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News 12 Bronx/Brooklyn Weather Extra

    Even Stronger and Closer
    Tomorrow’s storm will rapidly intensify tonight as it develops very close to the shoreline. What changed overnight? The storm track shifted a bit closer to shore, meaning stronger winds; however, little to no mixing will take place, so snowfall totals are still high. (and may go a bit higher) Wind gusts are already modeled at 55mph along the coastal neighborhoods in the city midday tomorrow, but gusts are typically measured a bit higher than modeled; therefore, gusts tomorrow midday could near 60mph with blowing snow tomorrow afternoon.
    3am: Snow begins. No wind.
    6am: 1-3” on ground. Gusts to 35mph. Snowfall rates 3-5 inches per hour begin by 8am. 2-3’ above high tide.
    9am: 4-6” on ground. Gusts to 40mph. Rapid accumulation. High tide in Canarsie: 9:47am. Moderate Coastal Flooding in Brooklyn.
    12 noon: 12-16” on ground. Gusts to 55mph. Snow fall rates of 3-5 inches per hour end by 2pm. High tide in Throgs Neck: 1:40pm. Moderate coastal flooding in the Bronx. 2-3’ above high tide.
    3pm: 16-20” on ground. Gusts to 45mph. Blowing snow, but little additional accumulation. Winds quickly diminish after 3pm.
    6pm: Last flakes fall. Totals 16-20+” (some drifts will exceed 2 feet). Gusts to 35mph.
    9pm: Winds will end.
    95% of the snow stops accumulating after 3pm. After that time, and additional 1-2 inches are possible through the evening as remnant bands pass through. Blizzard conditions last even after the snow stops accumulating, because wind will be blowing the snow, reducing visibility until 8pm tomorrow night. Winds shut off quickly after 8pm.
    Actual air temperatures drop quickly for Wednesday morning. Wind chills will be near zero on Wednesday morning.
    The rest of the week is sunny and very cold with gusty Northwest winds.  Weekend accumulating snow looks like a Saturday issue, should begin to clear by Sunday.
    BLIZZARD WARNING 12AM Tuesday – 12AM Wednesday
    *Sustained winds of 35 mph or highs
    *Heavy blowing and or drifting snow
    *Limited visibility of a quarter mile or less
    *All three conditions for 3 hours or more
    *Potential Accumulation: 12 – 18 inches or higher

    STORM WARNING (for the coast) Tuesday 4AM – 6PM
    *Winds: Northeast to North 25 - 35kts, Gust 50kts.
    *Waves: 5 – 10 ' Ocean / 5 – 8 on Long Island Sound.
    *Periods of blowing snow, freezing rain & sleet

