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  • So Long Sunshine

    The warmest day thus far in 2014 made Memorial Day feel like a winner. Despite water temperatures in the mid 50s, even coastal Brooklyn locations reached the 80s for the first time. That gorgeous weather comes to a screeching halt today with overcast skies returning. Slow-moving storms develop by 4pm. Temperatures cool off into the 50s and 60s tonight, not hitting 70 until Friday. Sunshine takes a hiatus until Thursday morning.
  • Picture perfect weekend weather

  • On the heels of a beautiful holiday weekend (see photo below), we are left to contend with showers and storms in time for the evening rush. Be sure to allow for extra travel time this evening. Aside from a few early morning showers on Wednesday, expect mostly cloudy skies and much cooler temperatures for the rest of the week. Anticipate a gradual warm up this weekend.
  • Too Chilly

    Just short of setting record highs yesterday, the overnight temperature for Thursday morning nears a new record low. Neither 50 degrees as a morning commute temperature, nor very low humidity is common for late May. The chilly spell only lasts until Friday, when highs climb back into the 70s. For today, clouds and cool, damp air rule the day's weather--including a midday shower. Tomorrow brings back the sun, but the chill remains. The weekend weather will be perfect: warm and dry, filled with sunshine. Next week brings back 80 degree warmth with showers by Tuesday.
  • I woke up this morning and got the kids ready for school. As I loaded everything in the car, I realize that I was under dressed. I don't know what made me think that I would be alright in just a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I could feel the chilly air right down to the bone. Thankfully, the kids were dressed okay for the weather. Please don't forget a light jacket before you head outside. The cooler air will be in place through Thursday, as highs top out in the 60s. Expect a gradual warm up Friday through the weekend - with warmer temps sticking around through next week. Here's a quick look at weather conditions through Thursday morning. Stay tuned to News 12 for the complete forecast.
  • Cool and Calm

    The dry, refreshing breezes today will feel like March, rather than May. Step into the shade midday, and the temp will drop dramatically. Under the mostly sunny skies, highs will only reach 65 today. Tonight is clear and once again chilly. Tomorrow brings back the sun into the afternoon warming us up to 75. Despite the brief shower in the forecast tomorrow evening, most the day is sunny and dry, with clear sky returning in time for your Friday night plans. The weekend is gorgeous!

  • We've made some progress on Thursday. Even though highs didn't quite make it to 70 degrees, the sunshine made up for the unseasonably cool conditions. Expect a nice warm up on Friday as highs top out around 75 degrees. There could be a few showers or t-storms in the afternoon with a another shot at wet weather Friday night into Saturday morning. Seasonable temps will last through the weekend with a bump up next week. Enjoy!
  • Cloud-Free Forecast

    Sunday and Monday's forecast couldn't be better! Let's not get ahead of ourselves: first, rain is on the way this evening. We're back in the low 70s today with midday sunshine, going to clouds by 3pm. Showers and brief downpours arrive for the evening rush, but clear by 8pm. Late night plans are dry. Tomorrow begins clear and stays partly to mostly sunny throughout the day. Sunday is the pick of the weekend with cloud-free skies, lasting into all day Monday. Highs approach or beat 80 both days with bone dry humidity. Tuesday brings back noticeable humidity, with warm, southwest winds. That will create some afternoon showers with extra clouds through Wednesday. Thursday is nice and dry, back to 80.
  • Temps will be right where they should be this weekend. Check out your beach forecast!
  • Saturday's Beach Forecast

  • Summerlike

    Anticipate a continuation of yesterday's gorgeous weather. Today's highs will be about 8 degrees warmer than average. Humidity remains comfy today, but soars by Wednesday. The stickiness also brings back the threat of showers tomorrow afternoon, but brief thunderstorms on Wednesday. J-Lo fans fear not, the early arrivers to the concert may have downpours, but as show time nears, skies turn clear with high temperatures in the upper 80s. Thursday and Friday dry out and weekend looks fantastic (again!)

