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  • A Taste Of Spring

    It reached the 50s today in many places across southwestern Connecticut! 

    It feels like March! But it isn't even February yet! it'll be February tomorrow and we're kicking off the month with temperatures nice and mild.
    High temperatures for the first chunk of the week will be mighty fine reaching a high of 55 by Wednesday. Unfortunately a few rounds of wet weather interrupt the warmest of days starting with Monday. A weakening cold front moves towards the area bringing mostly cloudy skies and a quick passing shower midday around or just after 11AM. Southwesterly winds pump temperatures to 52 degrees before a wind shift occurs in the evening. 

    The winds overnight into Tuesday blow from the west-northwest only cooling Tuesday's high temperature to about 46 degrees. We catch a sunny break on Tuesday before more clouds arrive late on Tuesday evening with a storm passing through on Wednesday. This storm is bringing warmer weather with highs near 55 degrees, which can potentially break the record high temperature. The rain should leave just under an inch of liquid before leaving us with just clouds for Thursday and Friday. The colder but more seasonal air returns for the weekend next week with a possible snow shower for next Sunday.
  • Strap In...
    & Keep all your limbs inside the vehicle at all times...

    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike

    The roller coaster is back! A few ups and downs are anticipated this week. I forecast more ups through the first half before ending the week with a ride to the bottom.

    The first half of the week features some warmer weather thanks to southwesterly winds and a rise of the jet stream. A couple of cold fronts interrupt this pattern as per usual where some cloudy skies and rain showers are anticipated. (When?

    Once we head towards next weekend, seasonal weather looks to return. So don't stray too far from the winter jackets just yet.

    The normal high temperature is at its the lowest for the year. We will gradually start seeing a rise in the normal temperatures as we continue through February. 

    Meteorologist Garett Argianas
    Friday, January 29, 2016

    Following a seasonably cool Saturday, temperatures will bounce back into the 40s for the final day of January. February will start off with a few mild days before turning cooler for the end of the week.

    Meteorologist Garett Argianas
    Thursday, January 28, 2016

    As expected, a large ocean storm will pass too far to our east to impact southwestern Connecticut. It will be pushed out to sea by a disturbance moving through the area. This disturbance will be strong enough to produce some snow showers and a possible heavier snow squall which could make for some slippery spots. 

    Meteorologist Garett Argianas
    Wednesday, January 27, 2016

    It still appears that the large storm will just miss us on Friday. The storm will be pushed to the east by a weaker disturbance crossing the Great Lakes. Some light snow or flurries could make for some slippery spots on Friday.

    Meteorologist Garett Argianas
    Tuesday, January 26, 2016

    Our thinking remains the same on a late week storm threat. The storm will pass too far to our east to impact southwestern Connecticut. We'll keep an eye on it all week long!

  • New Canaan Time Lapse 1/25/16

  • National Weather Service Adjusts Bridgeport Snowfall Totals for 1-23-16

    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike

    There has been a correction to some of the official numbers that have been released for the storm total amount of snowfall. Please see below information.

    New Snowfall Totals - Bridgeport has been adjusted from earlier estimations.

    Initially, Bridgeport's snowfall total was reported at 12". That was incorrect and the National Weather Service had adjusted the snowfall total at Bridgeport to 9.5". This number is considered the "official" number reported by the weather station at Bridgeport Sikorsky Airport. This 9.5" will be the number that represents this storm for southwestern Connecticut in the record books. This bat the previous record of 8.0" in 2005.

    Elsewhere, here are some of the largest totals. These numbers are unofficially reported to the National Weather Service. They represent the amount of snowfall that likely fell when compared to radar estimates and other data.

    Not all reported numbers will be reported since they are subject to review and an official analysis confirms whether there is some validity to those numbers.

    This information below has been released by the National Weather Service as unofficial observations:
    NORWALK 16.0 950 PM 1/23 PUBLIC
    DARIEN 16.0 600 AM 1/24 PUBLIC
    MILFORD 15.5 1000 PM 1/23 PUBLIC 
    WILTON 14.0 600 AM 1/24 PUBLIC
    EASTON 11.5 1005 PM 1/23 PUBLIC
    WEST HAVEN 11.5 1022 PM 1/23 PUBLIC
    RIDGEFIELD 10.0 1000 PM 1/23 PUBLIC

  • Fairfield Snow 1-23-2016

  • How Much Longer?!
    Meteorologist Mike Rizzo @meteor_mike

    Boy, that northern shift really brought that snow! Areas just north of southwestern Connecticut aren't seeing as much snowfall as we are. Greenwich seems to be the bulls eye wit the largest accumulations thusfar. 

