorrow morning cool, in the low 50s.  Tomorrow afternoon has thin clouds return but temperatures still manage to reach the low 70s. Overcast skies return for Friday morning, with a line of thunderstorms pushing through by the afternoon. Despite the clouds, Friday will start very warm, even feeling a bit muggy. Specifics of the timing and severity of that storm front will be discussed tomorrow. Following the rain on Friday, the evening turns clear and cooler. Breezy weather with sunshine is on tap for Saturday morning, with another brief round of showers Saturday afternoon and evening.  The skies should be clear for Saturday night plans with dry weather.  Chilly air arrives for Sunday and Monday with record lows possible on Monday morning (low to beat is 42° from 1947). The cool weather remains through Thursday. Showers return by midweek. A warmup is likely into next weekend.
  • Wind Chill in May
    This isn’t a belated April Fool’s Joke: the wind chill (yes, wind chill in mid-May) could make it feel like the upper 30s to low 40s on Monday morning.  After today’s warm and sunny weather departs this evening, the weather changes with the wind tonight.  Literally, after we’ve enjoyed all the warm, dry Northwest breezes for the last few days, light East winds will begin to blow off the 51° Atlantic after 7pm tonight.  Low clouds and cool fog will help mist and drizzle develop after midnight.  The weather tomorrow morning will be grey and damp.  Once the first of two fronts arrives by midday tomorrow, get the umbrella for non-severe thunderstorms and afternoon downpours Friday. The skies should clear for Friday evening plans.  Saturday starts beautiful with sunny, warm weather.  That morning sunshine on Saturday will help to energize the second front, bringing gusty winds in addition to rain, thunder and lightning—some could approach severe limits.  This all begins Saturday afternoon, with light showers lingering into the early part of Saturday evening.  Very chilly weather returns for Sunday. Gusty breezes on Sunday morning will keep temperatures in the 50s most of the day.
    When the air is still, humidity is low, and skies are clear, heat easily escapes from the atmosphere.  All those elements combine to allow for possible record cold on Monday morning.  While not technically freezing, morning lows could dip into the low 40s, with a light wind chill in the upper 30s. (Record is 42° from 1947). Average mid-May warmth returns for the remainder of next week with showers by Wednesday.
  • A clearing sky is in the forecast for the overnight with temperatures falling to the mid-50s. After a mostly sunny start, clouds take over during the early afternoon hours followed by showers and possible thunderstorms. Some storms may contain gusty winds and hail with a clearing sky late Saturday evening. Sun and clouds, active winds and cooler temperatures are in the forecast for Sunday. Next week starts dry, sunny and cool,

  • Unofficial Record Tie
    This morning’s temperature dropped to 42.8° at Belvedere Castle in Central Park.  Since temperatures weren’t measured to the tenth of a degree 138 years ago (the date for which today’s record ties at 42°), we’ll wait for the official word later today from the Weather Service’s Upton office to see if it counts as a record tie. The gusty winds to 32mph this morning prevented us from actually breaking the low; however, that aided in making the wind chill feel like 35°. The rest of the day warms normally under mostly sunny skies, with winds gradually diminishing. The high today will fall a few degrees shy of normal: 66°. Tomorrow will begin with a beautiful sunrise thanks to high, thin clouds scattering the orange and pink colors at dawn.  Shortly thereafter, skies become overcast for the rest of the day. Light rain tries to fall tomorrow evening, but likely fails as the moisture stays too far South.  Those brief shower threats last all day Wednesday, with mostly cloudy skies.  The big warm up begins on Thursday with sunshine all day, dry air and calm winds. Highs begin in the low 70s on Thursday, peaking in the upper 70s, near 80 by Sunday.  Expect a solid stretch of mostly sunny skies Thursday and Friday, with clouds returning by Saturday afternoon. Rain chances increase later in the day Saturday.
  • It was a cold start to our Monday with early morning temperatures in the mid-40s. The record low for Central Park, 42 set in 1873. Daytime highs reached 63, 65 & 64 for Central Park La Guardia, and Kennedy. Overall, we were 6 to 9 degrees below average.
    Gusty winds were another problem as peak sustained winds topped out at 30 and 33 mph with gust reaching 39 and 41 mph. After a day under a mostly sunny sky, clouds will slowly take over tonight and early Tuesday. Showers return to the borough by Tuesday afternoon through the early morning hours of Wednesday. Back to sun and warmer temperatures by Thursday.