  • Aside from a a few showers or thunderstorms Tuesday into Wednesday, expect a nice week. Temps will likely max out in the 80s. If it gets a bit too warm and you've got some time to kill, head to the beach. Check out Tuesday's forecast.
  • J. Lo's Stage at Orchard Beach

  • The stage is set and ready to go! If you're planning on heading to the J.Lo concert this Wednesday at Orchard Beach, expect highs around 80 degrees. Keep in mind that it will feel a bit cooler near the water. Although it won't be a washout, rain is possible late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning.
  • Warming Up!

    Today's weather is looking fine--almost as perfect as yesterday's weather. The difference: a line of showers and storms arrive between 5-8pm, giving us a quick hit of rain. Until then, enjoy the mostly sunny skies and warm, humid air. There will be quite a bit of haze this afternoon, too. Tomorrow is dry all day, with an abundance of sunshine and warm weather. Wednesday evening brings back the clouds, but keeps the rain at bay until 3am Thursday. The Thursday morning commute will be a soaker with thunder and lightning. Thursday afternoon clears and warms back to the upper 70s. Friday is mostly sunny and pleasant, with another perfect looking weekend ahead!

    Today I'll be visiting the students at PS/MS 85 in Morris Park. They all get to participate in News 12's Weatherkids program! If you'd like me to visit your school to talk weather and science, email Shannon at:
  • The Way It Is

    Say Adios to the humidity, because by this afternoon, the weather will feel much drier than yesterday. Dewpoint is great measure of humidity. While dewpoints were high yesterday, but they won't be On The Floor today, just expect a comfortable, summerlike feel. While you are Waiting for Tonight, use some sunscreen as the UV index is very high (8). If you're planning to Dance Again tonight at the concert this evening, remember to Talk About Us by sending your picts to twitter using #JLo12. With all this perfect June weather, some just Gotta Be There to witness Jenny from the Block in person. Don't stay Too Late, otherwise you'll get caught in the storms after midnight. The clouds put on their rendition of Let's Get Loud, early in the morning when. After a while, it might seem that the rain is Never Gonna Give Up, lasting Forever! Unless you're Brave, I'd bring the umbrella tomorrow morning and plan for rain boots. Anticipate some flooding, thunder and lightning. Sun returns by tomorrow afternoon and it Don't Cost a Thing. Remember to Live it Up this weekend, as high temperatures are back around 80 with full sunshine.

    The Pleasure Is Mine,
  • It was a sunny start to the day with highs around 80 degrees. However, the clouds will continue to build this evening, setting the stage for wet weather. Speaking of stage, the JLo concert is slated to get under way soon. It will be rain free and less humid. Check out your weather headlines for a quick breakdown.
  • The rain has tapered off, leaving behind lots of sunshine for the afternoon and early evening. But, it hasn't done much to bring the pollen counts down. Check out your Allergy Report below. Highs topped out in the 70s on Thursday. Expect highs to return to the 80s for the weekend.
  • Wet Week Ahead

    Downpours this morning led to a messy am commute. About an inch of rain is expected to fall by 10am. Then clouds and muggy, warm weather last for the remainder of the day. Tonight brings another round of rain. Tomorrow is equally as wet; however, most of the rain falls during Tuesday afternoon and evening. We're already 4 inches of rainfall over budget for the year. That number will be higher by Friday. Highs climb to 80 tomorrow with high humidity. Wednesday is our only dry day with mostly sunny skies, with just veiled sunshine at the worst. Thursday and Friday feature the last showers before the weekend. Speaking of the weekend: Saturday and Sunday look AWESOME! Father's Day will have highs in the 80s with sunshine.