    The nor'easter will continue it's northeastwards heading out of the area this evening. Snowbands will pivot around some snow bands through the area this evening. The snow bands will increase the rate of which snow will fall. It is possible to see rates of snowfall as high as 1 - 2 inches per hour. 

    Direction of the storm's motion with risk to see heavy snow band development. 

    The snow's sharp edge will wipe through southwestern Connecticut tonight and push off to the east with the last few flakes near midnight. 

    In the end, we expect to see 10 - 20 inches across southern zones and areas along the 1-84 corridor and north will see less. 

    This forecast map shows Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, and eastern Norwalk will most likely see the largest amounts. 

    Expect cold temperatures overnight and quickly decreasing clouds. Tonight's low will be 20 degrees with gusty winds of 25-30 mph.

    The sun will come out tomorrow!
    Friday, January 22, 2016

    A WINTER STORM WARNING is in effect south of the Merritt. A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY is in effect north of the Merritt. 

    A major winter storm is slamming the east coast. We will be on the northern edge of it with the heaviest impacts to our south. 

    STORM IMPACTS: Slippery travel, wind gusts of 40 to 50 mph and coastal flooding (High tide late morning and late evening). Expect a plowable snow with the heaviest accumulation in extreme southwestern Connecticut in areas closer to New York City. Most areas will pick up 6 to 9 inches with 2 to 6 inches farther north. 

  • Winter What?

    Here's a look at the official Watches/Warnings issued for the tristate area.

    Northeast NJ is under a Winter Storm Advisory which states that wintry weather is likely - but not expected to be as hazardous.

    Coastal CT and the lower Hudson Valley (with the exception of southern Westchester) are under a Winter Storm Watch which notes that conditions are FAVORABLE for a significant and hazardous winter storm.

    Parts of northern NJ and southern Westchester are under a Winter Storm Warning notes that a winter storm is evident and that travel may be impossible due to EXPECTED hazardous wintry weather.

    Long Island, NYC, central NJ, and south NJ are under a Blizzard Warning which includes the criteria for Winter Storm Warning in addition to very strong gusty winds of at least 35 mph, blowing snow, and visibility below 1/4 mile for three hours or more.

    So what does this mean?
    Advisory = Conditions Are Marginal, Be Aware!
    Watch = Conditions Favorable, Prepare!
    Warning = Conditions Expected, Take Action!
    Thursday, January 21, 2016

    A major coastal storm will work off the east coast on Saturday. Our thinking remains the same - this storm will have its greatest impact to our south. Southwestern Connecticut will near near the northern edge of the storm. Accumulations will be heavier near the coast, especially in areas closer to New York City. 

    An early projection is for 1 to 3 inches in most areas and 3 to 6 inches for extreme southwestern Connecticut. Any small shift in storm track will change these projections. 

    Wind gusts of 40+ mph are likely and coastal flooding is expected Saturday evening. High tide is around 11 PM.

    Wednesday, January 20, 2016

    I continue to stress that northern edge of this storm will have a very sharp cut off from little/no snow to plowable snow over a relatively short distance. If this line is over southwestern Connecticut, snow amounts will vary dramatically.

    To illustrate this, here's the output of one of the models (NAM model):
    This indicates very little snow near Danbury and a plowable snow closer to the shore. Essentially, a trip on route 7 from Danbury to Norwalk (about 25 miles) could go from nothing to very snowy. Keep in mind that this isn't a forecast - this is intended to demonstrate the range of possibilities with the storm.

    Based on this, a small shift of the storm to the north or south would dramatically change the results.

    I always encourage preparation based on potential impacts and not the amount of snow. Plan for slippery travel on Saturday with gusty winds and coastal flooding.

  • Westport Time Lapse 1/19/16

    Tuesday, January 19, 2016

    There is plenty of buzz concerning the weekend storm threat. There's no question that there will be an east coast storm; however, the impact on southwestern Connecticut is to be determined.

    We will be near the northern edge of the storm. Dry air "eats away" at the snow along this northern edge. This will result in a sharp cutoff on the northern side of the storm. Over a short distance, accumulation will range from very little to "plowable" snow. 

    Odds are very high for a high impact winter storm for areas south of NYC. Our odds of a high impact storm in southwestern Connecticut will depend upon how far north the storm tracks. 

    Meteorologist Garett Argianas
    Monday, January 18, 2016

    It'll be a cold and windy night across southwestern Connecticut. Lows will be in the teens, and feels like temps will be near zero.