    If you don’t have to go out on Tuesday…DON’T!
    Track was Everything
    The Blizzard Warning was cancelled because this morning’s rapid intensification of our nor’easter occurred 100 miles closer to shore. Due to that track change, warmer ocean air mixed into the storm about 1000-2000 feet up, and was funneled into the skies above the city. That warmer layer of air was supposed to stay over Long Island. That is what caused the snowflakes from this earlier this morning to melt into raindrops on their journey down from the cloud, then re-freeze into a sleet pellet before pinging off the ground. It wasn’t hail.  The same liquid equivalent and intensity fell as forecast, but instead a 3-4 inch per hour fluffy snow, an inch of dense ice pellets compacted the small snow accumulation, already on the ground. Visibility wasn’t poor since sleet is clear.  As the winds begin to shift, colder air will enter the city again, changing the sleet back to all snow later this morning.  This heavy 2-4 inch per hour snowfall midday will rapidly accumulate and coincide with the worst of the wind.  Since the storm center will be sitting in the entrance to New York Harbor by 3pm, winds will gust upwards of 55-60mph this afternoon, hence the wind advisory. The stronger winds and closer storm track worsened the coastal flooding situation.  Coastal flood warnings are posted at high tide for 3-3.5 feet above average high tide. 9:47a Canarsie. 1:40p Throggs Neck.The closer track also caused some thundersleet to hit NYC at 9:45am. That will likely continue.
    Since we lost that 4-5 hour window of expected snowfall to denser sleet, total snow accumulations have dropped to as low at 6 inches in Coastal Brooklyn, and to as low at a foot in Northern Bronx. Some parts of the Bronx never even changed to sleet.
    Windy weather tomorrow (up to 30mph) freezes everything in place, beginning with wind chills in the single digits tonight. The rest of the week is partly sunny.
    As far as the weekend: Saturday should begin with a light snow before dawn, and change to rain by midday. Flurries could return and linger into Sunday morning as windy weather, up to 25mph, from the NNW prevails throughout Sunday.
    Late January Feel.
    Temperature at dawn was 19 degrees. Standard salt loses effectiveness in the low 20s, and stops working around 18 degrees. Unless calcium or potassium chlorides were applied (those work effectively even below 0°F), expect the solid ice (or compacted sleet pellets) to remain most of the day, especially if that icy patch is in the shade. Since most of what fell yesterday wasn’t snow, but rather several inches of dense ice pellets, that granular texture takes much more energy to melt. Sleet doesn’t reduce in volume easily when pressure is applied, either, like snow does. This morning’s brief early sun may not help to heat the roads enough, aiding in the melting; however, clouds quickly return by midday. Because of the clouds, highs remain in the mid 20s today. Bursts of flurries pass through this afternoon, briefly dropping visibility, and possibly even putting down a quick coating. Winds will last thought the afternoon, keeping the wind chill in the teens. The wind chill was 7 at daybreak.
    Actual air temperatures will be even colder tomorrow morning, with mostly sunny skies, and little wind. Tomorrow is when most of the melting begins thanks to highs in the mid 30s by midday. The refreeze cycle returns tomorrow night as lows drop into the 20s. Friday is sunny to start with afternoon clouds returning in advance of the late night snow.
    Saturday’s snow is a very similar event to what occurred last Friday, except everything sticks this time.  Remember the 2-3” of wet snow that accumulated on cars and grass? That is what sticks to the roads all day Saturday.  The start time of the snow is pre-dawn Saturday, lasting through the midday as a brief cold rain could mix in.  The snow/rain line is draped east to west just south of the city, for now. If all snow: 2-3 inches. If snow to rain: 1 inch. I don’t think it would be an all rain event, as the air is too cold thanks to the dense snow and ice depth—this is actually a computed variable in weather forecast modeling. The changeover from snow to rain/snow mix could occur Saturday afternoon. Either way, the changeover back to all snow happens Saturday evening, tapering to flurries early Sunday morning.  Breaks of sun and breezy conditions are on tap for Sunday afternoon, beyond Sunday morning’s clouds.
    Monday night and Tuesday’s event is mostly rain for the area, snow and ice should stay north.
    An overcast sky, temperatures 15 to 19 degrees below average and peak wind gust from 32 to 39 mph. That was our Wednesday as the borough continues to dig out from Tuesday’s Nor’easter. Be mindful for areas of re-freeze during the overnight on only surfaces that have not been cleared of snow and or ice. Also, when was the last time you checked you filled your windshield washer fluid? You will most likely use a lot of it until the snow and is gone which will not be anytime soon.

    Dry weather is in the forecast through St. Patrick’s Day. Friday night into Saturday clouds will be on the increase and a mix of rain and snow is in the forecast.

    Falling Ice.
    All the sunshine throughout the day will help melt more ice, more quickly.  Highs this afternoon will also be above freezing for the first time since Monday, allowing for ice to melt on buildings too.  Watch out for falling ice from buildings, as well as frozen debris, flying off cars. Despite afternoon temperatures reaching 35°, the average high for today is 50°. Sunshine gives way to clouds late tomorrow in advance of Saturday’s snow.  Light snow begins around 2-5am on Saturday, changing to a rain/snow mix in some southern neighborhoods by midday, lowering final accumulations there. Northern neighborhoods stay all snow. Around sunset (7:06pm) Saturday, any rain/snow mix changes back to all snow for the entire area.  The snow wraps up late Saturday night leaving a wet accumulation of 1-2” in the snowiest spots, while neighborhoods that mix with rain pick up at least a slushy coating. Any lingering flurries that last into Sunday morning should be gone by 8am.  Partial sunshine and a noticeable cold breeze returns for Sunday. Spring begins at 6:28am Monday, but it won’t feel like Spring for at least another week: temperatures stay 10-20 degrees below average for the next 10 days.
    The weekend is just around the corner and our weather is improving! High pressure gave us a fair sky and highs only 8 to 11 degrees below average. Winds were still active with peak wind gust from 34 to 36 miles per hour at Central Park, La Guardia and Kennedy. High pressure over the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes will provide a mostly clear sky through St. Patrick’s Day. Increasing clouds will take over towards Saturday morning followed by light snow after 9am. Periods of light to moderate snow can be expected through the morning hours followed by a rain / snow mix during the afternoon and back to all snow Saturday night as temperatures fall from the upper 30s and low 40s. Snowfall estimates range from 1 to 3 inches by late Saturday night.

