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  • Aside from a few early evening showers, the day will end on a dry note. More showers are expected later in the day on Friday, but don't expect a washout. The sun will shine, and it will be a pleasant end to the work week.Also, it has been a bit humid these past few days. Thankfully, there is some relief in site. Expect pleasant weather for the weekend with highs in the 80s. In the meantime, here's a look at current dew point temps.
  • 7th Straight Weekend of Sun

    With the exception of a quick afternoon shower over a month ago, the last 6 weekends have featured dry and sunny weather. We once again strike it rich in the sunshine department tomorrow and Sunday. Already this morning, there is a refreshing breeze to start the day. Afternoon highs return to the mid 80s under a mix of sun and clouds. Tomorrow is drier and warm, with even sunnier skies for Sunday--perfect for the pool and beach. Water temperatures are in the 60s along shore. Monday brings back the humidity, and haze builds that afternoon. Highs will keep climbing into the low 90s until Wednesday. The 4th looks dry and pleasantly warm in the 70s; however, it may be cool at night for fireworks.

  • Tropical Weather Ahead

    So long sunny, dry days of the weekend past. Hello haze, humidity and hot weather. After this morning's clouds break for mid-afternoon sunshine, humidity begins to rise later today. July-like heat comes in tomorrow and makes it feel much hotter, especially for Wednesday when the muggy air makes the skyline hazy. Storms eventually cool us down by Thursday, but that storm front might interact with organized tropical moisture off the eastern coast of Florida.

    When will we know for sure about the 4th's and this weekend's weather? Wednesday. Here's why:

    A hurricane hunter will be flying above an area of clouds Northeast of Florida today at 7:45am until around noon. This organized system will likely become Tropical Storm Arthur by Wednesday/Thursday. Though the track of future Arthur's moisture and winds keep it offshore from the city into Saturday, the storm will likely ride along the coastline, all the way to Maine. Small, weak storms such as these, tend to keep rain and wind to themselves, tightly compacted around the center over the ocean. The thin clouds from the storm's outflow, could actually help our forecast, and cool us down after this week's heat. It's still too early to tell. Making it a beach weekend for the long holiday weekend? The ocean will be very rough. Either way, it's one to watch, as the forecast over the coming days will change for Friday and Saturday. Be smarter than the storm, and please follow a credible weather source.
  • Hello Arthur

    The hurricane hunters will go back out at 2pm today, meaning the formation of Tropical Storm Arthur will likely be announced by 5pm this afternoon at the earliest; though more likely at 11pm tonight. The new NHC forecast takes the storm center a few hundred miles off NYC's coast, but we can't write it off just yet as we're still in the cone of uncertainty of a Cat 1 hurricane. (see photo below) Stealing a line from our local weather service office, THIS IS NOT A SANDY. It will NOT make landfall anywhere in the NYC area, but it will create rough surf all weekend, and probably some clouds, showers, gusty breezes on Friday.

    Until then, the tropical humidity and somewhat hot weather with sunshine will make it feel like July today and tomorrow. Some thunderstorms begin to cool us down Thursday. It's that storm front that help nudge Arthur away from the coast.

  • Tropical storm Arthur continues to churn in the Atlantic off the coast of Florida. It could strengthen to a hurricane by Thursday and impact North Carolina. Fortunately, we won’t endure a direct hit in either boroughs from this storm. However, expect larger surfs at the Atlantic beaches. There will also be a higher rip risk. We will continue to closely monitor Arthur’s track and let you know should anything change.
  • First 90 Degree Day

    Yesterday, the climate station in Central Park was two degrees shy of 90. Today is sunnier and warmer, so we'll likely hit that benchmark by 3pm. Once the shower passes through the evening, that will make it feel steamy tonight. Arthur probably becomes a hurricane later today (when it develops an eye, where the greatest wind speeds are found), and almost reach Cat 2 status when is passes about 400 miles offshore from NYC Friday morning. Tomorrow is warm once again, with a storms after 5pm. Downpours, lightning an gusty winds can all accompany this evening's and tomorrow evening's storms. Friday is windy, cloudy with on/off showers. Blame Arthur. Rain clears by 8pm, so fireworks will be dry, but a cool breeze might make the weather feel cool. Winds blow the fireworks smoke south over Red Hook and Bay Ridge. Our 8th straight weekend of sunshine brings awesome weather, again. Cooling off at ocean beaches today through Sunday? Ocean will be rough, and surf will be dangerous to inexperienced swimmers with big rips and flash rip currents around jetties and piers. Want to stay out of harm's way? Pool it.
  • Hurricane Party!

