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  • Swinging up! The rollercoaster continues! Time to go back up the temperature hill before a smaller fall next weekend.

  • Graupel has fallen across southwestern Connecticut this afternoo. It looks like snow flurries - because it sort-of is! Graupel forms when supercooled water droplets freeze onto snowflakes way high near the clouds! 

    Temepratures today reached a high of 49 degrees, setting a new record for the coldest high temperature for today! The previous record was 63 degrees set in 1980. 

    Bundle up! It's going to be cold again tonight!

    You can see the wispy bottoms of the clouds here - That's the flurries/graupel/drizzle. 

  • This is how cold it will be tonight. Remember, a Freeze Warning is in effect tonight for areas North of the Merritt Parkway. Stay warm!

  • A FREEZE WARNING is in effect tonight for areas north of the Merritt Parkway.

    Temperatures will reach below freezing in some of our communities North of the Merritt Parkway. It's time to take in some sensitive plants to prevent them from getting damaged or killed in this cold.

    Lows north of the Merritt will be near 30 degrees.
    Lows south of the Merritt will be near 34 degrees.


    Temperatures are taking a tumble this weekend. The coldest air of the season will drop nighttime temperatures into the 20s and 30s across southwestern Connecticut. 

    A FREEZE WATCH is in effect for our entire area for Saturday night. We are likely to experience another freeze on Sunday night.

    Freeze Watch for Southwestern Connecticut 

    Saturday Night Low Temperatures 


    The coldest air of the autumn is on schedule for a weekend arrival in southwestern Connecticut. Daytime high temperatures will be in the mid 50s on Saturday. On top of that, a gusty wind will blow around falling leaves and make it feel cooler. On Sunday, the thermometer will struggle to reach the 50-degree mark.

    With the cool days, it is no surprise that it will be quite cold at night. Temperatures will drop into the 30s; some spots north of the Merritt could dip into the upper 20s. With readings that cold, we are likely to have a killing frost or freeze this weekend. 

    Computer models are indicating lows in the 30s for Bridgeport this weekend.

    Model Projection for Bridgeport 

    It is even colder in northern areas. Danbury is projected to drop into the 20s.

    Model Projection for Danbury 

    The threat for a frost and freeze goes right down to the shore this weekend. Northern areas have the best chance to see frosty conditions.

    Weekend Frost and Freeze threat 

  • New Canaan Time Lapse 10/13/15

  • It'll be a nice autumn day on Wednesday. Temperatures will be right around or a bit above seasonable levels. It will be quite breezy; wind gusts of 20 to 25 mph are possible during the afternoon.

    Wednesday HyperLocal Highs 

    The threat for a frost or freeze continues for the weekend. We'll keep you posted on that in the coming days.


    We'll experience a whole season of autumn temperatures in just the next few days. Tuesday will be mild again, but not as warm as Monday.
    Tuesday Forecast 

    Temperatures will slide all week. By the weekend, highs will be in the 50s.  At night, temperatures will dip into the 30s. Some patchy frost will be possible.

    Cooling Trend This Week 

  • Up Then Down

    What a difference southwest winds can make! Warmer air arrived this Sunday afternoon with plenty of sunshine. Highs are topping out in the upper 60s across southwestern Connecticut and overnight lows will fall to about 51 degrees south of the Merritt and the upper 40s north. Columbus Day opens up to clear skies once again and a warmer midday. Highs for Monday reach 73 degrees. Clouds move in overnight into Tuesday as showers off shore push east past our area. Tuesday will be partly sunny with a weakening cold front approaching by the evening. There is a good chance to see a passing scattered drizzle or a stray light shower as this passes through. The clouds will decrease significantly overnight and Wednesday begins breezy with plenty of sunshine. A cooling trend takes place starting on Thursday through to next weekend.
  • A passing cold front on Tuesday pushes through the area.

    Thankfully it looks to be a weaker front with just scattered showers if not - scattered drizzle!

    It's expected to be mostly cloudy for Tuesday with the showers likely in the afternoon and evening.

    Wednesday's weather features a mix of sun and clouds.