    Luck of the Irish.
    Ten days ago, when Sports Director Patrick O’Keefe wanted the inside scoop on the St. Patrick’s Day forecast, I said a rain/snow mix.  It is possible see weather events almost two weeks away, but the timing is still the tricky part.  His Irish luck helped keep the rain and snow away until tomorrow, but that delay is helping to strengthen the system.  Full sunshine today and highs in the 40s gives way to clouds by late this afternoon. Tomorrow’s overcast start gives way to rain beginning in the afternoon and lasting through the evening. The changeover to snow happens around sunset tomorrow at 7:06pm. Snow begins to rapidly accumulate through Sunday morning, to around 2-3 inches by dawn at 7am Sunday. Due to today’s 12 hours of straight sunshine, most of this accumulation melts on treated main roads, compacting down to a slushy inch. The uncertainty regarding Sunday’s forecast is if the snow continues into the afternoon. If it does, some neighborhoods could near 5 inches on colder surfaces by Sunday evening.
    The air turns briefly mild with sunshine on Monday, the first day of Spring. Cooler weather arrives midweek, with rainy, milder weather ahead for next weekend.
    Saturday was a day of clouds, light rain and snow showers that changed to all snow showers Saturday evening. Any remaining snow showers will end during early overnight hours and drier weather builds in thanks to highs pressure. This high will give us a nicer start to the new work and school week under a partly to mostly clear sky. Highs in the 40s and 50s while overnight lows fall to the 30s.

    Bring on Spring!
    After the chilly start, sunny and dry weather today allows highs to reach their seasonable average of 50 degrees by 2pm. Thin clouds arrive this evening for a colorful sunset around 7pm, allowing for overcast skies to return for most of tomorrow. Tuesday’s weather is warmer, near 60°, but limited sunshine will allow for a rather grey scene throughout the day. Other than a few quick sprinkles, tomorrow should remain dry, even though it may look like it would rain all day. The best chance for an umbrella worthy shower is tomorrow night. Much colder air arrives for Wednesday with highs likely not getting above the freezing mark. Thursday morning’s wind chill is around 9° followed by clear sky. After the pair of chilly but sunny days on Wednesday and Thursday, highs rebound to normal/above normal for the rest of the month. The second half of the weekend looks wet, not white.
    Monday was the first day of the spring season for 2017 and we are off to a good start. Not only did we have a sunshine filled sky until late in the day, but we registered highs of 51, 53 and 54 degrees at Central Park, La Guardia and JFK. Overnight low were cold with 32, 37 and 35. So for the day we were as much as 2 degrees below average (Central Park) and 2 degrees above average (La Guardia and JFK). The average high and low for March 20th are 51 and 36 degrees. Thanks to a west wind temperatures are forecasted to reach the mid-50s on Tuesday. Unfortunately, we will not have as much sunshine as on Monday. By Wednesday, highs will only reach the mid-30s and lows will drop to the low 20s. That said, don’t put your warm weather clothing away as the roller-coaster ride of temperatures continues.