    Last night's storms were slow-movers. 1.6 inches of rain fell, along with melted hail along parts of Jerome Ave, leading to even MORE rain there. The hills in those neighborhoods exacerbated the flooding in low basins (Cross Bronx Expy). This afternoon's storms will bring another round of severe weather. Before the storms, however, the sunny skies heat up the borough to feel like 95-100, hence the heat advisory from 12 to 5pm today. That's mostly due to the very high humidity. Hurricane Arthur interacts with tonight's front and provides more rain overnight and tomorrow morning. For Independence Day: rain ends by noon, with clouds clearing by 4pm.

    An interesting note: the international shipping channel lanes/NYC cruise liners off shore will encounter average ocean waves of 25-38 feet tomorrow. Individual waves could be twice that height. That means that our beaches will have 6-10 foot waves crashing on shore tomorrow and this weekend. It would be pretty insane to go swimming on Friday afternoon when the weather clears. The weekend weather will be perfect, but ocean waves will still be rough, with strong rip currents.
  • Brief Heat

    While still comfortable this morning, hot weather builds into the afternoon. Gusty winds from the Southwest, bring in the warm air quickly. Haze and humidity will make it feel like 90 this afternoon, 95 or better tomorrow. There's no rain today, but tomorrow could have a pop-up 10 minute t-storm. A line of showers and storms move through tomorrow night into Wednesday morning, helping to clear some humidity. Thursday looks even nicer. The pick of the week will be Friday and Saturday, as the weather will be equally as perfect as this past weekend. For now, Sunday might have some extra clouds. As far as prolonged heat, I don't see any "heat waves" in the next two weeks.
  • Could it Be?

    Our first heat wave? This hot weather just might barely qualify. Yesterday hit 90 in the park. If today reaches that mark, and tomorrow has a good shot too, well, that would make it official. Still, summer's past have been much warmer. This year featured one of our latest 90 degree starts. Beyond the passing 10 minute t-storm today (figure around 3pm), the skies stay mostly sunny with haze and high humidity. Just after sunset, some more storms return, further adding to the humidity. Tomorrow brings back extra clouds and late-day non-severe storms. Thursday and Friday will be dry and pleasant. Saturday looks good. Sunday may have some spotty showers.
  • Sunny Weekend Streak Ends

    The less humid, pleasantly warm and sunny weather has arrived! Today, tomorrow, and Saturday look great, continuing the pleasant feel from today. Sunday morning sees clouds increase and rain begin around the midday. Monday and Tuesday are mild, with stormy weather likely into Tuesday evening. Beginning Wednesday and the remainder of next week, the A/C's catch a break with chilly weather overnight (upper 50s) and mild afternoons.

  • Slapped by Science

    Again, the hysteria of the dreaded Polar Vortex is popping up among social media streams this morning. The Polar Vortex exists (always did, always will), but it will not be visiting the borough next week, or any part of the US. For those who insist the Polar Vortex is the reason for next week's cool down, they deserve a good slap by Science. (See this post from Jan 25, 2014:

    Tomorrow will be just as sunny as this today; however, a touch warmer at 85. Sunday is pretty much overcast with spotty showers by the evening. Monday is rather grey and wet. Tuesday gets stormy. Wednesday turns sunny again, but much cooler at night. It's an ordinary, uneventful trough in the upper atmosphere that brings in the cooler weather that remains through next weekend.

  • Torrential Downpours with Wind

    This evening's weather becomes nasty. Storms could begin as early as 3pm, but most of the severe weather is likely after 6pm. Strong gusts and prolonged downpours will be a concern as the storms move through. Tonight's weather won't be the only issue: a second round of storms come in tomorrow night, prompting the weather service to issue a Flash Flood Watch. 2-5 inches of rain could fall by Wednesday morning. At dawn Wednesday, we'll be back to sunny, dry, and cooler weather. The rest of the week should be pleasant. Saturday and Sunday bring back some storms, mixed with clouds and sun.

