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  • Unsettled Sunday
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike
    Two storms will bring some minor impacts to southwestern Connecticut as we head through the next few days.
    One storm will stay to the south, and the other will stay to the west and eventually move south of our area.
    As the storm currently located east of New Jersey and south of Long Island moves off to the North Atlantic, we will see some showers move through this evening followed by a cloudy sky overnight. The overnight hours should remain mostly dry and Sunday morning will open up cloudy with a low of 51 degrees.
    In fact, Sunday won't just be cloudy, but it will be a mixed bag of sun, clouds, and rain!
    Through the morning, the clouds will part slightly to show some peeks of sunshine. There will be variable amount of sunshine through the partly sunny afternoon. Some pop-up showers spark to the north associated with unsettled air influenced by the storm currently over Ohio and Pennsylvania. This storm moves south of the area through Sunday. The pop-up showers move with the storm as it pushes offshore and some of the showers may move through southwestern Connecticut for Sunday evening.
    The storm pushes offshore well to the south on Sunday night into Monday and the clouds will decrease over southwestern Connecticut for the first half of Monday. By Monday evening, the storm pushes to the North Atlantic and can return some thick clouds and light rain showers to southwestern Connecticut. The chance for showers are small for Monday night into Tuesday morning, but the storm finally pushes away from the area by Tuesday evening.
    The weather pattern then turns warm for the ending of the next week where temperatures can reach 80 degrees for the first time this season!
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    Clouds return on Saturday with an increasing chance of rain.

  • Time Lapse 5/18/16

  • Windy Time Lapse 5/16/16

  • Breaking Low Temperature Records
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike
    The next few days will be fairly cold for May. The jet stream sunk into southwestern Connceticut which is ushering in a change of the weather pattern that welcomes cool and dry Canadian air.
    The wind has been kicking up and it will stay blustery through Monday with peak wind speeds as high as 30mph at times.
    Overall, this cooler air mass has been sending unseasonably cold air into the northeast and midwest. 
    This will dive down overnight low temperatures to near freezing! This temperature will surely break low temeprature records for May 16th! The previous record was 41 degrees set in 1983. Lows tonight should be near 39 degrees.
    This cooler air is expected to stay with us for the next few days. We are anticipating the arrival of unsettled weather on Tuesday into Wednesday that will push away the cooler air and return the seasonal warmth for the end of the week.
  • Windy Weather Ahead
    A cold front will be moving through southwestern Connecticut tonight bringing with it some isolated thunderstorms and scattered light rain showers. Once these storms pass through, the wind changes direction to be westerly. 

    With winds from the west, it means cooler air will push into southwestern Connecticut. In fact, Canadian air is diving down behind this cold front so temperatures will be dropping slightly as we head into the next few days. 
    The shading of blue notes the colder air behind the front and the shading of orange/red notes the warmer air. You can see the sharp cut-off of cool and warm air by the fine line separating the colors. 
    When this airmass arrives, we can expect the wind to pick up - nearly 15 - 20 mph with gusts as high as 25mph for Sunday.
    Fortunately, it stays mostly dry on Sunday with a mix of sun and clouds. The wind blows the clouds quickly through the area and can bring some scattered drizzle in the late afternoon/evening.
    The airmass will continue to move through the area on Monday and therefore the wind will still be blustery. Gusts for Monday can be between 25 and 30mph. ....But there will be more sunshine for Monday!
    The weather pattern then changes once again on Tuesday as unsettled weather pushes through with some stormy weather from the south. As the warm front slowly pushes through, Tuesday will feature thickening clouds and light showers after sunset. Fog and rain should welcome us on Wednesday morning before conditions improve late Wednesday. Temperatures rise back into the 70s towards the end of next week!
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    After a number of gorgeous days, wet weather returns to our area on Friday.

    It'll be mostly cloudy in the morning. A few spotty showers or sprinkles are possible through lunchtime.

    The most likely time for rain is Friday afternoon through early Friday evening. Be sure to have your umbrella!

    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    It'll be another great spring day on Thursday. Temperatures will climb into the 70s once again!

    It'll start off mostly cloudy on Friday. Some sprinkles and fog will be possible.

    Rain is likely later in the day... a rumble of thunder is possible!

    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    A stalled front will stay to our south over the next couple of days. We'll see some clouds from time-to-time, but any rainfall will stay away on Wednesday and Thursday.