    We had beautiful weather for the second day of spring 2017, complete with a clearing sky and temperatures 6 to 9 degrees above average on west to southwest winds that peaked 13 mph sustained at Central park. Get ready for a shock to the system as high pressure over the Great Lakes region drags a much colder air mass south. Highs for Wednesday will only reach the low to mid-30s, but the gust from 30 to 40 mph will make it feel like the teens and 20s. By Thursday morning, temperatures will fall to the upper teens to low 20s with potential wind chill values in the single digits. West to southwest will bring our temperatures back to the mid to upper 40s by Friday with a chance of showers. By Saturday, temperatures will climb to the 50s and 60s as we begin the weekend.

    Winter Cold.
    The afternoon temp will feel colder than this morning thanks to a bitter wind from the northwest.  Wind advisories have been posted due to gusts that will reach 40mph today, maybe even higher. This will create a wind chill this afternoon that feels like the 20s. Sunshine lasts all day, leading to a clear and calmer overnight. Tomorrow’s wake up weather will be around 20 degrees. After another cold day Thursday (with much less wind), clouds return tomorrow night bringing back rain late Friday morning. Some of that rain may begin as an icy glaze in the northwest hills, but quickly changeover to a plain rain by the afternoon as the air temp warms. 
    Saturday and Sunday have brief moments of sun, but plan on mostly cloudy skies with showers and an average Springtime temperature.  More showers move into the area into Monday and Tuesday as well.
    It was a cold and windy day for the city as our temperatures were on a steady decline as northwest winds increased and became gusty. Peak wind gusty were 42, 45 and 53 mph at Central Park, La Guardia and JFK. Highs were 50, 51 and 50 degrees with lows of 31, 34 and 35 degrees. These numbers are a little misleading as the highs were recorded after midnight and the lows during the early evening hours of Wednesday. High pressure will continue to give us a clear to mostly clear sky through Thursday night with moderating temperatures as the high pressure moves off the coast. Low pressure will move east from the plains bringing clouds and a round of wet weather Sunday through Tuesday.


    Soggy Pattern.
    Today will be the last day that has very cold air. Wind chills made this morning briefly feel like the single digits in wind gusts.  Unlike yesterday’s 53mph gusts, winds are light today allowing the mostly sunny skies to help warm the air into the 40s. Clouds return tonight, and stick around through the middle of next week.  The soggy pattern ahead won’t give us a 6-day washout; rather, mostly cloudy skies with on/off shower opportunities each and every day through next Wednesday. Temperatures will feel chilly, but remain near average before climbing to a few degrees above average later next week. Rainfall has been slightly above average so far this year, along with the 30.2 inches of snow that fell (22% above average snowfall for a typical Winter). All this water has brought the reservoirs to within 3% of average.
    Light Showers.
    Today is a preview of this weekend’s weather. Cloudy but milder weather starts this morning, with a round of light showers midday, lasting only an hour.  By 2pm this afternoon, breaks of sunshine return, and keep the weather milder and drier into this evening with sunshine, likely warming into the mid 50s. So much of this weekend’s rain will be underwhelming until Sunday afternoon when the intensity picks up. Nevertheless, anticipate mostly cloudy skies throughout Saturday and Sunday with light showers returning tomorrow afternoon, and lasting into Saturday evening.  Tomorrow is the milder half of the weekend, reaching 60 by midday, before the rain settles in. Rain returns for Sunday and Monday, this time dropping about an inch of liquid through Tuesday. After today, the next opportunity for clear sky is Wednesday afternoon.
    Soggy Start.
    The grey weather from this past weekend continues through today and tomorrow, but this time with a more significant rain. Most of today’s rain will fall steadily this morning and last until midday, with just clouds and drizzle for this afternoon. While chilly this morning, temperatures warm to around 60 by this evening. That warmth later today translates to extra energy tomorrow as storms move in for Tuesday. Spotty showers with brief downpours begin tomorrow. There’s a good chance of a quick rumble of thunder tomorrow, too. Wednesday will have our first sunny afternoon in a while with clear skies lasting through Thursday. Friday and Saturday are rainy again.
    Our pattern of cloud and rainy weather continues for another 24-hours as a warm front drifts south and stalls just south of our area overnight. Light easterly winds will generate areas of dense fog overnight for the coastal waters. The National Weather Service has issued a DENSE FOG ADVISORYV for coastal area from Midnight to 12PM Tuesday as visibility is forecasted to be reduced to a quarter mile or less for the overnight and Tuesday morning. Periods of rain are in the forecast for Tuesday and possibly Tuesday night generating additional rainfall amounts approaching a quarter of an inch by late Tuesday night. By Wednesday, high pressure builds in from central Canada giving us a chance to dry out before the next round of wet weather moves from the southwest for Friday.