  • T-storm Watch for The Bronx & Brooklyn

  • On the heels of a nice weekend, the clouds have taken over and so will the rain. There is a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until this evening. In addition to thunder, lightning, and heavy downpours, expect flooding, and gusty winds. We cannot rule out down trees and power lines in some areas. Rain is set to taper around midnight. However, more wet weather is slated to arrive on Tuesday, so be sure to have the rain gear handy.
  • Earlier and More Potent

    The storms today will once again bring heavy rains, but they will arrive much earlier this afternoon. After a foggy, but muggy start, the first rumbles of thunder and gusty winds could be as early at noon today, lasting on and off into this evening. Our chances of severe weather are a bit higher today, as compared to yesterday. The radar-indicated tornadoes stayed to our South last night, but rotation could form closer to the borough today. Regardless, straight-line winds remain the bigger threat into this evening. Flooding chances will be high as well. Weather watches will be posted earlier today, than yesterday's 1:25pm watch for an 8pm storm. Flash flood watch still in effect until tomorrow.

    Tomorrow finally sees the weather calm down with the clouds clearing by the afternoon, and humidity dropping tomorrow night. Thursday through Saturday look pleasantly dry. Clouds thicken Saturday. Rain arrives by Sunday. Monday could be pretty wet too.

  • Flooded Out

    The 1.5 inches that fell within the short time of 2-3pm was much more impressive than the total amount of rain during the day of 3+ inches. Below, radar estimates included the melted hail and big rain drops which fell directly over the western Bronx hills. The runoff pooled to the lowest spot, and traffic hell thus commenced. Any rain this morning (and there's some) makes flooding worse in certain spots, though most of the swimming pool-sized puddles have receded. This includes Lake Soundview.

    Rain ends by 10am. Sunny breaks arrive by noon. Full clearing with a cooler, dry breeze begins around 3pm today. Tonight turns chilly by mid-June standards, 62. Beyond the refreshing and brisk morning, sunshine abounds all day Thursday and Friday. Note that Thursday afternoon could have a few extra clouds, any one of which may feature a 5 minute sprinkle. Saturday is the sunny half of the weekend with veiled sun in the afternoon thanks to thin clouds. Sunday is pretty cloudy, with showers arriving by evening. Next week turns seasonably warm and summery by Wednesday.

  • Severe Clear

    Today's pleasant weather is well deserved after all the rain we've had. For the year, rainfall is 21% above average. Wake-up temperatures will feel rather cool in the low to mid 60's. Today's high will reach 82 degrees with low humidity, which will feel very comfortable. We will see plenty of sunshine today with some high thin clouds possible, a great day for outdoor activities. The sunshine and low humidity will continue into tomorrow, making the start of the weekend looking very enjoyable. The sunshine will stick around until Saturday. Clouds will roll in Sunday, however, we are still expected to stay dry throughout the entire day. The heat and humidity will return by Monday and will continue through the week. Temperatures will rise and the air will feel sticky and muggy. There is a slight chance of rain on Monday.

    Student Meteorologist/Weather Intern
    WCSU ‘15
  • And Just Like That…

    The weekend turns cloudy. Today will be even nicer than yesterday: all sunshine, all the time. Clouds roll in late tonight, however, making tomorrow look pretty grey. The weather system that sits over the Southern US will give cloudy skies to the boroughs most of this weekend. Though it won't rain, skies tomorrow afternoon in Brooklyn may looks ominous, as showers stay just offshore. Sunday morning also begins cloudy, but gradually turns brighter into the afternoon. Highs won't even reach 80 for the second half of the weekend. Monday and Tuesday are pleasantly warm, with storms back in the picture toward the end of next week.

  • Warm and Humid

    Despite the pleasant Monday morning weather, humidity sneaks back into the borough by this evening. The hazy sunshine with borderline uncomfortable humidity returns by tomorrow, bringing non-severe thunderstorm chances back by Wednesday evening. Just about every day this week features great weather: just keep an eye out for storms on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday brings back the drier air with sunshine. Saturday is easily the better half of the weekend. Sunday might have some extra clouds.

