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  • Strongest Storm Ever? 

    Hurricane Patricia’s wind increased by 100mph and its
    pressure dropped by 100mb in 24 hours.
    You didn’t hear anything about it
    yesterday, because it was barely a Cat 2 Pacific Ocean storm.
    Now, As it spins
    just off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico as a theoretical Category 7 (the
    scale only goes as high as Category 5), it is already the strongest storm in
    the North Pacific, strongest hurricane ever and very close to becoming the
    strongest storm ever recorded on Earth (two storms worldwide were a tad
      Why does this matter to us? It’s clear evidence that storms
    can get stronger, due to a warming ocean.
    (Patricia is feeding off the super El

    Try to grasp this—never before has an NHC hurricane advisory
    max sustained wind begun with the digit "2".

    Our weather is cooler today, with highs in the upper 50s and
    Tomorrow starts clear, but has late day clouds. An early morning
    sprinkle on Sunday is over by 8am, but clouds last the rest of the day.
    chance for rain next week is Wednesday afternoon.


  • Hurricane Patricia made land fall along the Mexican coast Friday evening and will become weaker over the next 24 to 36 hours. Rainfall amounts from 8 to 12 inches with isolated areas of 20 inches will trigger flash flooding and mud slides.

  • Horizontal Rain

    Look on the brighter side: at least it won’t be too chilly! After today’s sunny start and cloudy finish, winds get going out of the East at dusk helping to moisten up the dry atmosphere. Tomorrow’s rain begins before dawn, with gusty winds to 25 mph. Rain becomes heavy tomorrow after 1pm with South winds gusting to 40mph by sundown. Heaviest of the rain will be over before 10pm Wednesday—about 2 inches in total; however, the winds persist up to 30mph from the Northwest overnight into Thursday morning. A mix of sun and clouds on Thursday will be accompanied by a cooler and drier Northwest wind up to 25mph. The weather remains calm, clear and seasonably cool through Saturday. Sunday starts milder around 50 with clouds. Afternoon highs under mostly cloudy skies for the marathon could reach the mid 60s (about 8-10° above average).

    Light rain returns Monday.

  • Wind Driven Rain

    As light rain gets underway this morning, winds gust to 40mph after 2pm. Heavy downpours start after 4pm, lasting until midnight. There may briefly be gusts to 45 mph after 8pm tonight along coastal Brooklyn. Despite the wind and 2-2.5 inches rain by tomorrow, weather this afternoon and tonight remains mild in the low 60s. The showers are over early tomorrow, no later than 8am, and a gusty wind with sun allows highs to reach the upper 60s. Thursday afternoon will feel like early September with the mild air. As the winds switch direction tomorrow night, cooler air rushes in and chills us down to average for Friday. Mostly sunny skies, calm breezes and seasonably cool air will be the norm for Friday and Saturday. Sunday starts milder in the 50s with clouds. Those clouds linger into the afternoon with breaks of sun as highs climb into the 60s. There is still a small chance for a light sprinkle on Sunday, as we’re not completely in the clear. Monday has a light shower.

  • Sunny and Cool

    Highs today only reach the low 60s under mostly sunny skies. Winds will gust to 15mph from the Northwest, keeping skies clear. Tonight gets colder due to clear sky and light winds, low of 41. Tomorrow begins sunny and dry with thin clouds returning midday. The afternoon high on Halloween is 55. Clouds thicken, helping the weather become overcast by sunset tomorrow, 5:53pm. Tomorrow evening’s temperature is in the low 50s. Clouds remain thick for Sunday morning. Anticipate limited sunshine and a cool start around 50°. A light sprinkle/shower could develop, just barely wetting the ground, between 7am and 2pm Sunday. Clouds should break for some brief clearing before the sun sets at 4:53pm on Sunday. All indications keep clouds just to the South of the city for Monday, meaning a mostly sunny day. Temperatures warm well above average into next week.

  • Here is your chance to get an extra hour of sleep this weekend. Also, use this as a reminder to clean and change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. It could save your life or the life (s) of loved ones!