    *Visibility of a quarter mile or less
    *Never use high beam head lights during fog
    *Give more room between cars

    Stormy Tuesday.
    Thunder and lightning lit up the skies over some neighborhoods this morning. Those spotty storms will continue all day, with periods of clouds and fog in between. Temperatures will also remain cool like yesterday, climbing no higher than 50°.  Any single one of these brief downpours today could each bring about a half inch of rain. Yesterday’s rainfall was light, totaling less than a quarter inch from the entire day. Our rainfall has hit the average mark for this year with 10 inches so far. The skies tonight clear out late, in time for a dry and sunny start for Wednesday. The pair of sunny days tomorrow and Thursday will feel much warmer: around 60.  That break from all the overcast and gloom ends Friday with another two days of rain for Friday and Saturday.
    As low pressure that brought clouds and rain Monday and Tuesday moves east, Canadian high pressure moves east across southeastern Canada through Friday. Strong low pressure crossed the plains, pulling moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. This low will bring increasing clouds to the borough late Thursday followed by showers as early as the overnight into Friday. Periods of rain that may be heavy at times can be expected through early Saturday. By Sunday, high pressure crossed the Ohio Valley returning fair weather to the borough through Monday.

    Get ready for another round of rain that will be accompanied by strong gusty winds Friday into Saturday. Showers are expected after midnight tonight with periods of rain through Friday and Friday night that may be heavy at times. The heavy rain could cause flooding in low lying and poor drainage areas. Potential rainfall amounts from 1 to 2 inches could be reached by Saturday with the heaviest of the rain falling from Friday evening through late Friday night into early Saturday morning. East to northeast from 10 to 20 mph with gust approaching 30 mph are also forecasted for Friday and Friday night threatening tree branches and limbs as well as power lines. High pressure will provide better weather for the second half of the first weekend of April.

    March is ending on a rainy, windy and raw note!

    Low pressure moves off shore over the next 24-hours. In the meantime, periods of rain expected to be heavy at times will generate rainfall amounts of one to two inches by Saturday. Heavy rain may also cause flooding in poor drainage areas. There is also a slight chance of thunderstorms during the late-night hours as well as winds gusting from 30 to 35 miles per hour. This could threaten tree limbs and branches that may cause power outages due to strong easterly winds. As a result, National Weather Service has issued a COASTAL FLOOD ADVISORY from 11PM Friday – 2AM Saturday.

    Our weather pattern changes for the better as high pressure builds in late Saturday through Monday returning us to fair weather before the next round of rain moves in late Monday through Tuesday night.

    Another round of roller-coaster weather this week

    Increasing clouds are in the forecast as high pressure move off the cost. Low pressure moves northeast from the central plains. Associated with this low is a warm front that will cross the tristate area through Tuesday afternoon. This will provide our next round of rain that will be heavy at times beginning late tonight. Rainfall amounts are estimated to be around an inch tonight and a half inch on Tuesday. Flood watches have been issued for northern NJ as counties north of the city through Tuesday evening. A weak area of high pressure will bring a break from the rain by Wednesday before another round of rain and wind moves in for Thursday and Friday.

    A Mixed-Bag of Weather

    A steady light to moderate rain fell overnight into Tuesday morning leaving an inch to an inch and a half of rain at Central Park, La Guardia and Kennedy. The Flood Watches issued by the National Weather Service through Tuesday evening have been cancelled as only scattered showers and a slight chance of isolated thunderstorms are forecasted into the late afternoon / early evening hours. Partial clearing will begin tonight as a weak area of high pressure builds in from the west giving us pleasant spring weather for Wednesday. Enjoy it while it last as clouds return by Wednesday night followed by rain that may be heavy at times. Gusty winds are also in the forecast for Thursday as another storm system moves in from the southwest. This round of wet weather will take a little longer to clear keeping clouds and a few showers in the forecast for Friday with partial clearing by Friday night.

