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  • Cloudy and cooler than average through Tuesday

    Clouds, drizzle and patchy areas of fog are in the forecast for tonight as a low pressure pulls away from us. Additional clouds, showers and slight chance of thunderstorms are in the forecast for Tuesday, as a cold front approaches from the west. Fair weather returns for Wednesday and Thursday as Canadian high pressure takes over.

  • Not perfect, but not a washout!

    Our weather has improved as the low that brought showers and thunderstorms to the borough last night moves off the New England coast. A weak area of high pressure will cross the region over the next 24 to 36-hours, bringing us fair weather to start the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Clouds and a chance of showers return to the borough Sunday and Memorial Day as a weak area of low pressure approaches from the west and slips off shore south of the Tri-State area. Once again, have alternative plans in mind for Sunday and Monday.

    Have a safe and pleasant holiday weekend,
  • Another Rainy Day.
    Light rain started around 4am, and lingers with varying intensities all morning. We’ll get a break this afternoon with just cloudy skies, but another round of downpours with thunderstorms return this evening. All this of this rainfall could add up in the bucket, marking the May 2017 as the 10th wettest May on record.  Even if that milestone isn’t reached today, it’s a near guarantee that it occurs before the end of the month next week thanks to rain in the forecast during the late-part of the holiday weekend. Tomorrow remains mostly cloudy with breaks of sun—very similar to yesterday’s partial sunshine. Despite the clouds, tomorrow will be much warmer, in the 70s, due to the warm front that arrives tonight.  Full blue sky finally returns on Saturday with highs remaining in the mid 70s. Clouds may return early Sunday, lasting through the afternoon. Light rain is back on Sunday afternoon, lingering into Sunday night.  Dry weather begins Memorial Day, but cloudy skies will bring rain back for Monday afternoon. The remainder of next week looks dry and seasonably warm with sun.
  • Another Round of Wet Weather

    Clouds, periods of rain with possible thunderstorms begin overnight and take us through Friday as low pressure over the Ohio Valley moves east and off-shore just in for the start of the Memorial Day holiday weekend. At this point, Saturday looks like the best day of the weekend as high pressures crosses the Tri-state area. The high quickly exits as low pressure and the associated warm front brings another round of clouds and rain for Sunday and Memorial Day.

  • Changeable.
    Today’s weather is the perfect corollary for this weekend: fickle conditions. Light rain ended earlier today and will be followed by sunny and warm weather this afternoon. Tonight turns cool with an easterly breeze with rain moving in quickly for the overnight.  Tomorrow has rain and chilly weather all day, briefly heavy at times. Friday is split: wet weather begins the day, with partly cloudy skies by the afternoon, and possibly even a late-day sun shower. Saturday is still the best day of the 3-day weekend. Sunday should remain clear in the morning, with clouds in the afternoon and rain starting up again that evening. Some of that rain lingers into Monday morning; however, clearing around midday on Memorial Day should allow the outdoor plans to go off without a problem.  Rain is back later Monday evening, lasting into Tuesday.
  • Wet weather mid-week through Friday

    Our pattern of unsettled weather continues as waves of low pressure crosses the region bringing periods of rain and possible thunderstorms to the borough late Wednesday night through Thursday Night. A few remaining showers are possible Friday as low pressure moves northeast. Weak high pressure moves in Friday night into Saturday bring a pleasant start to the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Unfortunately, another round of clouds and showers are in the forecast for Sunday and Monday that could drive holiday activities indoors.

  • Wow.