    A period of rain is likely later Friday afternoon and Friday evening.

  • Bridgeport Time Lapse 5/9/16

  • Still Abnormally Dry!
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike
    Last week's rain followed a stretch of very dry weather that not only increased the risk of brush fires, but it also contributed to the abnormally dry conditions we've been experiences in southwestern Connecticut.
    The rain dumped just under an inch and three-quarters of rainfall across southwestern Connecticut. This amount is just slightly above normal for the first week of May but that rain did not quench the ground of much needed water.
    In fact, we still need a good 2.42" of rainfall to be considered on track with normal seasonal rainfall.
    How does this affect the drought?
    Well - it doesn't make it worse. That's basically it. The rainfall we had this week helped to provide the ground with a decent soaking that did not increase drought conditions but it did not necessarily improve them due to the precipitation deficit. 
    A lot of the abnormally dry weather can be attributed to the effects of El Nino during the springtime, where there is a lag in some atmospheric conditions that would be traditionally normal for this time of year. El Nino is infact weakening, but its effects will last through the first half of summer. This could suggest the first half of summer would be hot/warm and relatively dry without much excess rainfall.
    For now, the atmosphere is changing up as breezy conditions are expected across the area for Sunday evening into Monday morning. Clear skies will accompany this wind.
    The week ahead is expected to remain dry with a mix of sun and clouds. A warm front will attempt to move into the area for Tuesday and Wednesday but the sunny weather keeps it to the south. The next chance for rain will be on Friday and Saturday.
  • Rain, Rain Go Away
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike
    The rain departs just in time for Mother's Day! First we will need to go through some morning showers before we see the sunshine!
    A cold front in the Ohio Valley is rapidly approaching southwestern Connecticut. It will arrive just after sunrise on Mother's Day. It'll be the storm system we need that pushes away this unsettled weather.
    The front will pass through between 8AM and 11AM then the skies will rapidly clear and remain clear for the rest of the day!
    The wind will turn breezy as well since the air patterns are changing. Gusts can be as high as 25 - 30 mph in the afternoon.
    The wind does calm for the evening where it remains clear, quiet, and seasonably cool for Sunday night into Monday!
    And finally, here is our Mother's Day card from the News 12 Connecticut Weather Center. Happy Mother's Day to all of our southwestern Connecticut moms!
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    A persistent easterly wind has pushed water into Long Island Sound. Once again tonight, a coastal flood advisory is in effect from 10 PM through 2 AM. High tide is around midnight. A coastal flood advisory is also in effect for late Saturday night through early Sunday morning. High tide is around 1 AM Sunday.

    It'll still be quite gloomy on Saturday. Plenty of clouds and a few showers are expected. Highs will be in the upper 50s to around 60.

    Showers are likely Sunday morning. The afternoon is the better half of Mother's Day!

    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    The weather pattern is stuck, so the weather is slow to change. In this set-up, yesterday's weather is today's weather is tomorrow's weather... you get the idea!

    The storm is over the Great Lakes today. It will slowly drift to the east over the next couple of days.

  • Damp At Times
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    It'll be wet from time-to-time over the next few days.

    Plan on a rainy start to the day on Tuesday. Grab that umbrella as you head out the door in the morning.

    It'll be mostly cloudy and mostly dry for the ride home.

    Highs will be in the 50s to around 60.

  • Dreary, Damp, & Dull
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike

    For the first week of May our weather pattern will be one that should've been in April! Looks like "May showers" will be the story through this first week of the month, and the sunshine will be hiding behind the clouds. After a nice stretch of quiet weather and sunshine, the rainy weather pattern has finally arrived.

    A look at Stamford shows wet roads and rain. Get used to it! It'll be here for a few days. 

    Sunday night wraps up cool and wet with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40s. They won't change much going into Monday morning. The muggy air will create patchy fog, scattered drizzle, and mist across southwestern Connecticut. Visibility will remain low at about 1 - 3 miles by 7:30AM Monday.
    One of our forecast models (RPM) suggests visibility below a mile in some parts of our area. Drive carefully! 

    Monday will be rainy but it won't be as soggy as it was on Sunday. Monday morning's fog will take a while to dissipate but it remains cloudy all day long. A thunderstorm approaches the area and passes to the north through the afternoon, bringing only a few light-moderate showers instead of the heavier downpours. Monday's high will be near 56 degrees.
    A thunderstorm passes to the north but a few light-moderate showers drag through our area. 