  • Sticky

    Today won't be nearly as wet, but it will be much more humid. Scattered showers and a passing thunderstorm bring back the rain chances into the afternoon, but fog rules the morning. Visibility dropped to 1/8th of a mile along the shoreline, making it difficult to see a few cars ahead while crossing the bridges. Warm air moves in from the southwest, bringing today's high to 80, without much sunshine. That means it will feel sticky into tonight. Tomorrow brings back a chance of brighter skies, but likely the fog prevents us from seeing much blue at all. Rain returns for Thursday evening and Friday. The weekend clears out by Saturday morning, making the weekend locked in with sunshine and comfortable humidity.
  • The instability continues to mount across the boroughs. There could be a few spot showers tonight along with fog and muggy conditions. Expect lows to bottom out in the mid 60s. Don't expect much relief for the remainder of the work week. Be on the look out for showers and storms Thursday and Friday. The weather clears up in time for the weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday offer sunshine and warm temps. Speaking of warm, the heat will be on next week. There could even be some 90s in the mix. Stay tuned.
  • Clammy

    Have you ever heard the term "clammy" used to describe the weather? Think cool marine air, with mist and some fog. That's your weather today. Clammy. Tomorrow? Clammy again. Friday gets stormy later in the day with a warm up back to the 80s. It will seem as though magic happens Friday night as clear, dry air kicks the storm clouds out, making this weekend very pleasant with warm sunshine and less humidity.

  • CC

    Today's weather is a carbon copy of yesterday's weather. Cool, clouds, fog, mist and drizzle with late afternoon showers. Tomorrow is much warmer and humid with afternoon thunderstorms that could deliver another inch of rain. The weather clears out later Friday night (just before midnight) with gorgeous dry weather to begin the weekend. Your Father's Day forecast looks even better! Sunshine, balmy breezes and low humidity with 82 degrees will be the forecast for Dad.

  • The sun attempted to make an appearance today, as it did yesterday. However, it was short lived. The clouds have taken over once again. With dew points rising well into the 60s, it wasn't quite that oppressive outside. The southeasterly breeze has been our saving grace. Cooler air off the ocean waters along with the abundant cloud cover has limited the temps from rising. However, that's about to change this weekend. Keep the umbrella handy trough early Saturday. Sunshine and warmer temps will take over thereafter, making it a picture perfect weekend as highs rise into the 80s.
  • Stormy Finish

    Heat, haze and humidity return this afternoon with sunshine! Does it last? No. In fact, those strong late Spring rays of sun will enhance the storms this evening, bringing frequent lightning, downpours and gusty winds. The storms are done before 11pm, with clouds and a clearing overnight. Tomorrow morning is dry, clear and full of blue sky. The rest of the weekend remains perfect. Monday brings back some mid-80 degree heat with a touch more humidity. The mugginess (along with persistent summer-like warmth in the 80s) will be back by Tuesday, possibly sparking off a late day t-storm. Summer begins 6 :51am next Saturday.

  • Summerish

    Today will be the last dry and warm day before summerlike humidity returns tomorrow. Highs approach 90 by Tuesday afternoon. The weather gets steamy for Wednesday with oppressive heat (91) and humidity (tropical), but only for a day. Storms on Wednesday afternoon break the heat, bringing back drier and more comfortable weather for Thursday. Friday looks pleasant in the low 80s with sunshine. Summer begins at 6:51am Saturday, with clouds and some possible rain returning on Sunday (our first weekend featuring some rain in a while).
  • HOW Hot ?!?!?!

    The humidity makes the afternoon feel much more uncomfortable today and especially tomorrow. It will FEEL LIKE the mid 90s today and upper 90s tomorrow--and that's in the shade. As the sun beats down on the borough today, expect air quality to become very poor with alerts likely later today for those sensitive to pollutants. (Ultraviolet light breaks down vehicle emissions into ground-level ozone. The stronger the UV light is, the more efficient the process is). You'll notice the hazy skyline this evening and especially tomorrow morning. Tonight will be very muggy with high humidity into tomorrow afternoon. The peak heat arrives by Wednesday at 3pm when some storms develop and try to cool us off. The front lingers in the area on Thursday, giving us the threat of wet and humid weather until about noon. Friday should be clear, and back to cool weather.