  • A Slight Weekend Warming

    We will see plenty of sunshine this weekend as high pressure takes its hold over southwestern Connecticut. High pressure is associated with the beauty we see outdoors – sunshine and calm winds. We’ll be holding onto the blue sky into Sunday where winds turn from the southwest at only 10 mph. This will start a warming trend and daytime high temperatures will rise through Monday. Sunday’s high will be a sunny yet seasonal 68 degrees. Monday’s high will be a sunny above seasonal 72 degrees. Partly sunny skies enter on Tuesday as a weakening cold front passes by. This could drop a couple of light rain showers and scattered drizzle across the area. It won’t be anything excessive or heavy. The sun then returns on Wednesday, but cooler – with highs near 66 degrees.

    It'll be a great weekend for your autumn activities!


    The rain last week did little to help the drought situation across southwestern Connecticut. Since September 1, the rainfall deficit is around half an inch; however, the deficit for the year is running close to 6 inches below normal. That's about 80 percent of normal.

    Climate report for Bridgeport 

    The long-term dry conditions are resulting in moderate drought conditions across most of Connecticut. 

    Drought Monitor for Connecticut 

  • The great October continues on Thursday. It'll be a bit cooler than Wednesday.

    Some showers are possible Friday and Friday night. The rain doesn't look too heavy. It'll clear out and turn cooler for the weekend.

  • The pleasant fall weather will continue over the next several days. Days will be mild and nights will cool.

  • October Perfection

    We're waking up to quite a chill - some places saw temperatures in the lower 40s. The morning sweater will be thrown to the side for this afternoon! But not for too long since we'll need it once again for tonight. 

    Above average temperatures are expected for the next few days ahead before a cold front arrives on Friday night, which will bring some rain and return temperatures to a seasonal 68 for Saturday. 
    Forecast for October 6, 2015. 

    Rain is forecast for Friday night into Saturday. 


    Hurricane Joaquin is moving away from Bermuda today after hitting the island this weekend. The storm is heading out into the open ocean where it will lose its tropical characteristics this week. Large waves and swells are likely along ocean-facing beaches for the next couple of days. To our south, historic flooding continues in the Carolinas. The rain will triggered by a slow-moving storm that was enhanced by tropical moisture.

    Things are looking quiet around here with cool nights and mild days. Be sure to have a jacket if you will be tonight.

    A cool night in southwestern Connecticut 

    The next three days are looking very nice. 

  • A Touch Warmer And Quiet

    Today’s weather will be pleasant with seasonal temperatures reaching 65 degrees. The sky will be partly sunny today with a thin layer of clouds through the mid-morning and into the afternoon. There may be some thicker clouds too but none will produce any rain. It will continue to be breezy but not as breezy today, with winds from the NNE at 10 – 15 mph. The sky clears overnight tonight with a low of 49 degrees. We’re warming up through the work week as we will see more sunshine and calmer winds. Tuesday’s high will reach 70 along with Wednesday and likely Thursday. Our next chance for rain comes on Friday night into Saturday as a wave of rain showers reaches southwestern Connecticut from the west.
  • Monday's Sunshine!

    Monday will be Partly Sunny with highs in the lower to mid 60s. It will be a touch cooler than our seasonal average for this time of year but it will be overall pleasant. Winds will begin to get gradually calmer going into Tuesday.

  • The tides will come close to 10 feet and only affect vulnerable low-lying coastal areas. Expect this to continue through the start of the week.

  • A COASTAL FLOOD ADVISORY is in effect for coastal areas of southwestern Connecticut until Sunday evening for gusty winds that will influence high tides.


    The weekend is starting on a damp note. Most of the rain this weekend will fall Friday night. Some leftover showers are possible on Saturday, especially during the morning. 

    The gusty wind will stick around all weekend. Wind gusts from the northeast will reach 30 to 35 mph.

    A coastal flood advisory is in effect for Saturday afternoon.  High tide is around 4 P.M. No significant flooding is expected.


    The latest track from the National Hurricane Center takes Hurricane Joaquin out to sea. On this path, there would be no impact on southwestern Connecticut. 