    Monday afternoon and evening remains unsettled with a few ending light showers. The shower activity breaks overnight and there is a slight chance to see another passing shower Tuesday morning before the remainder of Tuesday stays dry with mostly cloudy skies and a high of 58.

    The air remains unsettled Wednesday through Friday as more rain is possible through this time frame associated with a blocking weather pattern that drops down from the Great Lakes on Wednesday. 

    A "Cut Off" storm system will drop from the Great Lakes and stall out over the eastern half of the country. This will bring more unsettled weather our way towards the end of the week. 

    At this time, uncertainty remains with how much rainfall Wed-Fri, but the weather is likely to be humid, cloudy, mild, and unsettled. Shifts in the forecast are likely throughout the week - so keep it locked on News 12 Connecticut as we monitor the weather pattern!
  • Milky Clouds
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike

    Wet weather is at the doorstep. High and thin clouds will create a milky cover over the sky through the rest of this evening. They will lower and thicken overnight as the first raindrops associated with the warm front pass through.

    The first drops start falling overnight in the early morning hours and the rain gets heavier and steadier by 9AM.

    A strong breeze from the east will bring gusts to 20 - 25 mph. It will also be chilly too with temperatures near 50 degrees across southwestern Connecticut.

    Fog, mist, and scattered drizzle will join us Sunday night into Monday as the edge of the warm front passes through.  By the end of Sunday, about 0.50"- 0.75" of rainfall will have fallen across southwestern Connecticut.

    Monday's weather remains unsettled and a chance for a passing thunderstorm is likely through the late morning and early afternoon...stay tuned to News 12 Connecticut for more details on that!!
  • Bridgeport Time Lapse

    Meteorologist Garett Argianas
    Wednesday, April 27, 2016

    The chill is on (again) across southwestern Connecticut. Temperatures overnight will drop into the 30s across the area.

    Frost advisories and freeze warnings are in effect. Be sure to protect your plants from the cold!

    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    After a damp, gray and raw Tuesday, it's back to sunshine on Wednesday!

  • Bridgeport Time Lapse 4/26/16 - Cloudy and damp

  • A Touch Cooler
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike

    The wind is breezy - pushing in cooler air from Canada at 10-15mph with an occasional gust as high as 25 mph.

    It is also pushing some clear skies into southwestern Connecticut.

    Overnight lows will be chilly and a touch below seasonal for this time of year - definitely not like last night. Lows will range from 37 north of the Merritt to near 42 along the shoreline. 

    However, Sunday will be absolutely beautiful with highs near seasonal, calm wind, and plenty of sunshine.

    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    It'll be a much milder night across southwestern Connecticut.

    It'll be another warm day on Friday. Scattered showers and storms are possible Friday afternoon and evening.

  • Fairfield Time Lapse 4/21/16

    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    After another stellar spring day, temperatures will drop into the 30s and lower 40s tonight.

    Here's a look at HyperLocal lows for tonight:

    A frost advisory is in effect for areas north of the Merritt. Protect your plants by bringing them inside or covering them with an old bed sheet.

  • Good Weather Goes On
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    A cold front will pass through early Tuesday morning. A sprinkle or light shower is possible, but no significant rainfall is expected.

    It'll be on the cloudy side first thing Tuesday morning.

    As the day moves along, the clouds will break up. It'll be brighter for the afternoon.

    It'll be cooler than Monday but still well above average for this time of year.

  • Mild Days & Mild Nights
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike

    This wonderful weather pattern continues into Monday as overnight temperatures will be in the mid-40s.

    It will warm up into the 70s on Monday with more sunshine. This will be the warmest day of the week with highs near 76 north of the Merritt and 72 south of the Merritt. The weather pattern that has been blocking the wet weather finally starts changing on Monday night as clouds dip into the area from the north. Monday night’s low will be near 50 degrees. This cold front is actually going to me mostly dry with scattered drizzle and passing clouds for Tuesday morning. 

    Tuesday and Wednesday will be a touch cooler with highs near seasonal. Tuesday’s skies will clear in the afternoon with a high of 62. Wednesday will feature more sunshine and thin clouds with a high of 58. Temperatures rise back into the upper 60s again with a southwesterly wind for Thursday. 

