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  • Refreshing Sunday
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike
    Drier air will be filtering into southwestern Connecticut through the overnight and into Sunday. This dry northwesterly wind will push away any humidity that was present for the past few days!
    It will be great weather for the beach, so head on out - with the sunscreen of course!
    If you're more of a boater, don't worry, it will be great for taking the boats out onto the sound as well!
  • Heat and Humidity Return
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas 
    The "muggies" will return on Friday. The humidity and heat will combine for "feels like" temperatures in the mid to upper 90s Friday afternoon. Be weather aware for a thunderstorm threat later in the day and at night.
    Beach Forecast
    Marine Forecast
  • Shower Threats
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike
    Unsettled weather will stick around through the overnight hours into Sunday. A round of rain is likely to pass through southwestern Connecticut overnight and Sunday features more isolated pop-up storms. 
    Some sunshine peeks out for Monday, but another front will be steaming into southwestern Connecticut. This front is likely to "squeeze" out the humidity and heat from the atmosphere. Therefore conditions are expected to improve on Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday with drier air and more seasonal temperatures near 83 degrees.
  • Hot & Humid
    Thursday, July 14, 2016
    It'll be a hot and humid summer day on Friday. Temperatures will reach into the lower 90s; the "feels like" temperatures will be a few degrees warmer than that.
  • Milford Thunderstorm 7/14/16

  • Another Nice Beach Day
    Tuesday, July 12, 2016
    It'll be warm and more humid on Wednesday. Any thunderstorms are expected to stay to our west through the day. Don't forget the sunscreen!
    Beach Forecast for Wednesday
    Marine Forecast for Wednesday
  • Beach & Boating Forecast
    Following the unsettled (at times) weekend, the weather turned nice again on Monday. It'll be another winner on Tuesday! Here's your beach and boating forecast:
    Beach Forecast for Tuesday
    Marine Forecast for Tuesday
  • Pleasant & Sunny
    Meteorology Intern Noni Hodges-Flakes
    (with Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike)
    The sky will be partly sunny over southwestern Connecticut through Monday morning. The wake-up temperatures will be in the middle to upper 60s throughout the area. Winds will also come from the northwest at 5 MPH.
    We can expect temperatures to climb to the lower 80s across southwestern Connecticut by the afternoon.  Humidity will be low and the air feels refreshing and nice! A few high clouds will be present, but they will eventually move off by the evening.
    Clouds move off the shore leaving a mostly clear and beautiful night sky. Low temperatures throughout southwestern Connecticut will rest near a comfortable 65 degrees on Monday night.  Winds will come from the southwest at 5 – 10 MPH.
    Tuesday morning will feel warm and the skies will be mostly sunny. Temperatures will be in the low 70s during the morning.
    Tuesday afternoon will warm up to near 83 degrees. A few clouds will join us in the afternoon and a stray shower is likely to develop west of our area.  
    High temperatures will reach the upper 80s for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  There will be thunderstorms and showers likely on Thursday night into Friday.  
  • Marine Layer
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike
    Southeasterly winds have been pushing a marine air mass into southwestern Connecticut. This explains the clouds, cooler temperatures, and mist.

    This air pattern also weakens strong thunderstorms since these conditions don't enhance them. In fact, strong thunderstorms typically 'feed off of' high humidity and warm sunshine. None of these are present today for southwestern Connecticut, but they are present just over 100 miles west of the area.
    As a line of thunderstorms develops west, they will march eastwards into this stable and cooler marine air. The storms are expected to weaken as they pass through but not completely dissipate. Therefore some showers and storms will make into southwestern Connecticut tonight.
    These storms should not be severe, but they could bring moderate bursts of rain and a few strikes of lightning.
    Conditions slowly improve through Sunday where there will still be chances for very light scattered showers. Monday and Tuesday will be better with more sunshine and drier conditions....but the humidity comes back towards the end of the week!
  • Bridgeport Time Lapse 7/8/16

  • Fairfield Time Lapse 7/7/16

  • Fireworks Then Waterworks
    Meteorology Intern Noni Hodges-Flakes
    (with Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike)
    The southerly winds will not be an intrusive element during the 4th of July. However, there will be significant humidity pushed into southwestern Connecticut due to the southerly winds. Thunderstorms and showers will be moved into the Mid-Atlantic region through today. 