    Joaquin Track 

    We'll continue to closely monitor the storm all weekend!

  • Here's a look at the outlook for the afternoon. Drops all day! It will remain breezy. Don't forget about the higher high tides and minor coastal flooding in low-lying coastal areas this afternoon. You can thank the easterly winds!

    Don't worry too much about Joaquin - the track continues to be forecast to the east, which sends the storm out to sea. Minor inconsistencies are still present but will be carefully monitored for any changes.


    What a dramatic change in the computer model output from Wednesday to Thursday! 

    On Wednesday, a number of models were indicating a landfall near the Carolinas. The National Hurricane Center official track was pointing to a landfall along the east coast.  By Wednesday night and Thursday, the models are showing the storm tracking to our east. Now, the official forecast from the NHC takes the storm to our east.

    It should be noted that hurricanes are notoriously difficult to forecast. Significant errors can occur, especially four to five days out.  I wrote yesterday that the "key" to the forecast of a Carolina landfall is the upper level low over the southeast "capturing" the storm and pulling it inland. The modeling has shifted away from that being the most likely outcome. 

    There is still potential for some impact here in southwestern Connecticut, so we need to keep an eye on things. If the storm makes landfall along the coast to our south, we would experience some impacts due to the hurricane's interaction with other systems. Obviously if the storm makes landfall nearby, the impacts would be more significant. If the storm heads out to sea, the impacts could be minimal to none depending on how far out to sea the track is.

    It'll be gusty for the next few days no matter what happens with Joaquin.

    Official Track from National Hurricane Center 

    A sampling of computer model tracks for Joaquin 

    -Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    While there is plenty of focus on Hurricane Joaquin and the storm's potential impact on the east coast, we should not lose focus on the unsettled weather forecast for Friday. Periods of rain are likely through the day. The rain may be heavy at times. It'll be cool and raw with a gusty NNE wind. We already experienced coastal flooding on Thursday, and we are expecting additional high water around the time of high tide on Friday. The high tide times are around 3 A.M. and 3 P.M.


    It is a serious situation in the Bahamas as dangerous Hurricane Joaquin is slamming the region with tropical rain, wind gusts of 160 mph and rough surf.

    Hurricane Joaquin 

    Here is the latest forecast from the National Hurricane Center. The forecast track is much farther east than yesterday.

  • Category 3 Hurricane Jaoquin

    ...has intensified and is expected to turn north and ride along the coast. The forecast track remains uncertain as model guidance is still inconsistent and questionable (A couple of reliable outliers are partly contributing to the uncertainty). Ultimately, the storm will exit through the northeast ->IF
    Currently, steering winds are indicating that the storm could "wobble" as it tracks up along the coast.
    Will the effects be strong? That is still in question.

    For now, thinking of making basic preparations wouldn't hurt.

    Expect clouds and breezy conditions through today. Rain for tomorrow (Friday) and more clouds for Saturday.

  • HURRICANE JOAQUIN - What is the most likely impact on southwestern Connecticut?
    Meteorologist Garett Argianas

    The official forecast from the National Hurricane Center and the majority of hurricane model forecasts indicate that the storm will make landfall near the Carolina coast. On this path, the worst of the storm will miss us; however, some local impacts are still likely as Joaquin interacts with other players in the atmosphere.

    Windy Weekend 

    An area of strong high pressure will build across eastern Canada over the weekend. As the hurricane works up the coast, this will create a large pressure gradient (difference in air pressure over a distance) across the northeast. This pressure gradient creates wind; therefore, a high pressure gradient results in stronger winds. At this point, it appears that wind gusts could reach 40-50 mph. This wind forecast will likely be revised in the coming days as the projections become clearer.

    The strong, persistent easterly wind will force water into Long Island Sound. Moderate coastal flooding is possible around the time of high tide all weekend into early next week.

    Periods of showers/rain are most likely in the Sunday to Monday time frame.  Typically, the heaviest rain falls in areas along and to the left of the storm track.