    Overnight lows remain mild and in the lower to mid 40s for the remainder of the week. 

    Stormy weather then finally arrives from the west-southwest bringing scattered showers Friday and Saturday.

  • Springtime Sunshine
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike

    Dry and mostly sunny will be the story headed into the week ahead. An area of sunshine that extends to nearly 1200 miles wide is blocking stormy weather from moving into southwestern Connecticut. This type of blocking weather pattern will persist through the weekend and even into Monday where it shifts slightly on Monday night. 

    Sunday’s highs will be in the upper 60s with a high of 67 near the shoreline and a high near 70 north of the Merritt. 

    It will be seasonably cool overnight into Monday where a brief shift in the wind ushers in warmer air for Monday. Monday’s highs will be in the mid-70s inland with a forecast high of 72 for the immediate shoreline areas. 

    A quick road bump passes through on Monday evening with some passing clouds and scattered light showers into Tuesday morning. This passes through and quickly clears to  brief cool down midweek. 

    Temperatures for Tuesday and Wednesday will be in the lower 60s and upper 50s, near seasonal. 

    However, the above seasonal weather returns as southerly winds push in warmer air by the end of the week. Highs will return to near 70. There is a good chance that Thursday and Friday feel humid. Showers arrive Friday afternoon and a mostly cloudy sky continues into Saturday.

  • Wonderful Weekend
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike

    Wow! What a weekend ahead! It's been a rough start to April as winter didn't want to let go. Each weekend this month felt more like February and early March. Now, it's going to feel very May-like!

    So let's get right to it!

    An area of "High Pressure" is located over the northeast. This type of weather pattern fosters sunshine, clear skies, and dry weather. It's great!

    The picture above looks bare and empty except for the clouds to the north and east. They'll stay there. Wind patterns in a high pressure typically "push" stormy weather away. 

    Even going into Saturday, you can see just that in the futurecast graphic below with the area of sunny "high pressure" pushing all the cloud and shower activity around the eastern United States!

    Headed through the next 7-days,  it continues to look promising, but don't let the afternoon warmth fool you for the nighttime. It'll be pretty chilly and cooler outside overnight...but that's normal for this time of year!

    Tuesday features a little hiccup - but nothing that we can't handle. It's just a cold front that drops from the north. It may bring some light sprinkles into Tuesday morning. It will be more of a cloudy passing than a rainy passing.

    So...needless to say, let's enjoy the next four days!

    Meteorologist Garett Argianas
    Wednesday, April 13, 2016

    We are entering a stretch of great spring weather! 

    Temperatures tonight will be close to the freezing mark. If you have any plants that are sensitive, protect them from the cold tonight.
    Low Temperatures 

    Freeze Warning 

    It will turn warmer early next week. Temperatures will approach 70 (away from the water) on Sunday and Monday.

  • RAIN TO SUN: Fairfield Time Lapse

  • April Showers
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike

    So there's an unsettled start to the upcoming workweek...

    Although Monday will be mostly cloudy and rainy - it will not be a washout as some scattered showers will be lingering in and out of southwestern Connecticut through the early morning into the afternoon! 

    As we head into the afternoon and early evening, the sky may even part to show some sunshine for sunset. But this is only a brief break as a cold front approaches from the west.

    Areas of patchy fog can develop late on Monday night into Tuesday before the front passes by. This is because the air will be very humid from the previous day's southerly winds.

    Then just like that, the cold front sweeps through during Tuesday morning's commute. It'll be very important to have the umbrellas handy for Tuesday as well since we are expected to see more rain then.

    The sky will clear when all this rain wraps up on Tuesday afternoon. We can be left with just about a half of an inch of rain across southwestern Connecticut.

    Then for the midweek, we can expect sunshine and spring-like temperatures...finally! Highs for the remainder of the week will rise to the upper 50s for the afternoon highs.

  • C'mon Spring!
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike

    A storm to the south remains to the south as some colder air is filtered into southwestern Connecticut tonight.
    This storm is moving offshore with the jet stream as it carries colder air to southwestern Connecticut. We will see a Freeze Warning remain in effect until 10AM on Sunday morning. 
    The cold air will be in place through Sunday with a breeze from the northwest in the morning. This breeze turns southwesterly in the afternoon and evening and thus warms temperatures for Monday.
    The jet stream rises north for Monday and a line of showers approach from the west as unsettled weather arrives. This weather continues into Tuesday then finally clears out for the remainder of the week ahead.