    Today's clear skies will fade as cloud cover will increase this afternoon since some of those storms and showers will start to approach southwestern Connecticut from the southwest. Evening temperatures will be pleasant and mild near 70 degrees. The overnight low will be 68 degrees.
    These storm and showers will arrive near midnight and last into the late morning on Tuesday. Some storms can be heavy at times during the morning commute, so bring the umbrella!
    Clouds will move out of southwestern Connecticut leaving partly cloudy skies behind for the afternoon through the evening. Temperatures will increase to the middle to upper 80s.
    Wednesday will be very hot with temperatures in the 90s. Winds will come from the south at 5-15 mph. It could possibly be the start of a heatwave if temperatures for Thursday into Saturday exceed their forecast high temperatures. (We need three consecutive days of 90 degree weather or warmer!)
    The atmosphere will also become unstable with afternoon pop-up thunderstorms and showers likely on Thursday through Saturday. 
  • Humidity, Showers, & Heat
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike

    A storm over the Midwest is moving due east and will bring showers south of southwestern Connecticut on Monday. We will only see some increasing clouds through the evening on Independence Day with dry weather. 
    As the clouds move through the area on Monday evening, humidity will continue to increase and provide unsettled weather for Tuesday morning.
    Showers will end by Tuesday afternoon with increasing sunshine. Humidity will continue to filter into southwestern Connecticut for the midweek along with warm temperatures pushing to 90 degrees for Wednesday. Chances for pop-up thunderstorms are possible for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday since the humidity and heat will make the atmosphere unstable.
    This weather pattern is heatwave potential for the tristate area - so keep following the forecast on our News 12 Connecticut Weather webpage.
  • Sunday's Weather
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike
    Sunday will be a great day filled with sunshine and a few clouds. Highs in the afternoon reach near 84 degrees.
    Temperatures turn pleasant for the evening and it will definitely feel nice for Norwalk's fireworks at Calf Pasture Beach!
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    The first fireworks show of the holiday weekend is Thursday night in Westport. The weather is looking great for that!

    Unfortunately, showers are a possibility on Friday evening. We'll keep an eye on it!

    For a full list of fireworks shows, check out

  • Bridgeport Time Lapse 6/28/16

  • We Need Rain
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    On Monday, the State Of Connecticut issued a "drought advisory" for the area. They say that reservoir levels aren't a problem at this point, but people should take extra steps to save water.

    Dry conditions in southwestern Connecticut 

    June rainfall over 2 inches below normal 

    Rainfall deficit for the year is over 4 inches 

  • Pattern Changer
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike
    A pattern changer is headed into southwestern Connecticut starting on Monday night and it lasts through Wednesday. A cold front is approaching from the west and it will push some clouds into southwestern Connecticut through late Monday.
    The front is anticipated to bring a stretch of unsettled weather. This does not mean that it will be raining the whole time, but it means that it will be mostly cloudy with scattered showers and storms.
    The front will increase clouds just before sunset on Monday. Scattered drizzle will be in the area but chances for heavy rain are low through the final few hours of Monday.
    Chances for rain increase overnight as the front picks up moisture in the area. This can spark showers through the Tuesday morning commute and a potential thunderstorm.
    There will be mostly cloudy skies through Tuesday with chances for showers at any time during the day. The chances for the heaviest showers are on Tuesday morning (seen above) and again on Tuesday evening (near sunset). Some showers may linger into Wednesday morning before conditions improve through Wednesday afternoon.
    So don't forget the umbrella for Tuesday and for Wednesday morning!
  • High Pressure In Control
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike
    We don't typically talk about "pressure" but this weekend's weather pattern is strongly attributed to a weather feature known as "High Pressure"
    High pressure is typically noted on a weather map by a large H over the area seeing that weather pattern. In fact, that weather pattern brings beautiful weather to southwestern Connecticut.
    The fair weather will take its time leaving the area, hence why we will see a prolonged period of sunny and quiet weather.
    Sunday and Monday will both be excellent beach and boating days!
    But even sunny and fair weather has to come to an end. Another weather pattern approaches from the west for Tuesday and some thundershowers are possible. So get out there and enjoy while you can!
  • Beach & Boating Forecast
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    The weather is looking great for the first weekend of summer! Here's a look at your beach and boating forecast. Don't forget the sunscreen as you can burn very quickly!

  • First Weekend Of Summer
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    The first weekend of summer will be a great one in southwestern Connecticut. We'll see plenty of sunshine, mild temperatures and comfortable levels of humidity. Enjoy!

  • Great Beach Weather
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    The week will wrap up with another stellar day across southwestern Connecticut. If you have the day off, here's a look at the beach and boating forecast.

  • First Full Day Of Summer
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    The first full day of summer is looking pretty nice across southwestern Connecticut. A round of rain is possible around sunrise (which is about 5:20 AM). Any wet weather will quickly exit and things will settle down for the rest of the day.