  • Holloween Forecast

  • Clouds will clear overnight as high pressure drifts around the region keeping our weather fair and mild through Wednesday. There is a slight chance of scattered showers late Thursday followed by cooler temperatures late this weekend into early next week.
  • Tuesday was a pleasant day, filled with sunshine and temperatures 7 to 10 degrees above average. This trend will continue through Wednesday as high pressure moves off the coast. A cold front will bring increasing clouds late Wednesday followed by a slight chance of scattered showers late Thursday into Friday. Temperatures will begin to fall as the front clears our area by the middle of the weekend into next week.
  • I hope you have enjoyed the last three days of a fair sky and above average temperatures. Wednesday's temperatures were 9 to 12 degrees above average for early November. The fair weather system responsible for our pleasant weather will continue its eastward movement bringing clouds and the threat of a few scattered showers Thursday and Friday. Look for cooler temperatures behind the front as daytime highs only reach the mid and upper 50s while overnight lows fall to the mid and upper 40s from Sunday through Tuesday of next week.
  • Temperatures were about 19 degrees above average for this date. Records were tied or broken as follows:

    Central Park: 74 Old Record: 74 – 1948
    LaGuardia: 75 Old Record: 71 - 1948
    JFK: 75 Old Record: 70 – 1961

    I hope you have enjoyed the week of above average temperatures as a more seasonal air mass moves in this weekend.
  • Mild and Sunny

    The brisk start doesn’t last long. Sunny skies all morning warm this afternoon to the low 60s. It will feel pleasantly warm in the sun! Clouds arrive this evening, with a pretty sunset forecast thanks to high thin clouds at 4:46’s sunset. Tomorrow begins milder in the 50s, but wet as light rain begins during the morning rush. Most of the steady rain arrives midday tomorrow. Clouds and showers will be intermittent through Wednesday morning. Wednesday afternoon should have a brief clearing as we’ll be in between weather systems. Another brief shower is on the way for Thursday as a cold front sweeps through for Friday, clearing us out and cooling us down to average for the weekend.

  • It looks like Kate will not have a direct impact on the east coast.

  • We have the 11th named storm for the Atlantic basin.

  • Kate is forecasted to become a hurricane by Wednesday as she continues to move away from the east coast.

  • Tropical Storm Kate as of Tuesday evening.

  • A fair amount of rain for King's County Brooklyn.

  • A fair amount of rain for the Bronx.

  • Partial Clearing

    Even though this morning started damp with drizzle, the light mist will taper off before noon, giving way to sunshine midday. While this afternoon’s dry weather won’t feature full blue sky, expect sunny breaks as highs attempt to climb to 58. Tomorrow brings back more rain. Light showers linger all day Thursday, with the timing very similar to yesterday. Friday and Saturday are WINDY with sunshine. The cool and dry air can’t wait to rush back in, so it does so all at once, creating gusts up to 40 mph. Highs will be in the low 50s as a result (but it will feel like it’s in the 40s most of the weekend). The winds calm down Sunday with dry and above average temperatures on the way for most of next week.

  • Weak high pressure will break-up some of the clouds through the remainder of Veterans Day. Clouds return Thursday ahead of the same storm system that has brought the threat of severe weather to the plains states. Clouds and rain are in the forecast for Thursday, followed by gusty winds and cooler temperatures Thursday through Saturday.

  • High Water

    Due to a light southeast wind for the last few days, sea water levels will be elevated today in conjunction with the new moon. Coastal flooding threats should subside this afternoon, well beyond the high tides’ cycles passing. The wind shift, blowing from the west tonight, helps subside the coastal flooding too. We’re ending the time of year when ocean water is at its warmest. Since warmer ocean water expands ever so slightly, something known as millimeter sea expansion, tides tend to run a few inches higher than their normals. This phenomenon is called the King Tide, and can cause coastal flooding on a clear, sunny and windless day. Since King Tides typically only happen Aug-Nov (when our local ocean is at its warmest), it’s a preview of what sea level rise will look like year-round, in 50-100 years.