    This weekend’s forecast is very tricky.  In a nutshell, the holiday weekend weather changes every 6 hours, going back and forth from sunny and warm to rainy and cool. Here’s a breakdown of the next few days: sunny and warm weather today, will lead to pleasantly comfortable conditions. Afternoon clouds will be the only effect from rain showers that pass us by just offshore.  Seasonable sunny weather continues tomorrow with highs returning to the mid 70s. Clouds are back late tomorrow evening before a whole day of rain and thunderstorms moves in for Thursday. Anticipate another 1-2 inches of rain throughout the day Thursday.  The soggy weather lasts into Friday morning as light drizzle, but gradually clears out by the late afternoon allowing for a pleasantly dry Friday evening. Saturday is the pick of the weekend, with full sunshine all day and comfortably warm weather in the upper 70s. Sunday is decent to start, but gradually becomes overcast into the afternoon. I think Sunday afternoon is dry, but showers return by the late evening. Monday looks pretty wet and cool. Not ideal, but there’s still some uncertainty in the forecast regarding Monday’s specific details, so there’s hope!



  • Unsettled Weather for most of the week

    A series of low pressure systems will bring clouds and periods of rain to the borough for much of this week. Temperatures will be in the 60s and 70s for daytime highs and will fall to the 50s and low 60s for overnight lows through Friday.

  • Rainy and Cool.
    More rain will fall this afternoon, putting another inch in the bucket for this month. Winds remain light, but air stays cool, about 12 degrees below average for the day. Including today’s rain, May 2017 has received double the normal rainfall—with more rain to come later this week. By tonight, we will be one inch shy of entering the Top 10 wettest Mays on record. Tomorrow’s weather warms significantly, but just back to average. The rest of the day will be cloudy with slivers of sunshine. Wednesday turns milder with sun. Rain is back with gusty northwest winds on Thursday and Friday.  The weather clears nicely for Saturday with warm sunshine and calm breezes. The rest of the weekend is up in the air: right now, the thinking is cloudy skies returning by Sunday night. Memorial Day’s weather is too uncertain as of today.
  • The First Heat Wave of 2017!

    Temperatures were 17 to 25 degrees above average for the 19th of May with highs 91 at Central Park, 96 at LaGuardia and 90 at Kennedy. Today makes the 3rd straight day of 90 degrees or higher at LaGuardia Airport making this the first heat wave of 2017! Potential record temperatures come to an end as a cold front moves off shore tonight. We go into the weekend under the influence of Canadian high pressure. This high will bring a cool north to east flow that will keep daytime highs in the mid-60s and low 70s while overnight lows fall to the 50s through the weekend. A sunny to partly sunny sky is in the forecast for Saturday with increasing clouds for Sunday as a warm front advance from the west. This front will bring our next round of wet weather as early as Sunday night and taking us through Monday.

  • Another Day of Record Temperatures

    It’s day two of heat and humidity for the borough as our Bermuda high begins to pull away from the coast. As it does, our winds will shift from southwest to west tonight into Friday which means less of a tropical feel to our weather to close out the work and school week. We still run the risk of record breaking temperatures for Thursday, not so for Friday.

    Central Park: Forecast High: 91, Record High: 90 set in 1936
    LaGuardia: Forecast High: 94, Record High: 86 set in 1989
    Kennedy: Forecast High: 82, Record High: 88 set in 1977

    Central Park: Forecast High: 86, Record High: 99 set in 1962
    LaGuardia: Forecast High: 86, Record High: 95 set in 1962
    Kennedy: Forecast High: 83, Record High: 91 set in 1962

    A cold front will advance from the northwest bringing a cooler and less humid air mass to the borough just in time for the weekend. There is only a slight chance of showers and a possible thunderstorm associated with this front. As a result, pollen levels will remain high through the weekend and we under an AIR QUALITY ALERT until 10PM tonight. The front should clear the coast by Friday evening setting us up for pleasant weather for most of the weekend under the influence of Canadian high pressure. I do have increasing clouds in the forecast for Sunday as another cold front brings a chance of rain to the borough as early as Sunday night and taking us through the day on Monday.

  • Summer in May!

    Well above average temperatures were recorded on this 17th day of May. Central Park: 89/65, LaGuardia: 93 (Record High) /66 and Kennedy 77/57. Overall 6 to 17 degrees above average for the date and we do it all over again on Thursday.