  • Snow to sun and cold! Time Lapse 1/18/16

  • Meteorologist Mike Rizzo

    A Special Weather Statement has been issued by the National Weather Service advising that standing water from tonight's flurries and snow showers will freeze overnight creating areas of black ice.

    Tonight's lows drop to near 24 degrees. Roads and sidewalks will be wet and slippery again in the morning with another round of flurries.

    Please dress warmly and wear shoes or boots with traction if you are venturing outdoors. (My dress shoes were a poor choice for my dinner break - I was slipping right in our parking lot!)

  • Sunday's Lull - Meteorologist Mike Rizzo

    We will be wedged between two storm systems on Sunday so expect a partly sunny day with an overcast of thin clouds. I think we will wake up to some sunshine that quickly gives away to clouds - so if you plan to sleep in late, you may miss the morning sun!

    Flurries will move through late Sunday night and into Monday. The wind also picks up Sunday night into Monday where wind chills will be in the single digits for Monday morning.
    An offshore storm will stay to the east and only give some late day snow showers for the Boston area. We will be dry through Sunday afternoon and evening.

  • Westport Time Lapse 1/15/16

    Friday, January 15, 2016

    A period of rain is likely Friday night into Saturday morning. The rain will taper off to showers and end by lunchtime, and some sunny breaks are possible during the afternoon.

  • Snow to Sun to Clouds - Time Lapse 1/14/16

    Thursday, January 14, 2016

    The general thinking from yesterday remains the same regarding the weekend storm threat.

    A storm will pass to our southeast on Saturday. With a lack of substantial cold air, we are expecting rain in southwestern Connecticut. 

    WeatherBell Analytics 

    Another storm will pass well to our southeast Sunday and Monday. This one will miss our area; however, a disturbance on Monday will bring a chance of light snow or flurries.

    WeatherBell Analytics  

  • Vanishing Snow In Redding!

    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    The storm threat for Saturday continues. The storm is expected to pass to our southeast on a track that is typically favorable for snow in our area; however, in this instance, cold air is limited. That reduces the chance of a big snow storm. 

     Image: WeatherBell

    Another storm will be in the neighborhood on Sunday and Monday. This storm will be stronger, but most of the computer models are keeping the storm out to sea. We need to watch this one closely because it is possible that the storm comes close enough to bring wintry weather Sunday and/or Monday.

  • Accumulating Snow Tonight - Be Careful On The Roads!

  • New Canaan Snow

  • Redding Snow

    Updated - Monday, January 11 4:35 PM

    A cold front will arrive Tuesday afternoon with some wintry weather.

    It'll be dry and cold for the morning commute:

    It'll be mostly cloudy and mostly dry through early afternoon:

    Some snow is likely from late afternoon through Tuesday evening. Close to the coast, it may be warm enough for some rain to mix with the snow.

    With snow in the area and dropping temperatures, be alert to changing road conditions during the Tuesday evening commute through Tuesday evening. Accumulations will be minimal to light. Icy spots are possible Wednesday morning.

  • Wild Weather! Meteorologist Mike Rizzo

    We really almost had it all, just no snow.
    It felt like a Spring/Fall day and the weather sure lived up to that. It definitely didn’t feel like January with a new record high of 60 degrees set at Bridgeport Sikorsky Airport. The previous record was 55 degrees that was set in 2000.
    Rainfall amounts at Bridgeport totaled to 1.23” which was about .22” shy of the previous record of 1.45” set in 1977.

    Today’s stormy weather arrived with blustery winds peaking at 40 mph at KBDR and 47 mph at Stamford. These winds enhanced coastal flooding across the area, making some coastal roads impassable and flooded near high tide that took place shortly after 11AM.

    A break midday came with glimpses of sunshine followed by a profound Spring/Fall-like cold front that had some embedded thunderstorms. This arrived from the west shortly after 4PM and rocked through southwestern Connecticut leaving a rainbow in its wake.
    Some colder temperatures and gusty days are ahead of us this week. We can even expect some snow showers Tuesday into Wednesday. However El Nino is still in full force, and the battle with Old Man Winter will press on as we head into the heart of the winter months.

  • A COASTAL FLOOD ADVISORY is in effect for areas long the coastline for Sunday (1/10/2016) morning's high tide near 11AM.

    Areas along the immediate coast that are vulnerable to higher than normal tides can expect to see some flooding. Tides will be between 8 and 11 feet during high tide, which is 2 feet above normal high tides.