    Another round of wet weather is on the way!

    Low pressure approaches the Ohio Valley tonight bringing increasing clouds and periods of heavy rain, gusty winds and possible thunderstorms through Thursday. This next round of wet weather is forecasted to produced 1.5 to 2 inches of rain by Friday to already saturated grounds from recent rainfall. As a result, the National Weather Service has issued a FLOOD WATCH from 8am Thursday – 2pm Friday. High pressure return bringing nice weather to the city through the beginning of next week as daytime high temperatures climb from the 50s to the 70s by Tuesday.

    Be patient as our weather changes for the better!

    Clouds, showers, patchy areas of fog and slight chance of thunderstorms will take of through the early evening hours of Thursday. Low pressure over western New York state will gain strength and slowly move north over the 24 to 36-hours. A FLOOD WATCH remains in effect, but only until 8PM Thursday evening. Canadian high pressure moves southeast bringing fair weather that will take us from Saturday through Tuesday of next week.

    Our weather get better and better over the next 4 days!

    Clouds and scattered showers comes to an end tonight as low pressure moves north of New England and a trailing trough (an extended area of low pressure) crosses the Tri-State area. High pressure to our west will dominate through early Tuesday bringing a clear to partly clear sky Saturday through the much of Tuesday. Westerly winds will become southerly through the weekend. This shift in wind direction along with increasing sunshine will allow for a steady climb of daytime high temperatures from the 50s on Saturday, 60s on Sunday and low to mid-70s for Monday and Tuesday of next week. The average temperatures for early April is upper 50s for daytime highs and low to mid-40s for overnight lows.

    Have a safe and pleasant weekend!

    A great start to the new week

    Sunshine with some high, thin clouds and temperatures that we would normally feel during mid to late May thanks to a strengthening area of high pressure that is sitting off the east coast. This high is nearly stationary and pumping warmth from the south. By Tuesday night a cold front will bring a chance of showers and a possible thunderstorm into Wednesday morning. Fair weather returns late Wednesday into Thursday as high pressure crosses the Ohio valley behind the cold front. Temperatures will fall back to seasonal for mid-April with highs from the low to mid-60s and overnight lows in the mid-40s.

    Straight to Summer
    While yesterday’s weather was pleasant, today’s will be downright warm for April. Coming within 3 degrees of a record high for the day, today will be about 20 degrees above normal. Thin afternoon clouds add a milky appearance to the sky, but the air remains warm into tonight. Cooler air remains at the beaches thanks to water temperatures in the 40s. Temperatures at shoreline neighborhoods will be 30 degrees cooler. Tomorrow will be much cloudier with muggy air lingering into the afternoon. A late day passing shower or storm arrives tomorrow cooling the rest of the week down into seasonable territory. Sunshine returns on Thursday and Friday with highs in the low 60s.
    Not So Wet.
    A quick Springlike sun shower passes through midday today. Between 11am and 2pm, anticipate a brief round of light rain, with sunshine and warm weather immediately following. Highs won’t be as impressive as yesterday’s 80 degrees, but many locations will climb into the mid 70s today. The chill returns tonight with morning lows on Thursday dipping into the 40s. Sunshine returns for the rest of the week with dry weather until Sunday. Tree pollen will be on the rise. Sunday’s warmth and humidity could make it the top 5 warmest Easter Sunday’s if we get to 80° (forecast is 82°). The record high for Easter Sunday was from 1976 when it was a blistering 96°F.
    Seasonable until Sunday.
    Beginning today, highs will remain seasonably average after cool and dry mornings. This lasts until Sunday. Any light rain this weekend will occur later Saturday night, clearing by Sunday morning. Warm, southwest winds and loads of sun warm Easter afternoon’s highs into the low 80s. Next week starts cool and dry again, with our next soaking rain about a week away on Wednesday.
    Friday was another beautiful day for the city with sunshine and highs of 66 (Central Park), 65 (La Guardia), and 60 (Kennedy). High pressure crosses the region and moves off-shore over the next 24-hours. As a result, a warm front will cross the region from southwest to northeast bringing increasing clouds and a slight chance of afternoon and evening showers on Saturday. Warmer temperatures can be expected by Easter Sunday under a mix of sun and clouds and a slight chance of afternoon and evening showers and possible thunderstorms triggered by an approaching cold from the west. By Monday, Canadian high pressure will provide fair weather for the start of the new week. Low pressure will cross the Ohio Valley bringing rain and cooler temperatures by mid-week.