    The rain today amounts to no more than half an inch. Rain is over by 3 or 4pm, giving way to clouds and then gusty NW winds to help clear the skies overnight. Tomorrow begins sunny, breezy and brisk, with highs that climb only into the upper 50s; however, it will feel like the 40s most of the day thanks to the wind. Gusts top 40mph tonight, tomorrow and Saturday. Saturday will be cooler, only in the low 50s for highs. Sunday is calm and sunny. Next week begins dry with milder than average weather: highs will climb into the mid 60s one week from today.

  • Gusty Winds and Turning Cooler!

    Wind Advisories have been issued for parts of the Ohio River Valley westward to the upper mid-west as a tightly wound area of low pressure currently over the Great Lakes Region moves northeast. Winds for the boroughs will increase, gusting from 25 to 35 mph by Friday morning and 35 to 40 mph by Friday evening. Dry and chilly weather is in the forecast through the weekend with highs from the upper 40s to the low 50s by Saturday. Temperatures will slowly moderate to the mid-60s for highs by Wednesday of next week.
  • Windy Day!

    Beyond the gusts to 40mph, bringing back chilly air through tomorrow, expect sunshine for the next 6 days. You’ll get your money’s worth with a car wash today. The weather turns milder by the middle of next week with highs in the upper 60s by next Friday.

  • Gusty winds at the airports!

  • Mild and Dry

    As pretty as yesterday’s weather was, the high only reached 59. Today’s high under mostly sunny skies is 63. Today will be one of two days this week in the 60s: the second happens on Thursday, with rain all day. While the sunny, dry days are nice, they are only enhancing our drought to a near 9 inch rainfall deficit for the year. Combined with the gusty winds, this briefly prompted a high risk of brush fires earlier this weekend. About an inch of rain is expected Thursday. The upcoming weekend is cool, and sunny. Chilly weather arrives early next week.

    Even if 9 inches of rain were to fall tomorrow, that would only bring us to seasonal average.

  • Pleasant weather starts the new work and school week with high pressure settled over West Virginia. A back door cold front will bring overnight lows in the low 40s followed by 40s and 50s under a mostly sunny sky for Tuesday. Our weather will begin to change by mid-week as a strong cold front approaches from the west. Get ready for gusty southeast to southwest winds, periods of rain that may be heavy at times Thursday and Thursday night. Potential rain estimates 1 to 1.5 inches by late Thursday night.
  • The effects of high pressure will begin to subside as a large storm system moves in from the plains. Clouds take over the sky late tonight through Thursday night with periods of rain as early as late Wednesday night. Thursday will be a day of wind driven rain that will be heavy at times with possible accumulations from ¾ of an inch to 1 inch by late Thursday night. Dry weather returns Friday.
  • The clouds have taken over the sky and rain is on the way, as a cold front presses east. We have a chance of a little light rain or drizzle tonight into Thursday. Periods of rain that may be heavy at times begins around mid-day Thursday. The rain will be accompanied by gusty southeast to west winds topping out around 35 mph. Rainfall estimates are from ½ inch to an inch by late Thursday night into Friday. The cold front should clear our area by Friday bringing the coldest air of the fall season for the weekend.
  • Rain & Wind

    This morning is mild and muggy with starting temperatures around 60. Steady rain gets going by noon with gusty winds all afternoon to 40 mph. Some of the rain showers could be heavy beginning around 6pm, and lasting until midnight. Up to 1.5” of rain falls. Tomorrow will be cooler with sunshine. Saturday and Sunday are cooler and calm. Chilly weather returns for Monday morning, likely our coldest yet. Thanksgiving week should be cool, dry, calm and clear.

  • Rain ends then it gets colder

    The rain will end after midnight followed by gradual clearing into Friday morning.
    High pressure over the Tennessee Valley will move northeast and dominate our weather through the first half of the weekend. Low pressure currently over Wyoming will move east bringing a chance of snow to the Great Lakes region late Friday through early Sunday. We have a chance of showers Saturday night into Sunday morning followed by a push of cold air that will keep our highs from the mid-40s to the low 50s while overnight lows fall to the mid-30s and low 40s Sunday through Wednesday of next week.
  • Friday Freefall