    A southwesterly flow very warm and humid air continues as high pressure is anchored off the Carolina coast. Temperatures will approach record breaking levels through Thursday as a cold front approach from the west. This front will bring a slight chance of showers and possible thunderstorm and winds shifting from southwest to northwest. This cooler and less humid air mass will take over as we end the work and school week and begin the weekend. In the meantime, anyone with respiratory concerns will want to slow down and spend as little time outdoors as possible as a stagnant air mass will remain over much of the Tri-state area through Friday. As a result, The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has issued an AIR QUALITY ALERT from 10AM - 10PM Thursday. Allergy sufferers can also expect high levels of tree and grass pollen through the weekend.

    Record / Forecast Highs for Thursday
    Central Park: 90 set in 1936 – Forecast High: 91
    LaGuardia: 86 set in 1989 – Forecast High: 88
    JFK: 88 set in 1977 – Forecast High: 82

    Do what you can to stay cool!
  • Stagnant, Hot Air
    Sunny weather today, combined with a light, but muggy, southwest wind, will make this afternoon’s temperatures soar to near 90°. Air quality will be poor this afternoon with high levels of ground ozone. (Vehicle emissions in a stagnant air mass chemically react with the sun’s photons, creating O₃. Since we breath O₂, an Air Quality Alert (or Air Quality Action Day) is effective 10am to 10pm today.) Those with respiratory issues are urged not to exert themselves today and tomorrow.
    An afternoon sea breeze will cool down the city’s beach neighborhoods into the upper 50s by 3pm.  It will feel about 30 degrees warmer, just 10 miles inland in Williamsburg, as compared to Coney Island this afternoon. Feels like temperatures remain in the upper 80s through this evening, well after sunset, thanks to the increased humidity. Full sunshine all-day today, will transition to mostly cloudy skies tonight, trapping in the day’s heat, letting tomorrow start in the 70s.  That’s one of the reasons why tomorrow’s heat will set new record highs—tomorrow morning’s low will already be our normal afternoon high for the date. Any chance of a quick t-storm tomorrow will primarily be to our North; regardless, the humidity will still reach uncomfortable levels Thursday. Clouds increase Friday afternoon beginning the cool-down to average May weather. Friday night’s light shower activity should stay too far South to be of any concern. Saturday will start cool with a few clouds, then transition to mostly sunny skies mid-morning with light winds all day, high around 70. Sunday is mostly cloudy and cooler, with highs in the mid 60s only.
  • A Brief Taste of Summer is on the Way!

    High pressure moves off the mid-Atlantic coast bringing a southwesterly flow of very warm and humid air to the region through Thursday. Highs are forecasted for the mid-80s to low 90s with dew points in the low and mid-60s. This is the time to slow-down and to be properly hydrated, especially if you will be working outside. A cold front will approach from the west on Friday bringing a chance of showers, possible thunderstorms and a northerly flow of cooler and drier air just in time for the weekend.

  • Get ready for July Weather in May!

    We’ll have a clearing sky and diminishing winds as our nor’easter weakens and crosses Nova Scotia over the next 24 hours. A fair sky and increasingly warm temperatures take over the region through Friday as high pressure sets up off the mid-Atlantic coast. This “Bermuda high” is a summer pattern that will bring a southwesterly flow of very warm and humid air sending daytime highs into the mid and upper 80s while overnight lows will only fall to the upper 50s and upper 60s Wednesday through Friday. This is great news for those of us that love warm weather, but this also means a return to sneezing, nasal congestion, watery noses and itchy eyes for those who suffer when the pollen count is high. Overall air quality will be less than great with no rain in the forecast for the next 3 to 5 days.

  • Soaking rains on the way!

    The work and school week ends with dry and cool weather that ends tonight as high pressure lifts north and low pressure moves off the Carolina coast then north beginning tonight. This coastal low will bring periods of rain that will be heavy at times, a gusty easterly wind from 25 to 35 mph. This easterly flow will bring a risk of flooding along the coast especially during times of high tide on Saturday (Coney Island: 10:14am / 10:23PM, Jamaica Bay / Canarsie: 10:45am / 10:54PM and City Island: 12:53PM / 10:23PM) as well as possible minor inland flood. Rainfall estimated from two to three inches by Sunday afternoon. Mother’s Day will be a mostly cloudy day with a chance of showers and winds remaining gusty.