    Where's the best place to keep cool? Try a beach! Water temperatures are still in the low 60s, so nature's air conditioning will feel great on the sand. Just remember the sunscreen. UV index is a 10--the strongest of the entire year.

  • Summer doesn't officially arrive until Saturday, and Mother Nature has decided to provide us with a preview of the season this week. Yesterday's high topped out at 86 degrees, and today's high will likely rise into the upper 80s again. Wednesday will be even hotter with some areas making it past 90 degrees. Warm temps will stick around through Friday with cooler air arriving to kick off summer this Saturday.
  • Stationary front draped to our south will continue to sag toward the mid-Atlantic. Expect showers until about 6:00 this evening followed by clearing overnight. Lows are expected to dip into the low to mid 60s. Sunshine is slated to make a comeback on Friday with highs near 80 degrees. It will be a nice start to summer with highs in the upper 70s, low 80s. Check out your backyard forecast for the first day of summer.
  • Summer

    There's so much sunshine in the forecast today, and for next several days. Today is dry and warm. Tomorrow brings back the humidity, but it remains sunny. Wednesday is soupy with fog and muggy weather in the morning. Storms arrive Wednesday afternoon. The weather turns drier late Thursday and clears on Friday. The weekend is somewhat cloudy, with only partial sunshine--that's the part I'll try to work on this week.

  • What a beautiful view of downtown Brooklyn with the Staten Island Ferry in the foreground. You can't beat it! It's the first full week of summer and we're off to a great start. Highs will top out in the 80s, with lows in the 60s. You may want to tote the umbrella Wednesday and Thursday, as rain threatens to move in.
  • 80s to Stay

    As another beautiful day begins, the humidity begins to rise. Welcome to summer in the city. Though not overwelmingly hot, the warm and humid weather will make conditions borderline uncomfortable for some, but just pain nice for many. Very muggy weather with dense fog will make a soupy and mild start to Wednesday. Highs will remain in the mid to upper 80s for the remainder of the week, with the high humidity breaking on Friday. Until then, even overnight low temperatures won't dip below the 70s. Despite coming close to 90 degrees on several occasions, the climate station in Central Park has only been as warm as 89 this year. The latest a 90 degree temperature occurred in a summer season was July 14, 1985. That record will likely stand since we're on target to hit 90 as early as next week.

    Storms come in tomorrow evening, and clear by late Thursday morning. This weekend will be warm and dry, with afternoon clouds. A heat streak arrives Monday of next week and lasts through Thursday, coinciding with July's arrival.
  • Partly Sunny?

    Partly Sunny is an optimistic way of stating Mostly Cloudy, with times of extra sun. Beyond the morning haze and low clouds, the clouds lift this afternoon as the humidity builds. The sunshine will actually help expand the atmosphere, allowing for showers and storms to grow by this evening. This afternoon's humidity will be tropical, but the warmth will be average. Tomorrow brings morning fog, then sunshine with a quick afternoon shower. Friday is mostly sunny, with a pop-up 20 minute storm. The weekend still looks great!

    Next week will be rather hot. Heat peaks on Tuesday, before breaking with storms around Thursday. Independence day weekend will be cooler (upper 70s), and it's trending mostly sunny.

  • Last Day of School!

    Summer vacation begins when the school bell rings this afternoon for all public schools. How's the weather for this afternoon? Summery. Humidity keeps winding down, but there's still a shower threat into the afternoon. With the sun showers until this evening, look for rainbows after 4pm. Tomorrow brings drier weather with sunshine. The weekend will be perfect--highs in the low 80s and sunny. Get ready for some heat early next week. The heat should break with storms before the 4th.

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