  • Dew Points in the mid 60s = sticky conditions

  • Highs have rebounded from the unseasonable cool temperatures from over the weekend. Temps topped out at 85 degrees on Monday. Expect similar highs in the coming days. However, even though we started out with sunshine, clouds will eventually take over. That said, rain is slated to arrive Wednesday afternoon and should clear up during the overnight. For now, expect a rise in humidity levels and don't forget the umbrella on Wednesday.
  • Pure Sunshine

    After a Top 10 Summer day yesterday, the humidity comes back in small doses today. There is no threat of rain over the boroughs, only to the north and west. Muggy weather overnight leads to a big warm up tomorrow, and a threat of late-day storms Wednesday (not severe). Tomorrow will feel steamy at times. Any rain Thursday morning will clear out early, leaving a less humid and cooler finish to the day. Friday is the best day of the next 7, with mild air, and a dry afternoon with low humidity under mostly sunny skies. More questions than answers remain for Saturday, as the notion of a picture perfect weekend is fading under mostly cloudy skies, especially by Sunday. We'll revisit tomorrow….

    Next week has sun showers for Monday and maybe a storm by Tuesday, but the cool down into next Wednesday and Thursday will take the headlines as highs will stay WELL below average for the remainder of the month.
  • Steamy & Summery

    Today will be another warm one, with highs approaching 90 by late afternoon. The southwest wind from last night kept the air very humid, and that muggy feel lingers into the heat of the day. There will likely be another air quality alert posted later this morning for ground ozone: advising anti-exertion for those with respiratory issues. A pop-up storm could arrive as early as 3pm with a quick shower; however, most of the non-severe storms plow through the borough between 7pm and midnight. Clouds are slow to clear tonight, shielding tomorrow morning's sunrise. Late Thursday morning, expect drier weather with sunshine returning. Highs through Saturday hold in the low to mid 80s.

    Saturday is the better half of the weekend, with Sunday featuring more clouds. Highs climb into the upper 80s Sunday. Monday and Tuesday are cloudy with spotty showers, while the rest of next week is cooler than average.
  • Sunshine in Soundview earlier today

  • Hazy, hot, and humid conditions have taken over our boroughs. With highs topping out in the upper 80s, it feels more like the mid to upper 90s. If you hate the heat and humidity, have no fear. Showers and thunderstorms are slated to arrive later this evening. The cold front that's set to accompany the wet weather will aid in knocking temps down a bit. So, cooler temps will be ushered in to our area to finish out the work week. Rain is expected to wrap up overnight with increasing sunshine to follow on Thursday.
  • Quasi Fall-ish

    This afternoon will feel wonderful with the sunshine and less humid weather. Morning clouds part for full blue sky this afternoon. Tomorrow begins cool and dry. Friday afternoon is warm and dry with low humidity. Saturday starts off great, but thin clouds arrive by the afternoon. Overnight into Sunday morning could have some spotty showers, with on/off showers and clouds into Sunday midday. The sun should return by Sunday afternoon. Monday and Tuesday are cooler, with showers Monday and sun on Tuesday. The month, overall, should end up being cooler than average thanks to highs not reaching 80, early next week.

  • Not a Washout

    Sure, this weekend will feature some rain late, late Saturday night into Sunday, but overall, the weekend is looking okay because the sun returns later Sunday morning. Though there won't be full sunshine with clear sky every minute of Saturday and Sunday, that WILL be the case today. Highs climb into the low 80s today and tomorrow with some clouds back by Saturday afternoon. A few showers and storms roll in Saturday night after midnight, and should clear out by Sunday midday. Anticipate a mix of clouds and sun for Sunday afternoon with highs in the mid 80s. Monday is cloudy with showers; however, the remainder of next week will be cooler than average with sunshine.

    We have passed the point of Summer when the sun's rays are strongest. This is why today's UV is only an 8 under full sunny skies. Even though darker pigmented skin doesn't burn as easily as fair skin, American Board of Dermatology doctors remind us that skin cancer doesn't discriminate.

  • Summer is on Vacation

    There hasn't been much complaining about the weather this summer--and that's a good thing! This morning felt brisk, especially for July, as wake up weather was in the low 60s with low humidity. This afternoon features a ton of sun, with dry weather continuing. Tomorrow through Friday are all sunny days with a touch of humidity added each day. Saturday might have some spotty rain, in between the sunny breaks--not a wash. Sunday will be more humid with sunshine, and maybe some afternoon storms. Next week should be very similar to this week. Where's the hot weather? The first half of August should remain like this: cooler than average with a few warmer days, here and there.