  • HURRICANE JOAQUIN UPDATE - Meteorologist Garett Argianas - Wednesday, September 30

    The key to the track of Hurricane Joaquin is an upper-level low that is projected to be over the southeastern United States this weekend. This upper-level low (essentially a counter-clockwise whirlpool of air) is expected to "capture" the hurricane as it tracks up the coast and shift the storm track to the west. This would bring the storm into the central east coast.  

    The red line below represents the official forecast track from the National Hurricane Center as of 8 PM Wednesday. You can see how the storm track bends to the west on the periphery of the upper-level low. 

    Steering Currents for Hurricane Joaquin 

    Here's a look at a number of computer model projections:

    Joaquin Model Tracks 

    The computer models are favoring a landfall somewhere in the Carolinas. The NHC official track has shifted west over the past 24 hours likely due to the clustering of computer model solutions.  If this trend continues, expect the official track to shift farther west in later forecasts.

    It should be noted that some models never turn the storm to the north. This possibility seems less likely, but cannot be ignored.  

    A landfall somewhere in Virginia to the Carolinas is the most likely outcome; however, plenty can change four to five days out. We'll keep you posted!

  • Blood Supermoon Viewing

    The Blood Supermoon will be seen high in the southeastern sky during the eclipse. A supermoon is typically 14% larger in appearance and brighter since its orbit brings it closer to the earth. However, when the eclipse starts at 8:11PM the moon will begin to get darker as it slowly dips into the shadows of our planet.

    The moon will begin turning “red” at 10:11. Red light from the sun’s spectrum is able to make it through to the side of the earth facing away from the Sun because of the refraction of light on our atmosphere! (#HowCoolIsThat?!)

    The sun will then align perfectly with the earth and moon at 10:47PM where you will see the 'Full Eclipse' stage – where the moon will be fully red.

    The moon will then slowly lose its color and become brighter after 10:47PM and the eclipse will conclude at 11:23PM.

    High and thin clouds are expected to be out this evening and this will blur the clarity of the moon, but breaks in these clouds will provide a clearer sight of the moon. Don’t expect a thick overcast – but also don’t expect a clear and perfect sky.

    A Blood Supermoon is not expected to return until October 8, 2033 – but only fully visible from the West Coast of the USA! So get out there, try to snap photos, and just simply enjoy!
  • Higher High Tides!

    MINOR COASTAL FLOODING is expected along western Connecticut coastal regions with tides about 0.5 ft to 1 ft above standard high tide heights. This is expected for tonight, Sunday morning, and Sunday evening as a result of lunar influences and easterly winds.

    Lunar influences? The moon is closer to Earth tomorrow - known as perigee.

  • A rare “Blood Supermoon” will occur on Sunday night and be visible from southwestern Connecticut.

    Supermoons occur when the moon orbits closest to the earth, providing a brighter appearance that also looks on average 14% larger than your typical moon. A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon falls into the earth’s shadow – giving the lunar surface a red appearance, often dubbed as a blood moon.

    What makes this event “rare”? It is the concurrence of a supermoon and a lunar eclipse. Only 5 supermoon lunar eclipses occurred since 1900 (1910, 1928, 1946, 1964, 1982).

    The eclipse will begin at 8:11PM on Sunday with a darkening moon and the total eclipse will start at 10:11PM but peak at 10:47PM. Don’t wait too long to check it out, because the full eclipse will end near 11:23PM.

    Currently the forecast calls for some broken clouds – but the sky won’t be an overcast. So there will be opportunity to check out the moon.
  • Hazy Sunshine

    Filtered sunshine will continue through Saturday evening with some breaks of blue skies. The sun will set at 6:41PM leaving a few clouds to linger overnight. Sunday opens with a mix of higher thin clouds and sunshine. The wind will continue to be breezy through Sunday – coming from the northeast at about 10 – 20mph. Broken cloud cover arrives on Sunday night – along with a supermoon lunar eclipse. This will occur starting at 10:11 PM. Temperatures through Sunday will max near 70 degrees. Monday will be slightly warmer with a chance for afternoon sprinkles. Tuesday offers a better chance for showers through the day. A cold front will then swing through Tuesday night into Wednesday – taking the showers with it. It turns partly sunny from Wednesday to Friday.
  • #SweaterWeather