  • Cloudy with Showers
    Today, we trade yesterday’s wind and cold for a calm but mild day with clouds and showers. Light rain begins falling later this morning, lasting through the mid-afternoon. Lingering mist and general dampness lingers after 4pm, but umbrellas likely won’t be required later this evening as the rain ends early. Tonight is cloudy and cool with a touch of fog. Tomorrow morning begins cloudy with more light rain, wrapping up by noon. Tomorrow afternoon’s weather will be vastly different: the skies clear out by 3pm, but the warmth remains, sending afternoon highs into the 70s.  Thursday and Friday are both banner days: not a cloud in the sky with warm weather in the mid to upper 70s. Little wind on both Thursday and Friday. Saturday begins mostly cloudy with some rain arriving by the late afternoon. Some thunderstorms are likely after 1pm, but could arrive earlier if the system progresses faster. Even though Sunday starts mostly cloudy, the weather clears by the afternoon. Temperatures top out around 70 as a result.
    An early look at next week’s weather shows very warm air arriving 7-9 days from now.  This won’t be the first time we reach 80° or better, (that’s already happened twice this year), but it will be a prolonged stretch of warm weather, with humidity for the first time.  This begins the statistically increased chance of above average temperatures for the rest of the month into early June.
  • Improvement
    After a well-defined pink and orange sunrise earlier this morning, mostly cloudy skies return for the rest of this morning.  Showers stay just to our South, helping sunny breaks appear as soon as the midday. A similar scenario repeats tomorrow: morning clouds with afternoon sun. As drier air pushes in, Friday’s weather remains unchanged: full sunshine, warm and dry with little wind.  Clouds return Saturday morning with rain arriving by the afternoon. Rain is light until Saturday evening with light winds. Saturday night should be a soaker with up to 1 inch of rain. That rain will help to flush out the high pollen levels as grass pollens were detected for the first time this season in the count yesterday. Sunday has lingering clouds and showers. Monday clears out, but the weather won’t remain clear for very long, since another “omega pattern” tries to rear it’s cloudy and rainy face for Tuesday. This time; however, the center of the system will be too far to the north and east, bringing back sunny and dry weather as soon as Wednesday. Then, a typical summertime pattern takes over, allowing for highs in the 80s with noticeable humidity into next weekend (Memorial Day Weekend).
  • Sun Showers
    Today’s clouds won’t last very long. This afternoon’s weather will have mostly sunny skies with a few, quick 5-minute-long passing sun showers. Keep an eye out for a few rainbows after 4pm (the sun needs to be at a lower angle—this only occurs in the late afternoon). Tonight clears out and tomorrow’s weather begins sunny and dry: the quintessential May day at 76°.  Saturday begins partly sunny with clouds thickening throughout the morning. Rain holds off until the afternoon and won’t become steady until late Saturday evening. The rain on Saturday has a tough time beginning since Friday’s fair weather system will still in control—most of the rain evaporates before reaching the ground early Saturday afternoon. Temperatures on Saturday will peak in the mid-60s due to the extra cloud cover and a light east wind. Winds pick up later in the day Saturday, gusting to 20mph by Saturday night. Sunday afternoon dries out with leftover clouds. Next week begins mild, but turns very warm, and somewhat humid, by the end of next week.
  • The return of the Bermuda High

    Low pressure off the coast will keep us under a slightly unstable weather pattern for another 24 hours. By late Tuesday, high pressure over Ohio will slip southeast generating a Bermuda High as the high moves off the mid-Atlantic coast. With this summer weather pattern setting up, you can expect highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s from Wednesday into the Memorial Day holiday weekend. We do have a chance of showers and possible thunderstorms Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

  • A chance to the drier and warmer!

    The scattered showers have come to an end and our sky will gradual y clear during the overnight as our coastal lows drifts to the northeast. With high pressure to our south a southwest winds take over increasing temperatures as well as humidity. This will be the trend through the majority of the long Memorial Day weekend. Summer weather is on the way!

    The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has issued an AIR QUALITY ALERT for Wednesday from 11AM to 11PM.