  • Summer Starts Monday
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike
    The summer solstice takes place this coming Monday, June 20 at 6:34PM. This will start the official summer season and it will also be the day with the longest daylight hours of the year at 15 hours and 8 minutes.
    The weather will be very nice and summer-like on Monday with highs along the shoreline in the upper 70s. It will be a touch cooler there due to a seabreeze. Areas inland will see warmer temperatures in the lower 80s. Otherwise, it will be a great beach day or outdoor activity day. Just don't forget to wear sunscreen since the sun will be strong. The UV Index is a 10 which is considered "Very High". This can cause burning quickly - so be well protected with sunscreen of SPF 45 or higher.
  • Abnormally Dry
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike
    The weather has been great for the past week! We have seen plenty of sunshine, warm weather, and dry conditions. In fact, this weather pattern will continue into the next few days. Let's explore what this means for southwestern Connecticut.

    To start, the ground is "abnormally dry" for this time of year. We should have received just over 2 inches of rain so far this month. We've only seen about an inch.
    This rainfall deficit will eventually lead us into a moderate drought if we don't see a good soaking soon. Much of the country is experiencing a dry spell with lots of sunshine and heat. This is thanks to an "atmospheric ridge" where the jet stream is pushed north above the United States.
    When that happens, the warm tropical air from the south has an opportunity to push farther north. Hence our nice above seasonal temperatures and sunshine!
    The jet stream will "dip" over the northeast come Tuesday and this will push a cold front through the area which can interrupt this weather pattern by bringing some rain showers and scattered thunderstorms through the area for Tuesday afternoon and evening.
    Afterwards, the weather pattern turns dry once again for our area with temperatures just slightly cooler with highs in the upper 70s. 
  • Nice (Late) Spring Weekend
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas
    Friday, June 17, 2016

    Beaches will be busy on Saturday! Things will be great for Father's Day on Sunday as well! 

  • Pleasant Friday
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas
    Thursday, June 16, 2016

    We'll see partly sunny skies on Friday. A passing shower is possible, but rain won't be a huge problem. Temperatures will be a bit cool for this time of year.

  • Showers Staying Away... Mostly
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas
    Wednesday, June 15, 2016

    Clouds and showers will attempt to reach the area on Thursday. At the same time, dry air from the north will try to block them. Most of the wet weather will stay away; however, a shower or sprinkle will be possible late tonight through Thursday morning. Clouds will mix with breaks of sun by afternoon.

  • Good Stuff Goes On
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas
    Tuesday, June 14, 2016

    The week is off to a nice start, and the pleasant weather will go through Wednesday. Here's a look at your beach and boating outlook for Wednesday.

  • Enhanced Fire Weather Risk
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike

    Dry air is being pushed into southwestern Connecticut today as a gusty northwesterly wind pushes yesterday's unsettled weather away. 
    Low relative humidity levels, the strong sunshine/warmth, and gusty winds of 30mph+ create the right conditions for fires to easily spread if left unattended or uncontrolled. Please be careful with open flames and extinguish cigarettes fully!
    The risk for fires to spread is at an enhanced level for Sunday evening!
    The fire risk does decrease slightly into Monday as the wind will not be as strong. Monday's wind will gust at 15-25 mph. 
    The wind will calm by the evening with a clear sky lasting into Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Dry & Windy
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike
    Some scattered showers passed through the area today that brought light/moderate rain and wind as they passed through.
    Sunday will be a better day regarding the sunshine, but the wind will be blustery. Winds can gust as high as 30 mph at times through the day with average gusts in the mid-20s.
    The gusty wind will be coming from the west-northwest as cooler and drier air is forced into southwestern Connecticut. The combination of dry air and gusty winds are likely to create fire weather conditions where any open or uncontrolled flames can spread quickly and easily. High temperatures for Sunday and Monday will be comfortable in the mid-70s. 
    The remainder of the week will be relatively comfortable and dry with mostly sunny skies and a few clouds.
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas
    Friday, June 10, 2016

    We're looking ahead to a "50/50" weekend in southwestern Connecticut.

    Saturday will be stormy at times. A round of rain and thunder is possible late morning through early afternoon. That will be followed by a dry period. There's a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms after 3 PM. Some storms could be locally strong or severe, so be aware of changing conditions during the day. 

  • Pleasant and Windy on Thursday
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    Thursday will be a great late spring day across southwestern Connecticut. Don't forget your sunscreen!

  • Much Cooler On Wednesday
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    The 80s are gone for a while as cooler weather returns to Southwestern Connecticut. You'll need the jackets and umbrellas on Wednesday.

  • Some Wet Weather This Weekend
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    Saturday will be the "better" day of the weekend. Clouds will mix with sun. I can't rule out a passing shower or storm during the afternoon.