  • Another nice day on tap with highs in the low 80s. Dry weather is expected for the remainder of Wednesday. However, there could be some showers to contend with on Thursday. This would be hit or miss for us with a better chance of wet weather north and west of the city. Although we don’t expect a washout over the weekend, it may be a wet start.
    Partly cloudy. Winds will be SW 5-10 MPH. The temperature will be 65 degrees.
    Sunshine followed by increasing clouds. Winds will be SSW 5-15 MPH. The temperature will be 83 degrees.
    Partly cloudy. Winds will be WSW 5-15 MPH. The temperature will be 68 degrees.
    Mixed sun and clouds with late-day showers. Highs near 80. Lows near 71.
    Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. Highs near 78. Lows near 68.
    Early rain followed by increasing sunshine. Highs near 79. Lows near 66.
    Morning clouds giving way to more sun. Highs near 84. Lows near 64.
    A mix of sun and clouds. Highs near 82. Lows near 62.
  • Tropical Humidity

    Forget the drier, comfortable days of the past: August is coming in humid, but not that hot. After some brief morning sunshine, the first shower could be around by midday, then clouds build into the rest of the afternoon with a much muggier feel. It will POUR tomorrow morning, with the rain quitting by early afternoon. There won't be much clearing for Saturday afternoon, but at least Saturday night will be dry. Sunday morning begins damp with sunny breaks developing that afternoon. Tropical levels of humidity last into Sunday afternoon with partly sunny skies. Highs won't be too warm, just 78 both days this weekend.
    Monday brings back some sun. It remains somewhat humid into the end of next week--typical August.
  • A few scattered showers and storms are possible this evening. But, expect more in the way of wet weather to start on Saturday. With a lot of moisture being pumped in from the south, expect heavy rainfall in some areas. With that said, anticipate flooding in spots. As far as the tropics, Bertha continues to churn in the Caribbean. Islands that will be affected include portions of the Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico, and D.R. Bertha will likely remain a tropical storm and will eventually ride up the eastern seaboard. Luckily, the storm will remain out to sea and won't make landfall in the U.S. However, Atlantic beaches may be impacted with large ocean swells.
  • Finally Summer!

    This week's weather can turn your frown upside down. After a relatively wet weekend, the month of July averaged temperatures a half degree below average. June was one degree above average. Precip is withing the average range, as well. Essentially, this summer is quite normal--it just seems cooler because past successive summers have been unusually hot. The summer-like heat and humidity that snow birds love is back today and tomorrow, with highs in the upper 80s Tuesday. Wednesday starts cloudy and rains with storms in the afternoon. The timing of the rain is perfect, since Bertha will be stirring up ocean waves at Brooklyn beaches midweek. Beyond Thursday morning's clouds, Thursday afternoon through Tuesday look stunning, with the best days being Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    The first half of August will feature the similar average weather to what this summer has provided so far, with a few warmer days by the end of the month.
  • Did you know that you can also get a forecast from News 12 Meteorologist Jerry Manziello? Here's his morning blurb on facebook: Tuesday Augst 5th, 5:15am:
    Can you believe how humid it is outside this morning?? Dew points are in the 60s and in some areas will be near 70 by later on today, that's near tropical humidity!
    The good news is the extreme humidity will be gone by late in the week, but not before the potential for some showers and storms.
    It's all in my forecast, up on N12 T&W, C
    hannel 61!
  • G'Morning everyone!

    A humid start to the day, risk of maybe a spot shower or storm later... Find out if your day is going to be a wash out or not at all. I have your full forecast (including a look at the upcoming weekend) up on News12 Traffic & Weather, Channel 61. --Meteorologist Jerry Manziello
  • Feeling Fine!

    The drier and cooler start this morning is a throwback to the Fall-ish feel that many have been enjoying all summer long. Clear blue sky and low humidity last until noon. Today will reach 82 with extra clouds for the early afternoon due to cooler air in the upper atmosphere that is pouring down from the Hudson Valley. Those extra clouds clear well before sunset beginning a dry stretch of gorgeous weather that lasts until Tuesday. The cloudy/wet weather systems that typically move through the U.S. every few days are getting "stuck" in the Midwest this weekend. This means that we will be rain and generally cloud-free from tomorrow through Tuesday with highs hitting their average everyday, around 83. This makes for EXCELLENT viewing of the supermoon at moonrise in the Eastern sky Sunday evening at 7:46pm.