    Not As Nice As Easter Sunday!

    Our weather has improved from the mostly cloudy skies of Monday morning and afternoon. Temperatures were nowhere near the mid to upper 80s of Easter Sunday when we were 15 to 21 degrees above average. I guess we’ll just have to settle for 16 to 18 degrees above average for the start of the new work and school week. A mostly clear sky will take us through the first half of Wednesday as Canadian high pressure rides east, just north of the US/Canadian border through Tuesday. As a result, a cooler air mass that will drop our daytime highs to the mid-50s and low 60s by Wednesday. Low pressure crosses the Great Lakes region Wednesday, beginning periods of scattered showers and possible thunderstorms to the city through Friday.

    Sunny and Cool.
    Today’s weather will be similar to yesterday, with a touch of cooler air in the forecast. Mostly sunny skies prevail through this evening with a wind shift mid-afternoon that allows for a cooler breeze off the water to move in.  Tonight’s lows reflect that chill, dipping into the low 40s. Clouds return tomorrow afternoon as a milder but unsettled pattern emerges before the weekend. Showers and clouds with partial sunshine dominate for Thursday and Friday. A late night round of storms Friday night clears the way for pleasant sunshine on Saturday. Saturday is the sunnier half of the weekend, with more clouds on the way for Sunday. Wet weather returns for next week.
    The Nice Weather Comes to an End

    It was a cooler day with temperatures only four degrees above average. I hope you enjoyed this current run of very nice weather as condition slowly go downhill through Friday. Canadian high pressure will bring another chilly night under a clear to partly cloudy sky. An approaching warm front will bring increasing clouds, with a chance of scattered showers Wednesday night into Thursday. Temperatures for Wednesday and Wednesday night will remain in the 50s thanks to a southeasterly winds and increasing clouds. We get a bump in the temperatures for Thursday as the warm front stalls over the region and our winds shift from southeast to south. Low pressure crosses the Great Lakes and lifts north as a trailing cold front brings a better chance of showers and possible thunderstorms to end the work and school week.

    Chilly Day.
    Limited sunshine early this morning isn’t enough to warm us to average today. Morning air temperatures at dawn matched the chilly water temp in the mid 40s. With the light breeze off the water, wind chills were in the upper 30s. This afternoon has plenty of clouds, and a cool feeling with highs only reaching the mid 50s, about 8-10 degrees below average. Light rain moves in tonight and lingers into tomorrow morning. Sun could break through the clouds tomorrow afternoon, as helping highs briefly climb into the upper 60s on Thursday, but that solar energy helps to fuel some late evening storms that move in through tomorrow night. Friday should remain mostly cloudy.
    Saturday’s weather looks great: sunny and mild with light breezes. Sunday’s weather will have steady rain and a chilly feel most of the day.
    Cloudy, chilly abd rainy through Friday

    Wednesday was not a great day as clouds were accompanied by winds off the ocean and highs from the low to mid 50s. We were as much as 3 to 4 degrees below average for April 19th. Clouds and showers are in the forecast for tonight as a warm front slowly moves across the region. Our weather patter remains fairly unstable as a cold front crosses the region bringing a better chance of a steady rain and possible thunderstorms Thursday night into Friday morning. At this point, it looks like the first half of the weekend will be the best half as high pressure build in from the west. Clouds return late Saturday as another rainmaker crosses the northeast bringing rain overnight Saturday through Sunday.

    Thursday started out with clouds and showers that left rainfall amounts of 0.17 of an inch at Central Park and JFK while La Guardia got a little more with 0.24 of an inch. We did get some sun during the late afternoon / early evening hours which gave us temperatures that were 3 to 4 degrees above average on the day. Clouds, showers and possible thunderstorms remain in the forecast into Friday as a stationary front develops just south of our area. Waves of low pressure moves west to east along the front. High pressure builds in from the upper mid-west giving providing a decent start to the weekend. Unfortunately, another round of showers develops as early as late Saturday night as low pressure moves in from the southwest and off shore by Monday.