    Oh...and temperatures rise back to seasonal to the upper 50s and even hitting 60 for next weekend!

  • Snow... Seriously?
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    For the second April weekend in a row, there is a chance of snow! The atmosphere will be cold enough to support snow, so it'll depend on temperatures near the ground and the storm's path.

    The storm will produce a narrow band of mixed rain and snow. Where this band sets up will determine if we get in on the snow or not. 

    One computer projection has the band to our south:

    Another computer model projection places the snow right over us: 
    Image: WeatherBell Analytics 

    If the pieces come together, it's possible that there will be accumulating snow... especially on the grassy areas!

  • Back to normal temps, but there's a trade-off
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    Temperatures will start off well below freezing on Wednesday, so be sure to have your heavy coat (again) as you head out the door.  Here's a look at projected lows for Tuesday night:

    It'll be "less cold" on Wednesday. Highs will be in the lower 40s across southwestern Connecticut. The wind will be light during the morning and will become gusty later in the day. Temperatures will return to normal levels on Thursday, but rain is likely.

    Rain on Thursday 

  • Clipper #2
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike

    Sunday evening will continue to remain partly sunny through sunset. Clouds begin to increase in the late evening as a second clipper system pushes towards southwestern Connecticut. The air will begin to saturate after midnight and the first snowflakes will fall sometime after 2 or 3AM. Tonight’s low will be 31 and a Freeze Warning is in effect. 

    The storm pushes through some steady light snow through the morning commute and accumulations are expected between 1 – 2 inches on grassy surfaces across southwestern Connecticut before the changeover to rain. Roadways will be slushy with a coating of snow on untreated and less traveled surfaces. 

    The light snow begins to mix with sleet and freezing rain near 9AM as warmer temperatures try to push into the area. The winds will be shifting overnight into the late morning starting from the northwest, then northeast, and then finally south by the early afternoon. That south wind by the early afternoon may jump temperatures in the middle of the day to the upper 40s.  

    If the storm tracks slightly south by just a few miles, the wind would remain more easterly which can keep temperatures in the lower-40s. A potential light break is possible in the early afternoon with scattered drizzle and clouds before the tail-end of the storm swings through a burst of heavier rain and colder air from the west. 

    This may come towards the end of the day (5 -7PM) where the sun is setting and temperatures start falling. This line can produce another round of gusty wind and thunderstorms embedded with a mix of snow for the northern communities. 

    Monday night’s low will be 26 with a clearing sky. Tuesday and Wednesday feature calm weather and sunshine with highs in the lower 40s. 

    ...Oh and looking ahead: More rain for Thursday!
  • Windy Sunday
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike

    The forecast for this weekend and into next look is very iconic of the transition from winter to spring. The storms moving through our area into Tuesday will be of the clipper variety. These storms originate in Canada and are fast moving storms that blow through from the west. These storms come with punches of cold air and usually are accompanied with snow squalls and wind. We’d expect this type of pattern in the end of February into March. 

    The first clipper arrives late Saturday into Sunday morning, blasting high wind through southwestern Connecticut. It will gust as high as 60 mph along the coast and near 40 – 50 mph inland. 

    The onset of the clipper will bring in a cold front that ushers in heavy downpours and some lightning and thunder. Then temperatures tumble to a low of 36 degrees and snow squalls force their way through early Sunday morning. A coating of snow can be expected on grassy and vegetated surfaces across southwestern Connecticut and areas north of the Merritt may be left with an inch or two. Roadways will be wet and slushy and travel impacts are more “wet” than “snowy”. 

    Sunshine rapidly increases through the late morning and into the afternoon. A few fast moving clouds move through the afternoon with highs only near 43 degrees. Lows into Monday bottom out at 29 degrees.
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    The chance of snow will have everyone talking this weekend, however, the gusty wind will also be a big player with potentially a greater impact on us.

    A cold front will come through Saturday night, bringing winter-like cold and plenty of wind. Wind gusts may reach over 50 mph Saturday night and Sunday morning. Be "weather aware" for the potential for damage and power outages.