    Sunrise this morning was the warmest part of the day at 60°. This afternoon’s dry breezes will cool us down into the upper 40s by sunset, and into the 30s tonight. Tomorrow will see the dry weather continue, with a notable chill in the air. Despite the 1.25” of rain that fell yesterday, the moderate drought continues with more than an 8 inch rainfall deficit for the year, and about a 2 inch deficit since September 1st. Saturday night brings back clouds and some spotty sprinkles, with the clouds lasting into early Sunday morning. By 9am Sunday most of the clouds are gone, and the rest of the day will feature sunshine. The real chill settles in for Monday, with the potential for the city’s first frost by Tuesday morning. Then, a milder trend takes over with mild, sunny weather and near 60° for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. No significant rain is on the 7 day.

  • First Freeze

    Despite tonight’s forecast first freeze, the air feels colder this morning, thanks to gusty winds. Wind chills make Monday morning’s weather feels like the mid-20s, with the mid-30s arriving this afternoon. Gusts will blow to 25mph, putting a biting chill in the air all day. As breezes subside tonight, the skies will stay clear, allowing for actual lows to dip to freezing. Milder weather arrives Wednesday with calm breezes. Thursday and Friday will be in the 60s with sunshine. Cooler weather arrives for the weekend. With colder weather comes better chances for snow—weather that’s synonymous with December. The weather should get interesting in the 5-10 day period.

  • First Freeze

    The city’s first freeze occurred at 3:53 this morning, when the temp dropped to 32°. Little wind all day keeps the wind chill at bay. Sunshine today and tomorrow helps the afternoons warm to average for Wednesday. Thursday sees clouds return with a high near 60. Friday will be sunny and mild, with light sprinkles for Saturday morning. A more substantial rain moves in on Monday with cold air.

    This year’s El Niño became the strongest on record yesterday, surpassing the warmth of the great 1997 El Niño. The pattern shift that coincides with the start of December next week, will keep our weather busy going into December.

  • Cool Thanksgiving

    Cloudless skies and seasonably cool and calm weather today is followed by a Thanksgiving that starts sunny in the upper 40s for the Parade, and turns cloudy, but still milder by midday. Fog, clouds, and generally low visibility will impact Friday morning’s rush to the stores. Sunshine and even milder weather returns midday Friday. Highs will be in the mid 60s. Saturday begins cloudy, then turns cooler. Temperatures remain around average (50) for the remainder of the month. December begins a bit more active with the next chance for rain arriving on Tuesday. A much-needed soaker might be down the road into next weekend.

  • Turning Cooler!

    Thanks to high pressure over Virginia, we have a southerly flow of cool to mild air that will bring us highs from the low to mid-60s and lows from the upper 40s to the low 50s on this Black Friday. The average high and low for this time of year is 50 and 38 degrees which will be about 14 degrees above average.
    We also have a cold front that stretches from southeastern Canada to Texas and the four corners region. As a result, we have a slight chance of a few scattered showers Saturday and Sunday. Once the front clears, we’ll begin to feel a cooler and dryer are mass for the start of the new work and school week with highs in the 40s and 50s while lows fall to the 30s and 40s for next week.
  • Incoming Clouds

    Rain holds off until later tonight. First, a chilly day starts with a light east breeze. That wind helps clouds thicken into the afternoon, keeping temperatures around average. Light showers begin after 7pm tonight, lingering through tomorrow’s forecast. Steadier, more moderate rain begins late tomorrow afternoon, and lasts through Wednesday night. When finished before dawn Thursday, the 2.5 days of rain will total anywhere from 1-2 inches. The drought isn’t getting any better, as we’re approaching a 10-inch rainfall deficit for the year. About a week long dry spell begins this Thursday. The Atlantic Hurricane season ends today, with one named storm shy of average (that’s a pretty typical year). The bigger climate story is that November will be the 3rd month in 2015 that was the warmest month on record for the city. August was 3rd warmest. February was 3rd coldest. El Niño will keep the weather wacky through the end of the calendar year.

    Tomorrow begins climatological winter (Dec 1- Feb 28). Deep Siberian snowpack has made our past two winters snowier than average. Looking at only that parameter, snow depth over Siberia is deeper than average. In the short term, we’re snow-free for the next 10 days.

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