  • Another summer-like day for the boroughs with highs of 90 at Central Park, 92 at LaGuardia and thanks to a sea breeze 84 for JFK. Overall 9 to 15 degrees above average under a fair sky with humidity topping out at 49 percent. Due to this very warm and semi-stagnant, the New York State Department of Conservation has issued an AIR QUALITY ALERT until 11PM tonight. Anyone with any type of respiratory issue such as asthma or heart disease are advised to take it easy and see a doctor necessary.

  • The long Memorial Day holiday weekend will be very warm and humid to start with a chance of spotty showers and possible thunderstorms. By Monday, the clouds will increase with periods of rain and possible thunderstorms.

    Tropical Depression TWO has formed about 435 miles SE of Charleston, SC. With maximum sustained winds of 35 mph, moving to the WNW at 13 mph.

    There is a moderate risk of Rip Currents for ocean facing beaches Saturday.

    New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has issued an AIR QUALITY ALERT from 11AM – 11PM Saturday.

  • Not a perfect Memorial Day...At least it was a mostly dry one!

    Tropical moisture from the remnants of Bonnie brought much needed rain to the boroughs over the past 24-hours. Central Park: 1.65”, LaGuardia: 1.53” and JFK: 1.04”. Additional moisture from Bonnie will run up against a cold front to our west as we go through the remainder of our Memorial Day holiday. As a result, we could see additional showers and possible thunderstorms. Canadian high pressure will build into the region returning us to a pleasant weather pattern through the first half of Thursday.

    There is a MODERATE RISK of rip currents for ocean facing beaches for today.

  • Air You Can Wear
    Today’s high humidity made this morning’s weather feel downright tropical.  The air was almost completely saturated at dawn with a humidity of 96%. The weather actually started a touch less humid in South Florida today where the dew point (temperature where the air is saturated) was 68 degrees at dawn around the Everglades. For reference, our dew point was 69° this morning. As sunshine begins to break through the clouds this morning, returning to full sun for the afternoon, the humidity drops significantly by this evening.  After 7 or 8pm, the air will feel quite comfortable again. Want to make today a beach day? Caution: cool fog rolls in around 4pm along the South Brooklyn shoreline after an early 11am sea breeze begins with winds blowing from the South, off a cool, 57° ocean.    Sunset is nice and late at 8:20pm.  Tomorrow begins a pair of lovely days: low humidity and  seasonable highs in the mid-70s. Clouds return Friday with some thunderstorms, but clear in time for a beautiful Saturday all day.  Sunday morning is ok, but showers race in for the afternoon, ending the weekend on a wet note.  Highs stay below 80° for the foreseeable future.
  • Less Humid
    Today’s weather is more typical of June: a pleasant touch of humidity, sunny skies, and an afternoon high of 79°. Tonight remains clear, and turns even cooler, going down into the low 60s. Tomorrow starts sunny, but gradually sees clouds increase by the afternoon, capping temps at 74. Some fog and low clouds likely along the shoreline that evening, preventing any thunderstorm development; however a shower is possible late Thursday night. Friday begins overcast and turns wet by late morning. Thunderstorms begin midday Friday, lasting intermittently into the evening.  Saturday is easily the better half of the weekend—basically a carbon copy of today’s awesome weather. Sunday quickly becomes wet with downpours by the afternoon.  Beyond a dry start for Monday morning, most of next week’s weather keeps us under a slow-moving system that gives us a prolonged period of clouds, showers and generally cooler weather.
    Today begins the Atlantic Hurricane season, ending on November 30th. The 10-16 named storms forecast from NOAA is pretty average; however, climate signals (such as a warmer trend in ocean temperatures) may strengthen those storms to the 1-4 major hurricanes that are forecast. Warm water is only one of about 8 atmospheric ingredients that are required for hurricane development. By the way, the already named 2016 season storms of Alex and Bonnie do not count toward that 10-16 named storms forecast. Furthermore, an upcoming La Niña pattern, forecast to develop by the end of the summer when hurricane season peaks, could help steer storms into the US coastline.  Florida hasn’t had a land falling hurricane in 10 years. They’re statistically overdue, just like how we in NY/NJ were 4 years overdue before Sandy hit. (Our average is every 72 years for a land falling hurricane in NYC)
  • High thin clouds, temperatures reaching the mid-80s, low humidity and a light easterly breeze made Wednesday a very pleasant day for the boroughs. Thursday will be another nice one so be sure to enjoy it. We have a slight chance of showers in the forecast by Friday as a cold front approached from the west. This front will be followed by high pressure that will bring us a very nice start to the weekend.