    A pattern change brings sweater weather mornings and evenings to southwestern Connecticut. It’s that time of the year where lows drop down into the upper 40s in parts of our area. Highs this week will be trending seasonable and cooler than the last. Highs for Monday will reach 71 degrees with breezy and dry conditions. Monday night features more clouds as a storm develops to the south. We don’t expect to see this storm – just some of the clouds from it. Sun and clouds will be the story as we go through the next week along with dry and seasonal temperatures. The autumn season starts on Wednesday morning, roughly 2 days away.
  • High thin clouds on Saturday are signs of a cold front that is approaching the area for the overnight hours. A very small and brief sprinkle is possible – but unlikely as the system is moving to the northeast, pulling the bulk of the moisture northeast with it. A few sprinkles are expected overnight and into Sunday morning but then increasing sunshine through the day. Dry weather continues through the next week but with a catch. The dry air coming in from behind the cold front overnight will have low humidity. It will also be breezy on Sunday and Monday. Since the ground is parched – it is likely there could be an increased risk for fire weather. Outdoor flames should be monitored and extinguished immediately if one sparks. Temperatures also moderate cooler and near seasonal through next week.
  • Hiccups

    Today is the last day of the hiccup amongst the sunshine! A few stray showers are expected this late afternoon and early evening but we are not expecting a wash out. The conditions will turn relatively drier for the next week, again. Tonight’s low temperature drops to 57 degrees with clear skies. The winds will begin to become breezy by Monday morning and the high will be slightly above seasonal at 77 degrees. Any boaters out on the waters can expect choppy waves up to 2 – 3 feet in the Long Island Sound along with gusts as high as 15 kts. The temperature increases to the lower and mid 80s by midweek this week under sunshine and the next chance for rain is hinted beyond the 7 day forecast – on Sunday.
  • Fall Is Around The Corner!

    Sunshine will continue through Tuesday where humidity increases gradually across the area into Wednesday. The humidity begins to destabilize the atmosphere by Wednesday where we cannot rule out a chance to see some puffy clouds develop into scattered showers and thunderstorms. Wednesday starts off dry with a slight breeze and then there will be small chances for showers in the afternoon and early evening. A cold front begins to narrow into southwestern Connecticut by Thursday where we can expect rain late in the day on Thursday lasting overnight into Friday. Friday’s conditions gradually, yet slowly improves where we can see increasing sunshine. Temperatures also drop towards the end of the week. Tuesday and Wednesday’s highs push closer towards 90 degrees. The front drops the temperatures to the lower 80s for Friday and the upper 70s for the weekend. There is a small possibility to see a pop up shower on Saturday afternoon but chances are decreasing as high pressure is expected to push through for the weekend before rain chances approach on Monday.
  • Sunny Sunday

    Sunday was beautifully warm! Highs reached the upper 80s under clear and sunny skies. The wind is now coming from the southwest and it will be slowly raising the humidity through the first half of the week. Labor Day will be warm again with a high of 87 degrees. Clear skies continue into Tuesday with more sunshine and noticeable humidity. There will be more clouds on Wednesday mixed with the sunshine and then a cold front swings through late on Thursday night into Friday, providing some rain through Friday morning. The clouds linger through the weekend along with some cooler temperatures, likely to be more seasonal for the weekend. Today’s forecast calls for decreasing chances for rain for next Saturday.
  • Labor Day Forecast

    Labor Day weekend is going to be fantastic all across southwestern Connecticut. We expect highs to top out into the lower 80s through Sunday and Monday but a slight increase of humidity by Monday. The sun will shine all weekend where some more clouds are expected for Tuesday. The week ahead is mostly dry except towards the weekend where a disturbance moves through to the area on Thursday night into Friday where we can expect increasing cloud cover and a good chance for showers. As of now, the weather takes a turn for next weekend in the way of clouds and more seasonal temperatures with highs near 78 degrees.
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