    This is due to the stormy weather expected through the morning with strong winds and moderate to heavy rain.

    Please be cautious and do not drive through flooded roadways! ‪#‎TurnAroundDontDrown‬

    Updated: Friday, January 8, 2016 4:40 PM

    A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for areas north of the Merritt through 8 AM Saturday. Some light drizzle or fog is possible tonight. With temperatures near freezing, there is the potential for some icing. I want to stress that there's very little precipitation in the forecast; however, a little ice can be very dangerous, prompting the advisory.

    Saturday will be mainly cloudy and mainly dry. Temperatures will climb into the 40s. It'll be wet, windy and warm on Sunday. Wind gusts could reach over 40 mph, and o
    ne to two inches of rain are possible.

  • Time Lapse - Friday, January 8, 2016

    Updated: Thursday, January 7, 2016 7:30 PM

    Quiet conditions will wrap up the work week here in southwestern Connecticut. Morning sunshine will fade behind increasing clouds. Temperatures will be around 40°.

    It'll be mostly cloudy Friday night. Some light drizzle or showers are possible, especially later at night. We'll need to closely watch the thermometer, as there's a chance that we'll be close to the freezing mark. Just a little bit of ice can cause treacherous conditions, so it's important that we keep an eye on this. By no means is this guaranteed, but I want to make sure you are aware of the potential.

    Most of Saturday will be cloudy and dry; some showers or sprinkles are possible. Sunday will be a stormy day. Rain will be heavy at times with highs in the 50s.

  • Orange Time Lapse - Thursday, January 7, 2016

    Wednesday, January 6, 2016 - 7:40 PM

    It'll stay dry and pleasant for the rest of the work week. Some icy spots are possible Friday night into early Saturday. 

    Sunday will be mild with periods of rain. The rain could be heavy at times. Here's the expected rainfall through early next week:

    Tuesday, January 5 - 9:10 PM

    Tuesday was the first entire day (midnight to midnight) to stay below freezing this winter. Despite the cold afternoon on Monday, it was above freezing for a period of time before sunrise.

  • Stamford Time Lapse - Tuesday, January 5, 2016

  • BACK TO THE 40s
    Tuesday, January 5 - 7:10 PM

    A pair of cold days kicked off the work week in southwestern Connecticut. Warmer air is set to move in for the second half of the week.

    Temperatures will remain above normal through early next week. It'll cool off again by the middle part of next week.

  • Bridgeport Time Lapse - Monday, January 4, 2016

  • Monday's highs will top out near 30 degrees. Meteorologist Mike Rizzo

    Wind chills will make it feel like its in the lower 20s. Tuesday is fairly similar but overnight conditions really are sharp. Overnight lows will bottom out in the teens and wind chills make it feel like single digits.

    Monday's Highs 
    Tuesday morning's low 

    1 of 2

    For reference, our normal highs and lows for Monday are:
    High: 38*F
    Low: 24*F
    Did you miss this winter chill?
  • Did you miss Old Man Winter? Meteorologist Mike Rizzo

    Well he's back! Mother Nature seems to be on better terms with this guy...

    Expect an outbreak of polar air across southwestern Connecticut for Monday and Tuesday. Temperatures are sinking below freezing - highs in the lower 30s and upper 20s. Overnight lows are reminiscent of last winter's cold.

    Hah! But don't worry - temperatures are back up by the end of next week with highs in the lower to mid-40s.
  • Meteorologist Mike Rizzo December Warmth

    Get this! December 2015 was the WARMEST on record for Bridgeport! We were about 11 degrees ABOVE the normal average temperature for the entire month. And we even surpassed the previous record by 4 degrees.

    The warmest day was Christmas Day with a high of 64.

    This unseasonably warm weather for southwestern Connecticut was actually similar to NORMAL December temperatures for Eureka, California! So it's pretty safe to say that this past month felt like a "California December"

    Gracias El Nino!

  • December Recap
    December 31, 2015 5:00 PM

    What a December is has been in southwestern Connecticut and throughout the northeast! 

    At Bridgeport, the normal average temperature for the month of December is 35.4°.  December 2015 will come in with an average temperature 47.2°. That's a whopping 11.8° above normal, which easily makes this the warmest December on record for Bridgeport (and beats the old record by almost 6°).

    Warmest Decembers at Bridgeport (since 1948):
    • 2015: 47.2°
    • 2001: 41.4°
    • 2011: 41.1°
    • 2006: 41.0°
    • 1984: 40.2°
    We picked up nearly 5 inches of rain this month. This is the first month with above normal precipitation since June.

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