    The remnants of Bonnie continues to bring rain to North Carolina and Virginia. As of the 5PM advisory, Bonnie was about 80 miles SSE of Beaufort, NC with Maximum sustained winds of 25 mph. Bonnie is moving ENE at 7 mph.

  • Allergy Overload. 
    Pollen is the highest it has been all year, with high to moderate concentrations in every category. The total counts is in the thousands (of grains per cubic meter of air).  While the peak of tree pollen season is nearly over, oak, cedar and walnut are the predominant late pollinators this time of year. Grasses are showing up in higher concentrations, especially when they’re aerosolized thanks to mowers and blowers. The weeds season is also showing signs of ramping up. Finally, molds have been higher due to the damp finish last weekend. Today’s allergies will be bad again thanks to continued dry and warm weather. After a cool start, highs return to average in the mid 70s today. Tonight’s weather will turn cloudy with fog as an easterly breeze pushes in damp air.  Tomorrow will be wet, with most of the rain falling during the morning and midday—the evening looks dry, with residual clouds.  Saturday is the banner day the weekend, sunny and warm. Sunday, however, paints a very different picture.  Clouds return early Sunday morning, and bring back downpours by late morning with humid and warm weather lasting into the evening. The potential for thunderstorms is quite high.
    Monday begins warm and muggy, but turns drier by the afternoon.  Monday is the warmest day on the 7 day in the mid-80s. This is due to the leftover heat from Sunday night leading to a warmer starting temperature on Monday. After a pair of somewhat cloudy and warm days Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday unleashes hot and humid weather that takes us back into the 90s for Friday and next weekend.
  • This is the third straight day of picture perfect weather for the boroughs. A cold front is approaching from the west, but it looks like it will bring little if any rain over the next 24 to 36 hours. The next best chance of rain will not be until Sunday which should reduce the high severity levels of tree pollen and mold spores.

  • Severe Weather Sunday
    This morning’s damp and cool feel lasts until 1pm with on/off light showers. Sunshine returns with blue sky after 2pm, helping temperatures warm into the mid-70s. Humidity will be high all afternoon. Tomorrow’s weather will be just as pretty as yesterday’s with early morning clouds clearing by 9am, and mostly sunny, dry and warm for the rest of the day. On the contrary, Sunday’s weather will be quite severe. Gusty winds in excess of 58 mph, small hail, flooding rains, and even a some tornadoes in the region (not necessarily the city) are possible. This severe weather threat lasts all day Sunday, as Sunday’s weather is a complete washout. Monday clears out nicely, with a pleasant mix of sun and clouds and seasonable high temperatures forecast for the rest of next week.
  • Sunny; Still Humid
    Yesterday’s storms dropped about an inch of water, and some small hail over Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. Despite a few large puddles and some lightning, the wind severity was underwhelming.  The fantastic double rainbows that quickly followed, made up for it, however. All pictures on twitter.  Today’s weather is warm and still humid. Highs return to the mid to upper 80s under mostly sunny skies. Tonight brings extra clouds and some spotty sprinkles. Tomorrow begins somewhat cloudy and muggy, before afternoon sun showers pop up along a front. Once the front passes, around 3pm, humidity drops and temps cool off. Wednesday has some extra clouds that clear by evening.  Thursday and Friday begin chilly, but warm into the low 70s with mostly sunny skies.  Saturday and Sunday feature rain.
    Colin isn’t a threat to us in the NYC area, but the storm will generate rough surf/rip currents for our ocean beaches on what will be perfect beach days: Thursday and Friday.
  • Clouds have been on the increase with temperatures about 5 to 8 degrees above average and humidity from 35 to 46%. There is a slight chance of a light shower for tonight and a possible shower and or thunderstorm for Tuesday with highs once again climbing to the mid-80s.

    We have our 3rd named tropical system of the season.
    As of the 4PM CDT Advisory
    Tropical Storm Colin is about 305 miles WNW of Tampa, FL
    Max. Winds: 50 mph
    Movement: NNE at 23 mph
    Colin is forecasted to maintain its NNE track for the next 3 days.