    Our weather begins to improve as the new work and school begins. Our coastal low weakens as it moves towards the Canadian Maritimes. High pressure builds to our south bringing a west to southwest flow of increasingly warmer. Look for a summer feel to our weather as temperatures climb from the mid-60s on Monday to the low and mid-80s by Wednesday and Thursday of next week.

  • Another Cool and Dry One for the Books

    Thursday was a day under a partly to mostly cloudy sky with temperatures three to six degrees below average for the 11th of May. Changes are on the way as weak high pressure moves out Friday. Low pressure will approach from the southwest and strengthen as it moves east and off the coast Friday night into Saturday. Gusty winds and periods of heavy rain are in the forecast as a Nor’easter for just in time for Mother’s Day weekend. Rainfall amounts will approach two inches with potential wind gust from 30 to 40 mph with the worst of weather taking place Saturday.

  • Not much of a change until the weekend

    If you are looking for mild to warm temperatures you’ll have a bit of a wait. Temperatures for Wednesday were 3 to 5 degrees below average for May 10th with readings of 63/49 for Central Park, 64/52 at LaGuardia and 60/50 for JFK. Cooler than average and dry weather continues through Friday as a weak area of high pressure remains in control. Low pressure moves east and crosses the Ohio Valley late Thursday and off the coast by Friday, bringing wind and rain to the borough through Mother’s Day weekend. Seasonal temperatures return by the middle of next week.

  • Very High UV.


    Today’s sunshine will allow the first day of a “Very High” ultraviolet index this year.  It corresponds to 8 of 11 on the UV scale. The scale goes beyond 11 in the tropics, but our area only reaches 11 (extreme) for a few days around the summer solstice. Burn time is less than 15 minutes. Despite today being the warmest day this week, all of the afternoon sun still can’t make up for the lack of seasonal warmth.  Highs remain in the low 60s today and tomorrow, with increasing clouds tomorrow afternoon. Rain begins very light late Friday afternoon with wind increasing off the water--that will keep weekend temperatures in the 50s.  The heaviest of the rain will fall on Saturday afternoon and night, with flooding very likely thanks to 2-3 inches of rainfall likely. Winds could be sustained of 45mph Saturday into Sunday, with higher gusts. A drier, but still gusty breeze, should push out some clouds by Monday, but the chill remains until Tuesday. Wednesday will bring back seasonable weather in the 70s with sunshine.  After a late week shower chance, the weather clears out perfectly for a seasonably warm, sunny and calm next weekend.



  • Cooler with Sun
    Today’s weather is another repeat of yesterday’s cool, March-like feel. In fact, the rest of this week will remain in the low to mid 60s for highs, with every morning beginning in the 40s. Dry weather should last through Friday, with an opportunity for some showers this weekend. The Mother’s Day forecast is too close to call, given the unknown position of a wind and rain event later this weekend. There should be some more clarity on the timing and track by tomorrow. Regardless, warmer, May-like weather returns in about 7-8 days with full sunshine and a touch of humidity.
  • Unseasonably Chilly.
    Cooler than average weather remains all week. Temperatures will struggle to reach the low 60s today and tomorrow. Morning sunshine warms us into the upper 50s by midday, but also helps create mostly cloudy skies this afternoon. Passing sprinkles are likely this evening, but not every neighborhood sees rain. Tomorrow will bring more clouds with another March-like forecast: highs in the upper 50s. Chilly air (about 10-12 degrees below average) lingers into this weekend with increasing chances for rain on Saturday and Sunday. The chilly pattern becomes “unstuck” next Wednesday allowing for warmer sunshine to return with typical May warmth in about 10 days.
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