    High Wind Watch 

    On top of that, a burst of snow is likely late Saturday night into early Sunday morning. Don't be surprised if the ground is covered when you wake up Sunday morning!

    Sunday AM Snow 

  • Spring Swing!
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike

    The weather will turn soggy for much of Friday as we can expect rounds of showers to roll through southwestern Connecticut. These showers are anticipated to arrive late tonight just after midnight in the form of light drizzle and showers.
    Overnight lows remain mild due to the southerly winds that are injecting mild and humid air to southwestern Connecticut.  

    Moving through the day on Friday, the umbrellas are a must. We can expect showers to linger in the area from the morning rush continuing into the early afternoon. There may be a brief break of plain drizzle in the late morning and early afternoon before the big part of the show begins.
    Umbrellas Up! 

    The cold front pushes through in the late afternoon and early evening. From here, we can expect to see a line of strong downpours and rain move through southwestern Connecticut. Some of these downpours might even bring lightning and thunder as they move through. The quick and heavy burst of rain can create some areas of localized urban puddling that could make the roadways very slippery and unpredictable. Please use caution while driving after 3PM through 6PM Friday evening.

    Conditions improve going into Saturday. The tail of this cold front swings back through early on Saturday morning providing brief showers that end to a mostly cloudy sky for Saturday.

    The wind for Saturday night into Sunday will be dangerous and could be destructive. It is important to make preparations now for strong winds for the weekend as these gusts can exceed 40 mph.
    On and off showers will pass through as well! 

    Temperatures start tumbling into the upper 40s for the next week. Don't worry it's not uncommon to see with a swing in spring!

    Download our News 12 family of Apps onto your mobile device and take us with you on the go to check your hyperlocal forecast. 

    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    It'll be warmer through Friday. On Thursday, temperatures will climb into the 60s. It'll be gusty at times with a mix of clouds and sun.

    Thursday Planner 

    Some showers are possible Thursday night. Periods of rain are likely on Friday. 

    Friday Map 

    It'll turn much colder over the weekend through early next week.

    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    We have a couple of nice spring days ahead of us! 

    It'll be chilly enough for a heavier coat Wednesday morning. By afternoon, temperatures will rise into the lower 50s. It won't be as windy as Tuesday, but it will be just as bright!

     Wednesday Planner

    Thursday will be warmer. Clouds will increase through the day. Showers are possible Thursday night and Friday.

    Thursday Planner 

  • Soggy Monday
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike

    Wet weather is creeping its way northeast and will bring a soggy start to the week!

    A storm to the south will move up along the coast and drag some showers into southwestern Connecticut overnight into Monday morning. A cold front off to the west will also converge onto the northeast bringing more rain through late Monday morning into the early afternoon.

    Water vapor imagery shows the areas of moisture, noted by blue. That's the moist air that will bring showers and clouds to our area on Monday!
    Blue = Soggy Air
    Brown = Dry Air 

    As these two plumes of moisture head towards the northeast, they come together to make a wet start to Monday.

    Towards the late afternoon, the shower activity will decrease and dry out due to the dry air pushing in from behind the moisture. We can expect clearing and drying conditions into Monday night. We may also even see an orange sunset!

  • Easter Sunday

    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike

    For those headed to services in the morning for Easter/Resurrection Sunday, check out the hourly forecast!

    Our hyperlocal Easter-basket forecast! 

    It will be chilly and mostly cloudy to start the day but some breaks of sun are likely through the afternoon. Clouds increase towards the evening where we can expect overnight drizzle into Monday morning.


    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    The rain is on the way out, and a nice spring weekend is ahead for southwestern Connecticut. Days will be seasonable, and the nights will be cold.

    Weekend Preview 

    Here's a look at the planning forecast for Saturday and Sunday... you'll need heavy coats at night and early in the day and a spring jacket during the afternoon.

     Saturday Planner

    Sunday Planner 

    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    Cold air is lurking to our north and is slowly sinking to the south. Temperatures on Thursday will be about 10 to 15 degrees cooler than today. A cool breeze from the east could make it a bit raw at times.

    Here is a look at high temperatures for tomorrow. Notice how cold it is over Maine and how warm it is in Pennsylvania!
    Thursday High Temps - Image: WeatherBell Analytics  

    It'll turn warmer on Friday. Highs will be around 60. We'll need those umbrellas during the day as there will be some rain.

    Projected RADAR 

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