    Even with the clouds around, don't forget your sunscreen. You can burn very quickly this time of year.

    Beach Forecast 

    On Long Island Sound 

    A storm will bring a threat of rain on Sunday. The rain could be heavy at times, especially late in the day and during the evening.

  • Nice Start To June
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    We'll start off June with mild temperatures and low levels of humidity.

    Rain is expected to return on Friday.

  • Drying Out
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike
    A cold front that is approaching the area has sparked up some thunderstorms and downpours west of southwestern Connecticut. These storms are drying out as the front moves closer to the area where only a sprinkle can be expected for the remainder of the night.
    Areas of patchy fog will develop along the Connecticut shoreline through the overnight hours before clearing up near sunrise. 
    Tuesday will feature a dry weather pattern with wind from the northwest and plenty of sunshine. High temperatures will be in the 80s.
  • Soggy Memorial Day
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike
    Tropical moisture moves into southwestern Connecticut overnight and through Monday where we can expect a very dreary, wet, and unpleasant day. If you have outdoor activities planned for Monday, it would be a better idea to take them indoors if you can. 
    Rain and clouds were torn apart from Tropical Depression Bonnie, which is currently near South Carolina. The wave of tropical rain and clouds will bring heavy rain through the first half of Memorial Day. There is a chance to see some localized minor flooding. Clear any drains of clutter tonight to ensure proper drainage.
    It is important to realize that we will NOT be seeing the Tropical system itself. In fact, we will be seeing just moisture that was ripped away from it and picked up by the jet stream. 
    The rain is expected to be heaviest in the morning and eventually lighten significantly in the afternoon and early evening. Scattered showers will continue through the evening and eventually taper overnight into Tuesday.
    We should receive up to an inch or just over an inch of rain through Monday.
    The midweek is fortunately looking way better with more sunshine. To start, the sun welcomes us on Tuesday. 
  • Tropical Storm Bonnie
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike
    As of 5PM today, a tropical depression just off the coast of South Carolina has slightly strengthened into a Tropical Storm.
    Tropical Storm Bonnie will be "hanging out" off the coast of the Carolinas through Memorial Day. The rain associated with the Tropical Storm is actually displaced and a lot of it will be pulled up to the northeast with the jet stream. On Monday, the rain will arrive to southwestern Connecticut while the storm itself stays to the south.
    There will be periods of heavy rain likely through Memorial Day. It may not be the best day for outdoor plans.
    In fact, it will be best to do outdoor activites for Sunday. The weather will be beautiful and mostly sunny with more clouds towards the evening.
    It is very important to wear sunscreen when spending time outdoors since the UV Index will be a 9 - VERY HIGH for Sunday. SPF 45+ is suggested and always remember to reapply your sunscreen after swimming. 
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas
    Friday, May 27, 2016

    Here's the beach and boating forecast for Saturday:

    Meteorologist Garett Argianas
    Thursday, May 26, 2016

    Temperatures on Friday will reach into the 80s across most of the area. Some places right along the shore will hold in the upper 70s, but areas north of the Merritt could reach the upper 80s!

    Here's your beach and boating outlook for Friday:

    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    We are about to flip the switch from spring to summer. Temperatures for the rest of the week will reach to 70s and 80s. Humidity levels will climb as well.

    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    A storm offshore will keep us on the unsettled side on Tuesday. Showers are likely from time-to-time; a heavier downpour or thunderstorm are possible as well.

    The second half of the week will be a summer preview!

  • Stamford Time Lapse 5/23/16

  • Half & Half Week
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike
    The price we pay at the start of this week will reap rewards for the second half!
    The storm over central Pennsylvania will be moving offshore throughout the overnight into Monday. Through this evening, we can expect a hit or miss shower pass through southwestern Connecticut as some unstable air is over the area.
    Clouds will decrease overnight and we will start Monday morning with a partly sunny sky as the storm stays offshore well to the south of the area.
    Monday should remain primarily dry with the exception of the evening where some showers will pop up once again, and they are likely to pass through the area. Chances for rain on Monday night into Tuesday increase as the offshore storm moves into the North Atlantic. 
    Tuesday looks more wet than dry as the storm exits into the North Atlantic. Periods of rain are likely through Tuesday before the weather improves drastically for Wednesday - Saturday. Warm and humid southwesterly winds push through southwestern Connecticut for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Temperatures will surge into the upper 70s and even hitting 80 degrees for the first time this season.
    As the humidity increases for Friday and Saturday, the likelihood for afternoon thunderstorms increase as well. Overall, a very summer-like pattern is expected for this week and Memorial Day Weekend looks beautiful and mainly dry ...for now!
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