    Wednesday the 13th turns wet, with a pair of dry days next Thursday and Friday. Next weekend, the 16th and 17th, should be cloudy and wet.

  • Sunshine Galore

    The weather is sunny and comfortable through Monday. No chance of rain. Barely and clouds. Tuesday brings back the humidity, Wednesday will have our first rain in more than a week. No heat waves in sight. The slightly cooler than average weather lasts through next weekend
    Happy Friday!
  • Big Rains

    Today is your last chance to catch some sun, until Thursday. Monday's weather will mimic that of this past weekend, just a touch warmer, with slightly more humidity. Clouds creep in overnight, starting Tuesday overcast and cloudy. Muggy weather builds into tomorrow afternoon, with a spritz or sprinkle midday, only adding to the warm and humid feel. Rain begins late Tuesday night and intensifies into the morning. Wednesday morning's commute will feature downpours lasting into the midday. 1-3 inches of rain fall by Wednesday evening. That Autumn feel will be back as clear and cooler weather return for Thursday and Friday with mostly sunny skies. A mix of sun and clouds are on tap for the weekend, with some spotty showers nearby.
  • So Much Rain Coming

    Since the last 9 days have been bone dry, even some days with very low humidity, the grass has been looking rather brown lately. In fact, our last soaking was almost a month ago on July 15th. It's no wonder a Brooklyn dust devil formed! Overcast skies greet you at the door this morning, with the first showers beginning this afternoon. None of the rain is heavy until after 10pm. Then, the heavens open up for downpours with thunder and lightning through tomorrow morning's rush. While 3 inches of rainfall is likely, 2 inches is a guarantee. All that dry, parched ground will prevent the water from absorbing easily, meaning most of the rain runs-off, only enhancing the flooding.

    Thursday and Friday brings back the dry weather, with gorgeous sun through Saturday. Sunday could have more clouds. 80s are on tap for all of next week.

  • When it Rains…

    You know the rest. Nearly 3 inches of rain fell at Floyd Bennett Field at Flatbush Ave, while the Northwest Bronx received less than an inch. (The worst of the storm traveled 10 mi east, dumping 4 inches of rain per hour on Nassau County. Places down the shore, less than 1 hour south, received upwards of 5 inches). The usual spots in the borough are flooded this morning. The heavy rain is turning to spotty showers now, with just clouds by the midday. Gusts have been as high as 36 mph. Winds will remain gusty into the afternoon.

    Clouds break for sun by 1pm, with a sunny and less humid finish to the day. Tomorrow and Friday will be cooler and clear as highs won't even reach the 80s. The weekend looks great for Saturday. Some clouds are back by Sunday, with a small threat of a quick sprinkle.

  • September or August?

    Clear and refreshing weather started the morning. Cool breezes last until noon, with sunshine only warming us to 77 today, and 79 tomorrow. Saturday is just as beautiful. Sunday has a threat of late-day rain, but the day will not be a washout. Monday turns humid and warmer. Tuesday brings back clouds. Wednesday looks wet.

  • Chilly

    T.G.I.F everyone! We have a great start to the weekend. This morning will feel more like the start of fall rather than mid-August, all thanks to dry air keeping us cool. However, we are expected to see a high of 79 degrees and there will be plenty of sunshine, a wonderful day to spend outside or at the beach. Tomorrow is another great day with mostly sunny skies and a high of 81 degrees. On Sunday we will see a high of 80 degrees with a chance of showers later in the afternoon, but the morning will feature some clouds. By Monday, there will be lots of sunshine but the heat and humidity will return, finally making it feel more like August with reaching a high of 83. Tuesday through Thursday there will be a mix of sun and clouds with temperatures in the low 80's.

    Student Meteorologist/Weather Intern
    WCSU ‘15
  • Summer's Not Over!

    Muggy weather returns today, with clouds building into the afternoon. Anticipate mostly cloudy skies and humid weather lasting through Saturday. While light sprinkles could be around early tomorrow, the best chance for rain is tomorrow night into Friday morning. Clouds and high humidity linger for the rest of Friday afternoon and evening. There's a chance of sunshine returning late Saturday afternoon, but the dry and sunny weather should prevail on Sunday. Monday is the beginning of the best days of Summer. 80s return for a solid stretch next week bringing sunshine and a summerlike feel to each and every day.

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