    The weekend is looking better as high pressure builds in from the northwest. We’ll have a partly to mostly sky on Saturday with a chance of afternoon and evening showers. As the high continues east, partial clearing is in the forecast for Sunday making it the best half of the weekend.

    Have a safe and pleasant weekend,

    Pretty Sunrise.
    Today’s weather headline is attempting to be optimistic. Pretty pink clouds at dawn mixed with sun offered the chance to enjoy the last dry morning for the next few days. The rainy system that plagues with borough with cool, damp air plus clouds and showers through Friday gets “stuck” in the atmosphere, positioned near us.  There’s no current of air to push it along until Friday. Therefore, expect dreary conditions for most of this week, beginning this afternoon with overcast skies.  Steady rain begins tonight. Thanks to wind off of the 50° ocean, temperatures will be very chilly tomorrow. Pretty much everyday this workweek features rain, but the weekend clears out nicely.  The weather becomes dry and much warmer with highs around 80° this weekend.
    Free Car Wash!
    Attempting to walk across the street this afternoon will be like attempting to walk through a car wash. A steady cold wind of 25mph, with downpours beginning around 3pm will make this evening’s commute extra unpleasant. About 1-2 inches of rain will fall this evening into tonight. Tomorrow remains damp and cool, with spotty showers through the afternoon.  The next opportunity for sunny breaks will be Thursday, with full clearing arriving for a fleeing moment Friday morning, before more clouds return Friday afternoon. Temperatures will have warmed into the mid-70s by Friday.  Saturday should start warm and sunny, with some clouds returning in the afternoon. Highs will feel like Summer: mid-80s. Clouds and showers are back Sunday night with a seasonably mild start to May. Sunshine should return for good next Tuesday.
    Not the nicest weather for our Tuesday…an overcast sky, temperatures 2 to 4 degrees below average with a quarter to a half inch of rain so far and more is on the way. Rain and wind remains in the forecast as low pressure rides north from North Carolina. The low is forecasted to weaken as it approaches the New England coast before heading off the east coast of Canadian later in the week. Low pressure (currently over the upper Midwest) and a trailing cold front will slowly advance east and weaken keeping a slight chance of showers and possible thunderstorms as well as warmer temperatures in the forecast fore late in the week.

    Stranger in the Sky.
    The sun makes a brief guest appearance this afternoon before getting cloaked again by a thick shroud of fog this evening. Morning fog made bridges disappear this morning, and even more fog arrives this evening just in time for the grand opening of the new bridge next to the Kosciuszko. You won’t be able to see much at that time, above 200 feet.  The sunny weather mid-afternoon today will help temperatures climb to near 70°. Fog, mist and drizzle return for tonight, leading to another grey start on Friday. Tomorrow’s weather clears by 9 or 10am bringing back mostly sunny skies for the afternoon and evening. We’ll repeat the foggy cycle again tomorrow night into Saturday morning.  Saturday afternoon will feel like June with high humidity and a temperature of 83°. Sunday drops about 20 degrees, keeping the sunshine around.
    Despite all the rainy days, we haven’t even met the average rainfall for April.  That’s simple due to the light intensity of the wet weather, strung out over several days. More than half of all the days in April have had measureable rainfall.
    Another night of fog!

    After the morning fog our sky remained mostly cloudy with temperatures 6 to 7 degrees above average. A weakening cold front approaching from the west will bring clouds and a chance of scattered showers tonight. We also run the risk of patchy areas of potentially dense areas of fog into Friday morning. The front will stall and dissipate over the Tri-State area over the next 48 hours. We’ll have a south to west wind pattern into Saturday that will provide warmth pushing temperatures into the upper 70s and mid-80s Friday and Saturday with the warmest temperatures being felt on Saturday. By late Saturday, a second cold front will bring cooler temperatures and a partly to mostly cloudy sky for the second half of the weekend.

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