  • Another Summerlike Day
    Today’s extra-pretty sunrise was brought to you by Colin.  The tropical storm’s clouds extended just offshore, helping to enhance the shades of orange and red at dawn in the boroughs, and up the East Coast. Today will feel warm and humid again, with mostly sunny skies.  As the front approaches from the West, bringing cooler weather for tomorrow, a few pop-up showers could last a few minutes beyond 4pm today. Otherwise, it says dry and clear with less humidity this evening. Tomorrow begins with brief sun, but showers return, making Wednesday a rainy and cool day as highs remain in the 60s. Thursday will be the coolest day this week, starting at 52 degrees. Clear sky, and dry air help temperatures warm back into the 70s as early as midday. Friday is a touch warmer and sunny with low humidity.  I think Saturday morning is sunny, with clouds holding off until afternoon. Rain moves in later Saturday evening and lasts through Sunday. These showers won’t develop into a line of storms like last week, just plain rain is expected through Sunday night.
  • Sun, then Storms
    Today’s picture-perfect morning quickly goes downhill. After 10am, clouds roll in to obscure the crystal clear sky that lingered after dawn.  Storms return this afternoon, a few hours earlier than yesterday’s wet weather.  By noon, expect dark skies with briefly heavy downpours and quick gusts of wind lasting only a few minutes. This is the front that will cool the weather down even more for tomorrow morning. A glimpse of sun returns mid-afternoon before another round of showers arrives around 4pm.  All wet weather is gone by 6pm today.  Tomorrow morning will be chilly—temperatures at dawn will be in the low 50s. It will be so usually chilly, that accumulating snow will fall upstate tonight (in June!). The air is dry enough that tomorrow’s high temperature warms quickly into the mid 70s. Friday’s weather is also picture-perfect with low humidity.
    Saturday begins dry, and stays sunny until the early afternoon. Clouds return Saturday late afternoon and bring back showers for Saturday night and Sunday morning. Sunday’s clouds should clear out by the afternoon. Monday and Tuesday are seasonably mild and dry with low humidity.
  • A Dry Chill
    Today’s cool start made this June morning feel more like November. The refreshing feel turns warmer and windy by this afternoon, with gusts up to 30mph, but sunny all day.  Tonight’s weather will be clear and cool. Tomorrow stays sunny with less wind. For the allergy sufferers: the mold spore count hit over 5,000 spores per cubic meter—that’s classified as high.  Both tree and grass pollens are at the moderate level.  The drier weather over the coming days should help lower the mold level. Grass pollens should increase in the next week. After another cool start on Friday in the mid-50s, highs rebound into the upper 70s. Saturday will ultimately be overcast with a brief chance of afternoon sprinkles. Sunday has clearing by the afternoon. Both days this weekend are up around 80 degrees with noticeable humidity. Dry air with sunshine returns for Monday and Tuesday.
  • Even with temperatures were 4 to 8 degrees below average and winds gusting from 30 to 36 mph, the abundant sunshine made this a very pleasant spring day across the borough. We have another clear, breezy and cool night ahead of us as high pressure provides a nice ending to the work and school week. So far, there is only one hick-up in the weekend forecast as showers and possible thunderstorms threaten the borough from the early afternoon through the early evening hours of Saturday.

  • Sunny and Warm
    Today’s dry and warm weather goes nicely with the sunshine and calm breezes. Afternoon highs will hover around 80 degrees with very low humidity. Muggy weather returns with clouds tomorrow after a sunny start. Storms arrive tomorrow afternoon, giving the borough rain chances as early as noon, and as late at 8pm. Tomorrow won’t be a washout, but be weather aware as the some of the storms could be severe with gusty winds being the primary threat. Sunday is partly sunny with muggy and warm weather. Despite the heat and humidity breaking for a dry and sunny day Monday, heat returns beginning Tuesday with highs in the 80s for the remainder of next week.
    On a climate note, El Niño is officially over, meaning this summer will most likely have average heat here in the boroughs. La Niña is still forecast to begin in early Fall, around the peak of hurricane season. Typically, La Niña patterns make hurricane season more active, steering storms into the coast.
  • The Storm Prediction Center has put our area under a SLIGHT RISK of Severe Thunderstorms for Saturday (late morning / afternoon & early evening hours). The primary weather risk are gusty winds and hail. Pleasant weather returns Sunday.

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